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Nr. 594: The apostate Christians warn against periferere sinners who do not deal with them myself , but others. While the true believers also warns against the sin that affects them yourself !

Nr. 594:

The apostate Christians warn against periferere sinners who do not deal with them myself , but others. While the true believers also warns against the sin that affects them yourself !

The Pharisees and scribes of Jesus' day is that the Norwegian Christianity is by and large it all. The second concerns they have a clear idea , but it affects them, their circle of friends and church. The tier they ask for, and defenders ! The world has not really changed much in 2000 years , when the human heart is the same as it always has been.

Jer 17:9 The heart is deceitful , more than anything else, and desperately wicked: who can know it ?

Photo of a heart, it is not something to rely on a human or our hearts , only God and His Word ! We know that OKS or now Romeriks-Church that has a picture of a heart in the logo , it tells a thousand words where they stand in the spiritual landscape.

What Jesus said about the religious people :

Matt . 23, 2 in Moses' seat sit the scribes and Pharisees . 3 Therefore shall ye observe and do all that they command you , but by their deeds shall ye do. For they say , but they do not; 4 For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders , but they themselves will not move them with their finger . 5 But they do all their deeds to be seen of men: they make their memory slips wide and their tassels large, 6 And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues, 7 And greetings in the marketplaces and to be called rabbi by people . 8 But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your teacher, and you are all brothers . 9 And I will not call anyone on earth your father , for one is your Father who is in heaven. 10 Neither shall ye called teachers , for One is your Teacher , the Christ . 11 But the greatest among you shall be your servant . 12 He exalts himself shall be abased, and he humbles himself shall be exalted .

When we saw the "light" can reveal today's Christian churches and preachers , why not leave the sinking ship and join example . Smyrna Oslo? We need to come together again in God's word and prayer, dear friends!

King Saul was rejected by God because he saved the best and second best , but put the rest in the ban . So also Christians today who can warn against such . homosexual heathens and abortion as the world's people live in. But remarriage among the faithful , and especially among preachers are either acquiesced in or out defended . This is to save the best and second best as King Saul did.

1 Sam . 15th 1 Samuel said to Saul : It was me Lord sent to anoint you king over his people , over Israel, so sound word of the LORD 2 Thus says the Lord of hosts : I will punish Amalek for what he did to Israel, how he lay in his way when he came up from Egypt . 3 Now go and smite Amalek , and utterly destroy all that he hath ; saving him, but kill both man and woman, infant and suckling , ox and sheep, camel and ass . 4 And Saul gathered the people gathered themselves together , and numbered them in Tela'im , there were two hundred thousand footmen , and ten thousand men of Judah. 5 And Saul came to a city of Amalek , he laid an ambush in the valley . 6 And Saul said unto the Kenites , Go , separating you from the Amalekites and go down, lest I destroy you with them ! For you did well with all the children of Israel when they came up from Egypt . So Kenites departed from among the Amalekites . 7 And Saul smote the Amalekites , and chased them from Havilah to Shur , which is east of the Egypt . 8 And he took Agag the king of Amalek , alive, and all the people he utterly destroyed them with their swords . 9 But Saul and the people spared Agag and the best and the næstbeste of sheep and cattle and lambs - everything that was good - and would not utterly destroy them : but all the cattle that was calling and miserable , that they utterly destroyed . 10 Then the LORD said to Samuel, saying, 11 I regret that I made Saul king, for he has turned back from me and not kept him by my words. Therefore was the wrath of Samuel , and he cried unto the LORD all night . 12 The morning after Samuel stood up early to meet Saul then came forth and said unto Samuel, Saul has come to Carmel , where he raised himself a monument , since he turned and went on down to Gilgal . 13 When Samuel came to Saul , Saul said unto him , Blessed be thou of the Lord ! I have held me by the Lord. 14 And Samuel said, What then is this bleating of sheep in my ears sounds , and what is it for the roar of the oxen which I hear ? 15 Saul said, They have brought them from the Amalekites : for the people spared the best of the sheep and of the oxen, to sacrifice unto the Lord thy God : but the rest we have utterly destroyed . 16 And Samuel said to Saul : Hold up , I will shew thee what the Lord has spoken to me tonight ! He said to him , Speak ! 17 Samuel said , When thou wast call in your own eyes , was the head of the tribes of Israel , and the LORD anointed thee king over Israel. 18 And the LORD sent thee forth, and said, Go and smite these sinners , Amalek , and utterly destroy and fight against them until they be consumed them ! 19 Why do you not saying the word , but cast thee over the spoil and did evil in the sight of the LORD ? 20 And Saul said unto Samuel, I have obeyed the LORD, and have gone the way which the LORD sent me, and I have brought Agag the king of Amalek, and utterly destroyed the Amalekites . 21 But the people took of the spoil, sheep and oxen , the chief of the devoted things , to sacrifice unto the Lord thy God in Gilgal . 22 And Samuel said , Hath the LORD as as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice , and to heed than the fat of rams 23 for rebellion is better than the sin of witchcraft , and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry . Because you have rejected the word of the Lord , he has rejected you , so you should not be king . 24 And Saul said unto Samuel, I have sinned : for I have transgressed the commandments and thy words : because I feared the people and gave according to them. 25 And forgive me now my sin and return with me, that I may worship the Lord ! 26 Samuel said to Saul, I will not return with thee : for thou hast rejected the word of the LORD , and the LORD hath rejected thee , that thou shall be king over Israel. 27 So Samuel turned up and wanted to go. But Saul grabbed the edge of his cloak, so it was torn off. 28 And Samuel said unto him, Jehovah hath rent the kingdom of Israel from you and give it to another who is better than you . 29 And Israel Faithful God does not lie and do not regret , for he is not a man , that he should repent . 30 Then he said, I have sinned , but show me anyway now honor elders of my people and before Israel, and turn again with me ! I will worship the Lord thy God. 31 So Samuel Saul back , and Saul worshiped the LORD . 32 Then Samuel said : Before Agag , king of Amalek, to me ! Glad remember Agag walked over to him , and Agag said , Surely the bitterness of death is past away . 33 And Samuel said, As thy sword hath made women childless , so shall thy mother be childless among women. And Samuel hewed Agag to pieces before the LORD in Gilgal . 34 Then Samuel went to Ramah , but Saul went up to his house to Gibeah of Saul . 35 And Samuel saw Saul no more until the day of his death , for Samuel mourned for Saul . And the Lord repented that he had made Saul king over Israel.

Amalek is a picture of the flesh, we can not " save " some of the flesh . Remarriage is as much a sin as murder. The preachers stand and marry again after divorce is as much sin as expeditiously for God. A little sin is as bad as many huge .

James 2 10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law , and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all .

We are children of light, thus requiring the Lord the more of us !

Jer 30:21 And his lovely feel of his own family, and his ruling emanate from his midst, and I will cause him to draw near, and he shall come unto me: for who else wants to venture their lives and come near me ? says the Lord.

Children of the World neither will or may come near to the Lord . But may God's children. The preachers , pastors and other leading responsibility in the congregation and will dare come near the Lord testifies pride if they are divorced, re-married and living in adultery as believers and preachers.

The world 's largest and deadliest sin we must see the light of where we are in the spiritual landscape.

World children live and walk in darkness, but what about the children of light ? They live and walk in dark when the example . accept remarriage among preachers and those with management responsibilities. Where will this end?

The apostate Christians warn against periferere sinners who do not deal with them myself , but others. While the true believers also warns against the sin that affects them yourself ! Just as in Jesus' time .

God requires more of us believers , indeed perfection . But what does he find ? Lukewarmness , mediocrity and excuses for not following God's word.

But it 's also a lot of good , and there are those that stand before the Lord and His Word . Here in Norway , this is unfortunately not the Free Church in the great and all, but more among Lutherans and others. Soon the only independent congregation in Norway who warn against sin Smyrna Oslo, there are fortunately some Lutherans and others who dare and are willing to keep the word of God and proclaim his advice to salvation , redemption , healing, restoration and sanctification .

Final comment :

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Nr. 593: Searchlight 'm afraid that I'll be labeled a heretic because I do not believe in a Triad - God and an eternal hell for the unbeliever !

Nr. 593:
Searchlight 'm afraid that I'll be labeled a heretic because I do not believe in a Triad - God and an eternal hell for the unbeliever !

Arius who would not accept the unbiblical doctrine of the Trinity was called heretic although his teaching was biblical and those who opposed him were unbiblical and false teachers of God. It will go the way of God in this world must always expect resistance , contempt and be called for both the one and the other. Here Arius the God man he was :

From Wikipedia: Arius ' theology is devoid of the sense of God's mystery . His arguments are more philosophical than theological and using a sterile logic , he reached forward to their conclusions about God. First and foremost thought from the Neo-Platonic assumptions , such as that God is eternal and an unknown monad . This understanding of God is the starting point and leads him to the conclusion logically that the Son can not be God like the Father. His basic thesis is then that " what was once his son was not ." A very important passage for him in this respect was Proverbs 8.22 "I was the first Lord brought forth , his first work of old" . In a quote by Arius from approx . 320 ( passed by Athanasius of Alexandria and Epiphanus ) "Therefore, there are three entities ( hypostases ) , the Father , Son and Holy Spirit. And God , which is the cause of all things , is the only one without a beginning ( Anarchos ) , but the Son , which was born with the moment of the Father and created and established before the ages , was not before he was born , but born without too time subject all , he alone existence of the one Father. " Arianism is a theological doctrine that has as background the Alexandrian priest Arius ' teachings. Arius lived approximately 260-336 . According to Arianism , the Son (Jesus Christ ) is a created being , the first and highest of all created beings , but he is not divine. It has been a time when the Son was not yet , a short form of slogans arian organism centerpiece of Christology site. Father ( God) has created the Son of nowhere, and later than the beginning of time. Although the Son is the Father's most perfect works are essentially different , and the Son is called Son only in the same sense as the people called God's people. Likewise, the Holy Spirit is the Father's second most perfect creation. The Father alone is thus the largest and Trinity term can not be applied if God ..

Searchlight by Kjell Andersen writes: Another issue Jan Kåre Christensen also struggling with is that he purely theological in many ways has broken with what most regard as classic evangelical Christianity and that he therefore also be seen as a " heretic " in many contexts .

Jan Kåre Christensen 's " Heavenly blog " has clearly two primary goals nemelig to expose believers human sins in the same spirit that drives the controversial " Amigthywind sect " to publish videos on You Tube that folds out mistakes and sins that were previously members to have committed . The second goal Jan Kåre Christensen has his blog is to proclaim religious message that other Christians regard as heresy. As is well known Bible teacher rejects Christensen et sentraldogmene of the Christian faith teaches that the Bible God has revealed himself as a triune God, Father , Son and Holy Spirit. Jan Kåre Christensen learn about the " Godhead " is not modalistisk or in a " Jesus Only" which in reality is a sort of " funksjonstrinitarisme " but more reminiscent of Jehovah's Witnesses "to- God - learn " where Jesus is " a god under God. " Although Jesus repeatedly identifies himself as one with the Almighty " I am" and thus identify themselves as " powerful " , Jan Kåre in reality ethene made ​​Jesus an inferior God second . This is completely settled ideas taken from Jehovah's Witnesses Bible understanding. While the Christian church teaches that there is a God (one divine being) who has revealed Himself in three persons Only Jesus teaches that the one God has revealed Himself in three functions (or mode) . Thus, one can actually mention " Jesus Only" theology as a " functional Trinitarianism ," while the doctrine of Jan Kåre in reality polytheism with two gods. If one is to believe what Jan Kåre preach the Holy Spirit is certainly not God as classical Christianity teaches and preaches he thus a different gospel . Another classic dogma that Smyrna Assembly Bible teacher rejects the idea that hell is eternal torment. This idea has been embraced by a number of religious movements has in recent years gained increased support especially in liberal theology and in some religious sects . "Christensen spreading blasphemous doctrine, that neither Jesus or the Holy Spirit is God and that hell is everlasting ," the minister Bjorn Johansen Storm in an email to Searchlight . ( end of quote ) .

This is hard outcomes against me and Smyrna Oslo.

But we believe in as . the same as Adventists about the destruction includes , they are then worldwide approx . 20 Million .

We think about Jesus much the same as the Coptic Church , they are X number of Million members. Taking therefore what Adventists and the Coptic Church teaches . There will be an answer well enough Searchlight and Kjell Andersen . Have several articles on these topics both in the blog and website.

Adventists of eternal damnation as Smyrna Oslo shares the same view as:

The wicked will be destroyed instead of being an eternal damnation

What Adventists believe about hell ? Adventists believe in perdition , ie the wages of sin is death . The Bible explains many places death as a dreamless sleep. They reject the idea that God will torment his creatures in times without end , making God a torturer in Fawlty Towers . It is God's enemy , the devil , who is responsible for the disorder . God is not through eternity retain something of the devil's contributions in existence. Adventists believe that sin and people who will not let his salvation , being annihilated in the judgment . Hardly any other doctrine than that of purgatory and eternal punishment of the wicked judge, has created several gudsfornektere , and more despair . SDA stands for a positive and bright view of God . He wants a voluntary and happy people , and not people to be frightened or threatened into heaven. God's actions are not arbitrary and ruthless . He delivers with love and not by force or coercion.

Evangeliekirken in Arendal also teaches right here :

Let me make some scriptures that support what I mean.

Only in 1 Genesis 3:22 And the LORD God said, Behold the man is become as one of us , to know good and evil. Only he did not stretch out his hand and take also of the tree of life , and eat, and live forever. End of quote . Here it is in fact that it was not intended that man should live forever after the fall ! No one would disagree with that?

The next thing I want to see are 1 Book Samuel 28:15 : And Samuel said to Saul , Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up ? End of quote . It shows Samuel us that he " sleeps! Grave. And shall first wakes up in the last day , where all the graves will rise . Then to the final judgment . Fortuneteller But conjured Samuel up early. The same happened with Moses and Elijah. They were upset and were picked up by Jesus. The same also happened with Martha and Mary's brother Lazarus in the tomb . After 4 days in the grave was disturbed and brought Lazarus back to life, but the ordinary had been that he had been in the tomb of the resurrection day. We see that these people were dead and " asleep. " A passage to underline how for example the prophet Samuel and King Saul and his sons were after death. There we read in 1 Samuel 28:19 Samuel said to Saul here , quote : " Tomorrow you and your sons be with me. " End of quote . It says clearly that Samuel was a man the Lord would be with Saul and his sons to the grave . Saul was as an apostate from the Lord . Finally, I will mention Lazarus and the rich man . The story told by Jesus is no salvation history, for it had all the poor admitted to Paradise and all the world as place of torment . So what did Jesus really the story . Then do well to read the Bible teaches January Lillby writes:


By Jan Lilleby

I could not just let Bullinger article be left without getting into that now must be the reader's next question: If the story of Lazarus and the rich man came real thing " after death " - what was that reason Jesus reviews persons such as actually thought, spoke and acted according to their " death " ? Jesus describes even that it was put one big abyss choose between Lazarus in Abraham's bosom and the rich man who was tortured in hell (v. 26). This sounds really powerful , right ? And the rich man begs that Lazarus had come and cool rich man's tongue with a finger dipped in water ( verse 24) , which perhaps might have been neck hairs to the Jews who heard the story - to rise up in horror !

Well, without further comparison , - let me mention Æsobs Fables , known Greek eventyrlignelser to tell a general truth but with a fictional story . You know - the fox , crow and cheese piece . Or he who cried wolf so many times that when the wolf one day really showed up , no one even bothered to hear - and the wolf turns giving him a free pass. Simple parables or fairy bits used to promote a general truth . Or the story (these stories is the infinite ... right? ) About the "wise " but lazy farmer who would facilitate their work and therefore decided he would rather sit on the branch he was cutting off - iførste place to facilitate their toil, - but that ended up in a tragedy that was the price for being lazy! He fell down by branch and was killed . Instead the farmer would rather cost of a little more tedious method : Buy a ladder and stand on it, leaning to tree trunk , and safely cut of the aforementioned proverbial branch. Laziness cost him his life - but the story as such was fictional . It is therefore not considered to be a lie , for it stated the history caricature of the unfortunate that it is fictional with overlegg.Slik is the rich man caricatured by Jesus , and transferred to the unbelieving Israel and their Pharisees .

Another of the many endless word-pictures that are used frequently, even today , is that "he who digs a pit for others will himself fall into it ." And dear reader : this was what Jesus used " the story of Lazarus " to : To fabricate a given history and issues, - which in itself was a true story - but that would point to a TRUTH ITSELF OUTSIDE THE STORY .

What did Jesus pointed with his " Aesop fable" ? Yes, we find this clearly in his reply , Luke.16 , 31 where Jesus uses Lazarus ` response to the desperate rich man ( here the rich man caricatured / ridiculed ) about his wish that someone had to come back from the dead to warn Israel against falling into perdition : " But he ( Lazarus ) said to him (the rich man ) : if they hear not Moses and the prophets , then they (Israel ) can not be persuaded, though one rose from the dead. "

Jesus used the fable or story to chastise Israel's disobedience in relation to believe Moses and the prophets witness of Christ ! Therefore, it can not be used word for word , as if it were an encyclopedia of life - death - judgment - salvation - damnation . There you have the whole Bible , speak , and it must have voice without that it would be brought in contradiction of stories that Jesus invented to promote a general truth .

You will see from my last article in this article collection, that the false teachings of the Pharisees who ran such of eternal torment for those who did not believe their false doctrine comes from pagan cultures and not from the Jewish - and not Moses and the prophets. The Pharisees used the threat of eternal torment in hell as a force to get people to submit to their evil doctrine, and so could suck money out of people totally unfair ! The Pharisees understood that Jesus was speaking about them - and finally they crucified Jesus. Jesus dotted all their evil false teaching both life and death , so it gjøv for! With the rich man and Lazarus , Jesus turns the Pharisees in the face ... with their own lies and nonsense ! We believe in perdition , ie the wages of sin is death . The Bible explains many places death as a dreamless sleep. We reject the idea that God will torment his creatures in times without end , making God a torturer in Fawlty Towers . It is God's enemy , the devil , who is responsible for the disorder . God is not through eternity retain something of the devil's contributions in existence. We believe that sin and people who will not let his salvation , being annihilated in the judgment . Hardly any other doctrine than that of purgatory and eternal punishment of the wicked judge, has created several gudsfornektere , and more despair . We stand for a positive and bright view of God . He wants a voluntary and happy people , and not people to be frightened or threatened into heaven. God's actions are not arbitrary and ruthless . He delivers with love and not by force or coercion.

What will happen to Satan , the Antichrist , the False Prophet , the fallen angels , demons , all the wicked and unbelieving ? They will be destroyed and annihilated . Annihilate : verb trans . obliterate [' ʉ ː tʃletə ] destroy, remove completely .

Lake of Fire

This will meet all lost in the end , God the Father as a consuming fire !

When it comes to destruction so I get a few things not to vote with the God that I have learned and know . If we include the Old Testament as the sum of hell maybe a little different than we think ?

For one thing, rather I more and more to what Adventists believe that the unsaved eventually die immediately after death! Then I believe that through hell and judgment , the unsaved will be destroyed .

Forexample : if hell had been forever for those who died unsaved , it would have been impossible and bring children into the world! It had been a gamble unparalleled in history! If the majority of humanity is on the way to destruction where there is eternal torment , then it is much better and not be born! When we owe well among many others, including abortion doctors , an apology! They have for years now been removed fetuses that are going to hell . When fetuses being put to death so early, classifies the not to eternal life with fire and brimstone ! Remember that there are only a few who converted to Christ !

As you know, the wand , it's not all men , even of Christian parents , who are being saved . The chance that a person comes to faith is well approx . 10 per cent in Norway . In most countries the percentage is much less . Should people then take the chance to give life to their children, if the chance was 90 percent or more , that they once were to end up in hell with the devil and his demons ? No, I do not think so ! There is not a single place in the Bible that there are risks filled and bring children into the world. On the contrary , it says that God wanted the children would be as numerous as the stars of heaven ... No one in the Old Testament and in the New Testament warns against putting children into the world . Jesus did not, nor the apostles.

Another issue is whether Noa ! God destroyed ca . 2 million people in the flood, but he saved 8 pieces. It resulted in continued sin on earth , and if we want to figure out how many people will go to hell because of this , in the past, present and future , it will be enough number of approx. 15 BILLION people or more . Can you imagine such an amount in hell ? I certainly do not think that God would allow , that this large number was tormented for all eternity. Here it must be wrong with the translation from the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures , and that's it! You can read the front of this piece.

Anyway , it's Jesus we must repent and believe in , even if hell exists or not , and if you want to enter heaven , so we come in there, even though we do not believe in an eternal hell ! But luckily THEN TELL GOD'S WORD In the text because the unsaved to be destroyed , and that is exactly what they want , SO HERE GET BOTH PARTIES TO THEIR ELECTION MET !

Eternal torment , eternal death

The notion of an eternally burning hell where lost human souls writhing in pain and torture through all eternity has created both anguish and problems for many Christians. It should not be ignored that some passages - or rather translations - apparently supports this view. It is difficult to reconcile such an interpretation with biblical account of a just and merciful God who judges people by their deeds. Let us examine the problematic verses .


"Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me , ye cursed , into everlasting fire , prepared for the devil and his angels. . . . And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into eternal life " (Mt 25,41.46 ) . The Greek text ( Textus Receptus ) says : " Then he will say also unto them on the left hand : Depart from me , the cursed , to the eternal fire , prepared for the devil and his angels. . . . And they will go away to these eternal punishment , but the righteous into life eternal . " " The smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever . They have no rest day nor night , who worship the beast and his image , and whosoever receiveth marked with his name "(Revelation 14,11 ) . Basic Text: "And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and forever , and they have no rest day nor night who worship the beast and his image ." "But you who are troubled , he shall rest with us . This will happen when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels. He comes in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and on them that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus . The punishment they will suffer the eternal damnation away from the Lord and from the glory of his power "(2 Thessalonians 1.7 to 9 ) . Basic Text: "And to you who are aspiring betrengt , rest with us at the revelation of the Lord Jesus from heaven with the angels of his power in flaming fire , giving punishment to those who knowingly God , and to those who do not obey the gospel the Lord our Jesus Christ , who shall suffer punishment , destruction ( destruction ) forever, face away from the Lord and from the glory of his power . " Let's go to these verses in detail .

"Eternal "

The first thing we should note is that both Matthew 25 , Revelation . 14 and 2 Thessalonians 1 uses the Greek word " aion " (in different grammatical inflections ) of " forever." This means "long ", " eternal ", " something that never ends ," but also " time-span ", " life ", " generation ". The term " aion " is therefore used both for a limited time and for an unlimited period , " infinity ". The word is used in other words, unconditional on " forever" in the sense of something that never ends . In Revelation . 14,11 used the phrase Aion aionon ( forever and forever ) , and in Revelation . 20,10 used Aion ton aionon ( the eternities forever ) for the right to emphasize that the punishment is eternal. It can not be undone in the eternity of eternities .


It is not really the word "eternal " that creates problems. It is the word " torment" that causes anguish . Let us examine this expression . Matt . 25 , 41.46 - " Eternal fire. . . eternal torment . " In the original Greek text reads as follows: " the eternal fire " (v. 41 ) and "they will go away to these eternal punishment " (v. 46). In the Norwegian Bible says "eternal torment" in v. 46, but in the Greek text reads " kolasis ", which means " center ", " torture ". The word can thus mean " torture " but can also mean " punishment ." Which option best matches the image of a just and merciful God? God tortures people? Revelation . 14.11 : " The smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever ." Basic Text , " the smoke of their torment their ". It uses the Greek word " basanismu " for " torment" . It means " torture ", " torment ", " nuisance ", and according to Greek dictionary it says in Revelation . 14,11 in the sense of " eternal damnation ." 2 Thess. 1.7 to 9 , " eternal damnation ." Greek : " Those who shall suffer punishment , an underpass forever." The word " punishment " is " dike ", which means " right ," " justice ," " judgment ," " the exercise of a judicial decision ." The word " destruction " is " olethron ," which means " destruction ", " destruction ", " doom ". 2 Thess. 1.7-9 is the key to these problematic verses in the Bible: " The punishment they will suffer the eternal damnation . " Paul says here that the wicked will suffer eternal destruction , destruction , destruction - that the punishment they suffer an eternal damnation , eternal death and destruction , not eternal torture. The sound reasonable , and practice non-violence in God's character. It is in this light that we must understand the other verses. It is easy to interpret it difficult . In Matthew 25:46 , it says "eternal torment" , also means " eternal punishment ". This meaning is also consistent with Paul. In Revelation . 14.11 says. " The smoke of their torment ." You used the word to mean " eternal damnation ", which is also consistent with Paul.

« Consumed »

Let 's look at Revelation 20.9 of the wicked : "And they went up over the broad earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city . But fire came down from heaven and devoured them . " Word" consumed "is the Greek " katephagen , "which means" swallow "," consume ". The wicked are simply consumed, destroyed in a fire that destroy both soul and body , as Jesus says .

They lost in the eternal torment. Detail from Michelangelo's decoration of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican They lost in the eternal torment. Detail from Michelangelo's decoration of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican And Revelation 20.10 : " And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone , where the beast and the false prophet are . And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever . " Basic Text :" And the devil, the seducing them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and lying prophet . And they will be tormented day and night for ever and ever the eternities . " It says that the devil will be tormented day and night forever and ever . Let us also look at Ezekiel 28,14.18.19 the devil / Satan / Lucifer , and what happens to him in the end : " Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth , and I put on the holy mountain . Thou hast walked among the stones of fire . . . . Upon thy iniquities , by your unjust trade , you profaned your sanctuaries. Therefore will I bring forth a fire from you, and it shall devour you. I bring thee to ashes upon the earth for all them that behold you. . . All they that know thee among the people shall be astonished at thee . A terror , and you're gone - forever. "

It says the Ezekiel plainly that Satan will be consumed and turned into ashes. He is destroyed and disappears , " disappear" forever. The Hebrew word used here for " eat " is " Akal " which means " burning up ", " consume ". As we saw in Matthew 25:41 , they lost people go away " . . . the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. " Since the devil is consumed and turned into ashes , it is reasonable that the lost who go to the same fire, suffering the same fate. They are also consumed and becomes ashes. There is a total destruction , and as we shall see , is also the soul destroyed in this fire . It is neither root nor branch left, says the prophet Malachi : "For behold , the day cometh ! It burns like a furnace . When all the proud and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up , saith the Lord of hosts , that it shall leave them neither root nor branch. . . . And you shall tread down the wicked . They shall be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I act, says the Lord of hosts " (Malachi 4,1.3 ) . The wicked will burn up , says Malachi , and there is no root or branch back , ie nothing. They turn into ashes, he says . They will be destroyed.

Sodom / Gomorrah

" Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven. He overthrew those cities and all the plain , all the inhabitants of the cities , and all that grew on the ground . . . . Early morning Abraham went to the place where he had stood before the LORD , and he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah and all the land , and, behold, the smoke rising from the land , like smoke from a furnace. How it happened , when God destroyed the cities of the plain, that God remembered Abraham, and sent Lot out of the midst of the destruction , when he overthrew the cities in which Lot dwelt in "( Gen. 1 19,24.25,27-29 ) . " . . . Even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around, like in the same way as these fornication, and going after strange flesh , and now is an example of our eyes and suffer the punishment of eternal fire " (Jude 7). Basic Text : " . . . been set up as an example , ilds suffering eternal punishment . " Again , the word " dyke " for " punishment " and means that before mentioned , " right ," " justice ," " judgment ," " the exercise of a judicial decision. " Ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were completely destroyed by fire, an " eternal fire , " says Jude . Again, the Greek word " aionu " ( the root word " aion ") used. What do as apostle with this expression ? Sodom flames are long extinct , and the areas in which these cities were , now lies on the shores of the Dead Sea , or under water. It can not be about "eternal fire" in the sense that it burns forever. But as we have seen, also the word " aion " means a " limited time ." Because the flame is extinguished long ago , is it logical enough to interpret the word in this sense ? The "eternal fire" burn as long as there is nothing to burn . When everything is turned into ash, extinguish the fire .


Jesus "the second death ": " Fear not them which kill the body but can not kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell "( Matt. 10.28 ) . Here Jesus says that both soul and body be destroyed in hell. Jesus does not say that they should suffer for all eternity , but will be destroyed . How much is the back of a human being when both soul and body is destroyed? The Greek word for " destroy " is the " apolesai ," which means " destroy " " destroy ," " perish. " Soul is therefore not immortal, but can perish and be destroyed.

Is God a mega - torturer ?

None of us would choose to serve a God who allows lost people agonize in pain forever for the sins they have committed in a short life here on earth. A man who has lived for 70 years here on earth , in other words tormented anguish and pain in billions of billions and billions of years - forever in eternal hellfire ? How has God's grace , mercy , compassion , justice and love all the way? Is this a joy for the families that have been saved? Will those who believe in eternal torment answer what kind of God we are dealing with ? Imagine if you were on the new earth , while your beloved children , or friends, family, etc. were gone lost. Would it be a joy for you to know that God tortured , tormented and tortured loved ones in hell for all eternity ? Of course not ! Maybe you are having heard the desperate screams their thousands of years , implored God to let them escape . And would God respond when he obviously would not let them escape , but they were lying there in pain through all eternity ? What is this picture of the biblical God so loved the world that he gave his own Son nailed to a cross like a criminal for you and me to be saved? There are many people who have renounced God and would not have anything to do with him because of this terrible heresy . Their logic and common sense told them the image of God, the eternal torment popular preachers served , did not fit properly, so they bade farewell to such a God . But our God is not so. He is a mega - torturer that plagues and torments people through eternity of eternities . Did you find this sound reasonable ? Fortunately this is not the God of the Bible portrays . He is full of compassion for his creatures . How could he give his only begotten Son to save people from sin and damnation , but the torment and torture lost people through all eternity ? God is just. It is then explicitly in the Bible that all may be judged and punished according to their deeds . Is it a just God that plagues and torments people for eternity for what they 've done in a short life ? Do you think this is an accurate picture of the compassionate Jesus who gave his life for you and me ? Of course not .

God's love

Is the love of God more than human love? Or is human love greater than the love of God ? The answer is simple enough : God's love is the greatest of all, it surpasses any sense and any description. Just read John 3:16 . Now let me ask a question. If a man had a child who died without having accepted Jesus , the parents would have plagued and tormented this dear child forever ? The desperate screams , pain , suffering through all eternity, without delay - would you give your children such a fate ? And here you will answer Oh no , no, how can you believe such a thing ? But then the love of parents for their children greater than God's love for mankind ! The parents would not do that to their loved ones, but God , whose love for his creatures surpasses all understanding , will thus make it ? Is there something amiss here ? The Bible portrays not our Heavenly Father as a supertorturist , but rather as a merciful and just God , full of mercy and compassion for his creatures . Will the righteous judge a child who has stolen 50 cents to death or to life imprisonment ? Another thing: If the wicked are in hell fire and tormented for eternity , they have the one conscious existence ! They feel pain and despair . Then they have the eternal life! A miserable life is enough , but yet forever ! Is this what the Bible teaches ?

The wages of sin

The horrible doctrine of eternal punishment can be refuted by a single Bible verse : "But the wages of sin is death " (Romans 6:23 ) . Basic Text , "For the wages of sin (s ) death ." Can you see what the wages of sin is for the wicked? death - eternal death , not eternal " torment " and " eternal life" in despair .

But some will argue : It is true that the wages of sin is death , but it's a resurrection from the dead on the Day of Judgment , and then all get their reward - either eternal life or eternal torment. But this has been answered in the above analysis makes it clear that the wicked reward is eternal destruction of both body and soul , that eternal death . This is the ultimate consequence of sin .


Let me summarize it this way:

1 There are few places in the Bible that the wicked are " tormented " forever.

2 But Paul in 2 Thessalonians . 1.7 to 9 gives the right picture the other verses should be interpreted according to. The wicked suffer eternal damnation , he said. The word " torment" can also mean " punishment" THE CASE Greek original text. The punishment is eternal damnation , he said. This is very important to understand.

3 The punishment is eternal , says Paul. But both body and soul is destroyed , ruined , perish , says Jesus. Revelation . 20 says that Satan will be cast into the lake of fire and will be " tormented day and night forever and ever ." But Ezekiel says that Satan will be destroyed and turned into ashes.

4 Thus, it appears that the there are contradictions in the Bible. but it is not. We should however interpret the difficult passages from the simple , and Paul makes it all clear. It is punishment , ie hell is eternal , not the physical suffering. Hell is eternal in the sense that both body and soul to the wicked who perish , are destroyed and there are no more forever. The doctrine of eternal torment is completely out of harmony with the Bible image of God, then is not what the Scripture says , when you go verses in detail , and it must be done in such difficult things. It is strange that parts of Christendom are doing such a terrible heresy and misrepresented God in this way !

5 The wages of sin of the wicked is death and not eternal life in torment and pain of hell fire . "For the Lord is compassionate and merciful " (James 5,11 ) . "The Lord is merciful and gracious , longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy " ( Ps. 103.8 ) . "For I have no pleasure in someone to die , saith the Lord God . So repent ye , and ye shall live "( Ezekiel 18.32 . ) The Christian God is not an eternal torturer , but a just and merciful God.

What the Coptic Church teaches about Jesus:

This is from the newspaper 's Day , written by Tore Hjalmar Sævik : The word Copt simply means Egyptian . - It is a historic national church which relates strongly to Egypt , explains Assistant Professor Peder Solberg at NLA University of Bergen. The correct name of the church is the Coptic Orthodox Church , in other words the " orthodox " Egyptian Church. It leads its roots back to the evangelist Mark, who allegedly founded the church of 40 century AD . During the 100s joined the Egyptians to Christianity at a rapid pace . But just discussing how orthodox or orthodox church really was , meant that it lost touch with the mainstream of Christianity as early as the 400s . New understanding the early Christian centuries was one theological controversies that overshadowed most other : The doctrine of Jesus , in technical terms Christology . How should we understand the relationship between Jesus as true God and true man ?

The claim that Jesus was created and not eternal , and therefore not truly divine, was put forward by the theologian Arius , who actually came from Libya , but kept to the Egyptian ecclesiastical center of Alexandria. He was dismissed as heretic by the first great Council of Nicaea in 325 But all was not told about this. The discussion continued about how Jesus' humanity and divinity hang together, or were separated. Among theologians of Alexandria, it was common to argue that Jesus two natures were fused into one. Hence they were termed as " Monophysites ". This doctrine became prevalent in Egypt. - The Christological questions which was the theme at the time, has been in ecumenical conversations come to no longer relevant . That way they are formally communion with the other Orthodox churches , says Solberg. Church Society is also a member of the WCC . - As with the other Orthodox churches , it has a strong liturgical awareness, adding Solberg . Original Egyptians Road to the Orthodox community , however, has been long.

The 400s were Monophysites condemned as heretics . Neither coercion or compromise led , according to a sartikkel the site . The result was that the Coptic Church itself increasingly isolated from the rest of Christendom and got his own worship order and used as worship Coptic language. - They have a very strong national ecclesiastical consciousness. Family traditions are strong, and there is a lot of pride in this. They consider themselves the original Egyptians , says Solberg. The reason is that the Copts were in the country before the Muslim Arabs invaded in the 600s . The invasion led eventually to suppression , and a large part of Coptic Christians converted to Islam. In the 800s there were more Muslims than Christians in Egypt , according .

Final comment :

We live here in Norway in a small " duck -pond " where you think you know everything, but know many times very little. How could such . Jesus having two natures ? It was when he gave up the glory He had with the Father that he could be you and me like . Without that he had given up everything and become a human being like us , he could not become our Savior and Redeemer . It is on the border of arrogance to believe in the Trinity , and the belief that God will burn , harass and torment people who do not believe in eternity is a strong delusion !

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Nr. 592: Searchlight think I go too far when I naming public figures and mentions people by name. So did all the Apostles and Jesus himself , they went too far for Spotlight ?

Nr. 592:

Searchlight think I go too far when I naming public figures and mentions people by name. So did all the Apostles and Jesus himself , they went too far for Spotlight ?

Now deceased Ludvik Karlsen did much good but also a lot of strange and that I would say was a catalyst for much of the remarriage epidemic that we see has gone over the church here in Norway . Evangelisenteret in Norway today stands out as one of the ugliest and nastiest who are in Christian Norway relax at their morale.

Searchlight has changed a lot , and well there . Now they write to and about me with a serious and sometimes pleasing tone , which serves all . Should one write anything about anything, agree or disagree , let one write with dignity and take seriously. Good progress in Searchlight and Kjell Andersen .

They write : Jan Kaare Christensen's crusade against remarriage among Christians leading figures will no doubt make him unpopular in many Christian contexts .

I attack and never mentions any ordinary Christians , but only preachers and others with a management responsibility as publicly promote themselves and their views.

What is the difference between the world and God's church today? Nothing ! But what is the difference in the world and the Church of God based on God's word? This is of course a very, very big topic and subject. But it can be " boiled " down to a few words , I mean . It is desire , pleasure , amusement and yielding to the flesh as the world's people are the world's masters , and as word of God says we should abstain from. Let 's look at these four things , which is very important to understand the difference in this . For the church today here in Norway have been quite as the world around here , in fact in some cases worse!

1 ) Desire .

It also belongs to one of the seven deadly sins that Christians should abstain from. Here are the seven deadly sins :

The identification of the seven deadly sins attributed Pope Gregory I the Great. Deadly sins are:

1 ) Pride ( in Latin superbia )

2 ) Greed ( avaritia )

3 ) Lust ( luxuria )

4 ) Envy ( invidia )

5 ) Overindulgence ( gula )

6 ) Wrath ( ira )

7 ) Laziness ( acedia )

From Wikipedia: Lust is a strong desire that is controlled by an internal operation. Lust is lust for sex that is driven by sex hormones. Forelskelse , measured elsewhere in the brain than desire, due to high concentrations of dopamine and low production of neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. Love and affection , which can be measured a third location in the brain , is the desire to establish a long term relationship, which helped on their way by the hormone oxytocin .

It is within Catholic theology, one of the seven deadly sins. ( end of quote ) .

I preach against sex both before marriage and extramarital ! SEX IS ONLY ALLOWED IN THE FIRST MARRIAGE , NOT THE SECOND , THIRD ETC .

The world says you shall refuse you nothing, not least sex but whatever Scripture says ? It is adultery to remarry or a divorced ! Lust prevails in the church today as much as in the world .

2 ) Enjoyment .

What is pleasure? It is difficult to define, but pleasure itself is not negative. But that's when it becomes detached from the duties and responsibilities that pleasure is dangerous for humans. We can not have Saturday and Sunday throughout the week through. Do we live so it goes gærnt . Let's look at some of the seven deadly sins :

2 ) Greed ( avaritia ) is when one does not get enough , even of that which one has "right" to.

5 ) Overindulgence ( gula ) . It is normal to eat their fill and have a need to, but exaggeration leads to overindulgence .

7 ) Laziness ( acedia ) . It is healthy to be able to relax and take it easy . But it is lifestyle and not able to contribute, so head there than in laziness .

How to describe the pleasure? The opposite of pleasure must be to take responsibility and live according to the makers' will? We enjoy but does not provide , it is so sadly many lives . They will say in that day , Jesus says that they did a whole lot for me , but they did not live according to my word .

Matt . 7 21 Far from everyone who says to Me , Lord ! Lord ! will enter the coming kingdom , but it makes my Heavenly Father. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, Lord ! Lord ! have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name , and done many miracles in thy name ? It should be obvious to them, they do not know me, and I in them when their lives were in lawlessness !

3 ) Theme :

God treats us all very well , but he must and will have first place . For children in the world does this not obvious when they did not believe him and conform their lives to what God's word says . But what about faith? The fact is that we have ended up in the same position as God can not be the first place in our lives and all our decisions will no longer be corrected and guided by God's word and what the New Testament says and teaches . In other words , the world and God's church has been a ! And what scripture says about this?

James 4:4 . ? ? Ye treacherous ! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? It will be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God . ? ?

Which of the world's disruptive activities and thoughts should not take part in ? It's in the Bible , Galatians 5:19-21, NIV . ? ? There is clearly what it is that the sinful nature : sexual immorality , debauchery , idolatry and witchcraft, hatred , strife , rivalry , anger , selfish ambition , factions , parties and envy, drunkenness, orgies, and more of the same kind. As I have said before : Those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God . ? ?

The definition of worldly pleasures and entertainment : It's in the Bible, 1 John 2:15-17 . ? ? Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world ! Whoever loves the world , the love of the Father in him. For everything in the world ? ? sensual lust of his eyes and the boasting of riches ? it is not of the Father but from the world . And the world passeth away, and its desires , but whoever does the will of God abideth for ever . ? ?

Everything we do must be in harmony with the will of God and in Jesus' name. It's in the Bible, Colossians 3:17 . ? ? And whatever you say and do , happen in the Lord Jesus , giving thanks to God the Father through him . ? ?

4 ) Give in to the flesh .

This realize unfortunately too few believers how alluring and difficult this is. We read about King Saul spared the best and the second best , but sacrificed everything else. So it is with believers today . They may, for example . be against homosexuality but for remarriage . But both are just as much a sin before God . It is just as King Saul by permitted remarriage among us believers . As spared the best and second best of what God had condemned. Of course, remarriage more in line with God's word, but it is still sin. There is a lot to explain and we have written about before and will write about when this topic is of utmost importance.

Final comment :

Searchlight think I can be stamped as a heretic because I do not believe in the Triune God and an eternal hellfire . I will come back in the next article where I will elaborate on this .

There is of course much more to say , but I do not regret that I have warned the public against public figures . Also by name on the pain and the perceived imperative to do so. To understand and see how important it is that I take up . So I take to finish an article by AW Tozer . Here it comes :

The old cross - and the new.

In popular evangelical circles there in our modern times, quite unannounced and almost unnoticed , introduced a new cross. It is no longer the unconditional cross as served , but rather a different kind of cross.

Superficially, they are similar , but there are fundamental differences , which I will try to demonstrate: For from this new cross , there emerged a new kind of philosophy , which has given rise to a new form of evangelical technique , new meeting formats and a new service . In this new evangelism employs the same language as before, but the content is not the same. The key was gone.

The new cross

The old cross drive no bartering with the world. It meant death to the old Adam live . The new cross on the other hand is - rightly understood - the source of oceans of clean, good fun and harmless pleasures. It opens up and allows the old Adam live is allowed to unfold without the Spirit evaluative and judgmental interference.

His life motivation is unchanged, he still lives to be please himself . The difference is that now it is a little more spiritual hymns that are sung , religious films seen , etc. But the emphasis is still the same as before the conversion - this is true pleasures , but now on a higher plane morally , if not spiritually . The new cross encourages only a new and completely different way of presenting the gospel . The evangelist does not require denial of the old life in Adam before than the new can be received.

There is not talked about the contradictions between the old and the new life in Christ Jesus , but the similarities . You try to go into the audience's mindset and interests by producing a Christianity without any kind of unpleasant demands , indeed , a Christianity which almost offers the same as the world does, but at a higher level and with a nobler ethics.

On the deft manner shall be made known that it is the gospel that can offer exactly what this sinful world crying out for at the moment - whatever it may be - and that this religious product is a cut above all other things.

The new cross does not kill the culprit ( self ) . It only makes life a new direction. It claims to lead man into a cleaner, more joyful life where it preserves self-respect .

So the assertive, dominant type sounds : " Come unto Christ ; I worked for him , you assert yourself . " For egotist says : "Come and live your life in Herrren , for which you can praise and honor. " for those looking for excitement and adventure , "Come , experience the exciting community among us Christians. " And to make the Christian message acceptable to the widest possible audience minted service - be it in writing or in speech - to follow passable fashion .

I think the thinking behind much of this can be sincere and serious enough thought , but it saves it from being false. For false is it because it is blind . The service completely ignores the meaning of the cross. And that's the worst ! The old cross is in fact a symbol of death. It stands for a sudden and violent end of a human being .

No compromise

The man in Roman times who took up his cross and started the trek out to the crucifixion site , had already said goodbye to his closest friends , and did not come back again. He did not go out to give his life a different , new direction, no, he went away to die .

The old cross was not aware of any kind of compromise or mitigating circumstances , it did not spare any thing but surrendered , once and for all , all for death. It was not trying to be on good terms with his victim - no, it insisted , brutally . And when the work was completed, the victim was dead .

The race of Adam is sentenced to death by God. This has not changed one iota since the fall - there is no way to escape .

God can not in any way vouch for or approve any of the fruits of sin , no matter how innocent and beautiful they appear to human eyes . God salvages the individual by liquidating him (Old Adam ) and then raising the new creation to a whole new life in Christ Jesus.

Much of the preaching we get to hear today , which draws friendly parallels between God's uncompromising path and human path is according to God's Word false, and cruel to the audience , it puts their souls in jeopardy.

Faith in Jesus Christ does not go hand in hand with this world - the disconnect with this world. By coming to Christ Jesus , we bring not our lives to a higher level, but we leave it on the cross (Gal. 2.19 to 20 ) . In order to bear fruit must corn of wheat fall into the ground and die ( Jn 12 , 24-25) .

Those who preach the gospel must not pretend to be government agents sent to establish good will between Christ and the world. You must not imagine that they are emissaries from an employer who has ordered them or given them a mandate to make Christ acceptable to the business community , the media, sport and the modern education sector. They are not diplomats but prophets. And the message , they are instructed to go out with, and which are given to them by Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's God, the Father of Jesus Christ , is not a compromise but an ultimatum !

not improvement

God offers a new life, no improvement over the old . The life He offers is one which arose from death, and it is always on the other side of the cross.

Anyone who wants to own this life must deny himself - agree with God in His righteous judgment against the former life of Adam . What does all this mean to the individual sinner who is called by God - the condemned man who wants to find this new life in Christ Jesus? And how can this doctrine translated into practical life ?

It can be simply done by the sinner , it is about conversion to God , accept salvation by grace and becomes a different mind. Yes, quite simply , he starts FAITH in Christ Jesus. Trust him . The culprit must therefore denounce and see themselves as death from all that before was life in Adam , and therefore sin. Then he or she must run forward as the way goose with Jesus , to completely abandon everything that previously were considered to belong to him alone. Although life in the old Adam must therefore daily dead in the encounter with the tempter , Satan ! Let nothing hidden, nothing defensible , no excuses . Do not try to come up with cheap conditions or haggling with God . But let Him better access to humbly bend under God's wrath , so you admit that you deserve death and hell.

Is this first happened , a glance , and a naive , childlike faith in the risen Lord and Savior be enough to create life and rebirth , purification and power. And God looks at the heart of each, and know about what you are saying is sincere or not . There are no people who can sit in judgment .

Just God knows about what living in the hearts of men . The cross that ended the earthly life of Jesus , quit now sinner's life, and the power that raised Jesus from the dead, raises up the sinner to a new life with Christ.

For anyone who objects to this and expect it to be close and personal view of the truth , I want to say this: God has approved this message by putting his stamp on it from Paul 's days and today .

Whether it has been expressed with words like this or not, it has been the content of the service , which through the centuries has brought life and vigor to a dying world . The reformers , revivalist preachers and others of God's chosen vessels have all emphasized this. And God confirmed the message by the signs and wonders and miracles that took place in the Holy Spirit. Dry as we who expect us to be heirs of such a force , we dare , dare we really falsify the simple but uncompromising truth? Dare we , with our little pen and pencil, simply erase the guidelines or change the pattern that was shown to us on the mountain ? Oh, may God forbid us to do this .

Let us still preach the old cross and experience the mighty power !

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Nr. 591: Dating Websites are a stumbling block for Christians - particularly those who are divorced !

Nr. 591:

Dating Websites are a stumbling block for Christians - particularly those who are divorced !

Picture of someone who met on :

They wrote : We met at chat in August 2012 and has engaged us. The chat works! Now we are planning weddings summer of 2014 :) Sincerely FunkyMan79 and Elin77 .

I'm not categorically opposed to dating sites, but it is a stumbling block for Christians - particularly those who are divorced !

Experience we had for two or three years ago

We have at times helped people , I and my wife Berit . We should take off our a Christian lady who we knew from before , but who had experienced the tragedy of being divorced. We helped , talked and prayed together, but we noticed there were obstacles in the Spirit. She wanted the password to our website to search for job and apartment, but what did she do? Insert the opposite, she was in every free time on dating sites. We confronted her with this, but it was much more important than being helped. Her real goal was to find a new husband on dating websites. We know that God's Word says that faith is sin to remarry after a divorce .

Dating Websites are a snare to fall for Christians is my contention , especially for believers.

There is no guarantee that these Christians check out so good. They set the example . no requirements as far as I 've read on the net that no divorced can find a new one. Are you single and finds a divorced , when are you whoring scripture says :

Luke 16 18 Whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery , and whoever marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery .

And there are many other pitfalls, why should really pray to God for wisdom if one goes into such a complex and place where even separated to obtain a new companion . It is not Christian in the true sense of the word , because they had such . refused to be separated with there.

Final comment :

Of course it's wonderful that people meet each other , but there are also many " wolves" and boasts lying there in wait and will hijack someone. So beware if you go to such a place of evil people who are also there, and divorced who are not allowed to remarry. There are many dangers that lurk here , so be wary . And above all , pray for God's protection , management and the operators of these sites has not been proven their responsibilities when they have not put more criteria for those to be included there. Eg . no divorced should have had been with where singles are etc.

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Nr. 590: Evangelist and prayer leader Haakon Fagervik do like many others, takes divorced men down to the women from the developing world so they can find a new wife even though they have been married at home in Norway !

Nr. 590:

Evangelist and prayer leader Haakon Fagervik do like many others, takes divorced men down to the women from the developing world so they can find a new wife even though they have been married at home in Norway !

Illustration of an African lady who unfortunately divorced Norwegian men exploits and marries again with even though they have been married in Norway . This is both a sin , adultery and a form of modern slavery as we here in Norway and the western world can leverage our position and benefits to get us what we want in all areas of our lives. Although sex and a new marriage , it's like the saying goes : " The most money can buy ! "

Want to take up a very important and difficult subject. It's like that bit older divorced men Christian missionaries and simultaneously acquire a new wife out in the third world. This is also unbiblical and they live in adultery by scriptural teachings.

1 ) I know that Haakon Fagervk doing relief work down in the Philippines , where I know that boasts Norwegian men will go down with the result that they marry again , even though they have been married here in Norway . Unbiblical , disgusting and obscene this practice . Will not God judge the Christians in Norway soon he must awaken Sodom and Gomarra up and ask them to apologize. We have had the gospel here in Norway for at least 1000 years , and what is the result? Sin , immorality and all that is from Satan gets more and more secure and eventually it becomes "normal" living in sin among believers here in Norway !

2 ) Evangelist Jan Eriksen has been married to both non-Christian and Christian. Last time he was married to an Eastern Lady that I do not want to name the personal reasons . Then he separated from her, went out as " missions " in Europe and there he met the new woman in Austria who he lives with . Think it 's his fifth marriage , talk to frolic and live in sin !

3 )Evangelisenteret premier singer Jostein Church who are married and divorced so many times now that a soon need an abacus to follow. But the place for him is still in Evangelisenteret of Jesus, Paul, and all of biblical men and women warned against those cheaters, trouts and adulterers. Will not God judge the Christians in Norway soon he must awaken Sodom and Gomarra up and ask them to apologize.

4 ) Evangelist and Bible teacher Ivar Helmersen also put marriage out of hand . Traveling down to Thailand to find himself a new lady, and come home to Norway where he currently works among the free friends , on Channel 10 , Channel Gospel and elsewhere with a sinful life .

Here are the two articles I 've written about him :

5 ) Pastor and TV founder Jan Hanvold put his marriage of hand and ran missions in Eastern Bloc where he met a new woman that he ended up in bed with and married her. Was later separated from her before he married for the third time with Inger .

6 ) The late Kenya Missions as I do not know much , according to the newspaper Our Country have children in Norway and new wife in Africa also appears to have been married before when she had three children. Is this the case then it makes me nauseous. This is from what the newspaper Our country writes: One of the burglars was killed nephew of the late ex-husband to the widow Anne Okech Kristensen . Sunday morning , Jan Kristensen's son and several of his closest friends and supporters up to Kisumu in Kenya. Kristensen was strangled by burglars Thursday morning . What has happened is absolutely terrible and unreal. Dad traveled the from us for just ten days ago, and when we stood and talked about my son at 18 next year would come and stay with him for six years , said his son Kenneth Kristensen Sloth ( End of quote ) . He had family in Norway and new in Africa.

7 ) I see that this is a modern form of slavery where we ale regardless of Norway is well-founded and can not really pick and choose on a " sex market" as is "invisible" presence and the Free Church leaders , missionaries , pastors, evangelists and I know not what. They splash around in their own flesh and live exactly as they obey even if they have been married at home in Norway . Adultery is the word of God that we see and this is fully accepted by much of the Christian Norway , especially the Free Church congregations are also the most apostate and are most developed in his apostasy !

8 ) Location No. eight is the only simple, but extremely important. A marriage if it is made ​​in Africa , Europe or where it is made, as long as it is public. Is a marriage anyway. Those who marry first in Norway , is separated and find themselves a new one in the developing world live just as much adultery as if they were married in Norway .

9 ) I wrote : "Will not God judge the Christians in Norway soon he must awaken Sodom and Gomarra up and ask them to apologize ."

Apostasy in the church in Norway , especially the Free Church has come so far that it is not about to get dark , it's dark !

10 ) We need a counter- voice against this. I think Smyrna Oslo and we are such a one, among unfortunately few others. We need you to support us , Vaada by coming to our meetings , in prayer and financially. Here is our account number:

Account number of Post : 0535 06 05 845 Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ !

Final comment :

What more can we say ? This takes place, and when someone comes back from the developing world with a new wife and new children are also incorporated in the church right away . Where is the spiritual standard? Where is the spiritual and moral sense of direction? These have been the flesh and Satan's way , which other remarriage and homosexuality are doing. They do not belong to the church , they live in sin . But this is now widely accepted. How far have we come at night ? God is sick of the Norwegian Christians, especially the Free Church as Pentecostal / Charismatics are. Think like Haaken Fagervik who do not do this, but take your second down to find a new one. Or else, such as Ivar Helmersen taking up a new one in Thailand and takes her home to Norway . Or as Rolf Erik Janøy being separated here in Norway and travels down to Kenya to satisfy their sexual life and male desires , how far we have come , I ask both myself and you reading this? I get the opposition , especially among the Free Church Pentecostal / charismatic Christians, but who they attack then? Not me, but God and God's own words, they put themselves in judgment over. They are Satan's errand if they accept remarriage among the believers there are in Norway it happens or abroad . A marriage is sacred to God anyway!

I know several people who have done this that I have not mentioned. Before then did not Pentecostal missionaries and other law to marry a native although they were single and they were allowed to marry. Today it has been the opposite , going from one extreme to another. This is what we call the pendulum swing the basis law . John the Baptist lost his head and life when he pointed out that King Herod was not allowed to be married to a divorcee , and it is not allowed for any divorced from what the New Testament teaches to remarry as a Christian ! If it is in Norway or the third world !

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Nr. 588: Once saved - always saved? !

Nr. 588:

Once saved - always saved? !

John Calvin and Calvinism teaches some people are predestined by God to eternal salvation , others to eternal damnation . God's majesty and predestination are important parts of Calvin's teachings. This is the way I see it, this is not true, but anyway. There is some truth in it as God knows the end from the beginning. But salvation is conditioned by two things. What God did in Christ , and we believe it and live in accordance with God's word.

It's great having received absolution the time we received salvation in Christ Jesus.

Bigger is it to own sins in the day after having walked with the Lord.

With all of this pales against maintaining remission of sin lifetime so we are saved forever. Without it , all in vain !

Photo by Jean Calvin

We must share salvation into three pages or sections .

1 ) We are saved when we accept Jesus Christ , when we are born again and a child of God .

Joh. e 1 12 But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God , even to them that believe on his name: 13 Which were born, not of blood , nor of the flesh, nor the will of man , but of God .

2 ) Salvation is a journey , where we need a daily cleansing and sanctification to be preserved in salvation .

Joh. AD 13 10 Jesus saith to him , He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all.

3 ) The day Christ comes in the clouds , and we get glorious body , we participate in sluttfrelsen .

1 Jn . b 3 2 Beloved now we are children of God , and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that when he shall appear, we shall be like Him, for we shall see him as he is.

It is also something I want to mention here, it is that one can partake in sluttfrelsen , but all that we have done for the Lord will be lost if we do not believe . Part of salvation - sluttfrelsen , is that we will pay, full pay.

2 Joh. b 8 Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought , but that we receive a full reward !

But how to share in sluttfrelsen and get full pay ? Here are ten factors that will take us there, Hallelujah !

1 ) Belief in Jesus Christ as the substitute for our sins bestows forgiveness of sins .

Galatians 3 26 In all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.

2 Corinthians 5:21 Him who knew no sin he made ​​to be sin for us , so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

It is our sin that creates separation between us and God.

Isaiah 59 2 But your iniquities have made ​​divorce between you and your God , and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

But - Hallelujah - it is an intermediary between us and the only true God , the perfect man Jesus Christ , who fulfilled the law ( God's requirements) . He is our substitute and by and by he bestowed forgiveness of sins .

1 Tim.2 . 5 For there is one God and one mediator rocks of God and men, the man Christ Jesus , 6 who gave himself a ransom for all , a testimony in his time ,

And it is the belief of what God did for us in Christ Jesus who saves us, nothing else.

Eph. 2 8 For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God , 9 not of works , lest any man should boast.

Faith is not only a gift, but it is something that we are going to!

Eph. 1 13 In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth , the gospel of your salvation - in whom also , after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise ,

Notice what's in my verse here : " in whom also , after that ye believed ." We come to the belief that we come to a place or a city.

2 ) Repentance bestows forgiveness of sins .

Luke 24 47 and in his name repentance and forgiveness of sins is preached to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

Salvation Army The founder William Booth was just before the turn of the century approached by an American journalist who, on behalf of his newspaper were to ask a number of famous people what they thought was the greatest danger facing the new century : The biggest danger I consider to be that in the past days shall be : religion without the Holy Ghost , Christianity without Christ , forgiveness without confession and repentance , salvation without regeneration, politics without God , Heaven without Hell.

If coming to faith is not followed by ad conversion will not sin forgiven experienced. It is when repentance and faith go hand in hand that we share the forgiveness of sins . As the spokes and the hub of a wheel moves when the wheel moves, faith and repentance , there are two sides of the same coin and experience. There are partakers of the forgiveness of sins !

3 ) Making the sin between brothers and sisters in the Lord bestows forgiveness of sins , if one does not lose than ultimately salvation .

Matt . 5 23 Therefore , when you wear your offering to the altar , and there remember that your brother has something against you , 24 leave your gift there before the altar , and go first be reconciled thee to thy brother , and then come and offer thy gift ! 25 Make haste to be yielding against your opponent while you are with him on the road , lest the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer , and thou be cast into prison. 26 Verily I say unto thee , Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing .

This scripture speaks so highly of themselves , we live in unsettled sins , we can not expect and believe that we are partakers of the forgiveness of sins .

1 Jn . b 4:11 Beloved God so loved us, then we also ought to love one another . 12 No man hath seen God if we love one another , God abides in us and his love is perfected in us .

From God's point of view it is impossible for him to forgive us without we live as he wants and desires.

4 ) Daily repentance bestows forgiveness of sins .

1 Jn . b 1 7 But if we walk in the light as he is in the light , we have fellowship with one another , and Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin .

Once saved, always saved? No and again a no, we have no guarantee of getting part in sluttfrelsen without we daily renew our minds and in our spirit . There will be millions who thought and thought and others thought was going to heaven but that was lost . Once saved is not secure in any way that would reach out and share in the forgiveness of sins . If you do not live in daily repentance, and repentance from sin as well DO AS A CHRISTIAN OR BELIEVERS , THAT WOULD AN perish ! There will be millions of those who say they are believers but who are homosexual , gjengiftede , married to divorced or other sins but say they are Christians. The church in Laodicea lacked eye ointment , it does indeed also the Christians here in Norway . The blood of Jesus cleanses not if we do not live in accordance with God's will and word of God. We must live in the light - every day - without compromising we lost even if we have accepted Jesus in the past. It's about repentance , even as a believer . In fact , some of the worst I see today is gjengiftede preachers who live according to their own carnal desires but to preach the gospel and save others . Then fit the word that Jesus said in Luke 4:23 And he said unto them, Ye will certainly say unto me this proverb , physician, heal thyself ! Whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum , do also here in your hometown ! Yes, Jesus' words fit perfectly here, we must always ensure that we ourselves are in the right position and live in accordance with God and his word , even after we have been saved and born again . Repentance is not just a one-off experience, but it's an experience we need and should have the rest of our life, for life !

5 ) Making up unresolved sins bestows forgiveness of sins , such as . to stop living in the obvious sins.

1 Cor . 5 9 I wrote to you in my letter that I should not have intercourse with fornicators - 10 I did not mean to ordinary fornicators of this world or the greed and robbers , or idolaters , or had ye go out of the world: 11 But now I have written to you, was that I should not have intercourse with any man that is called a brother and a fornicator, or covetous person or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or robber, so I do not even eat with him .

We will not ignore the fact that we as Christians also sin , and perish . Scripture speaks very much about this , that repentance is not just a one-off , but in fact , a daily experience . Therefore, we must focus on repentance for Christians , or will we deceive ourselves and other Christians . It is not only the non-believers who need to repent , but above all, believers that judgment begins with us ? Yeah right , the church of God , not the world !

1 Pet. 4 17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God , but it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God ?

6 ) No remission of sins without Christ , good works do not save itself .

Eph. 2 8 For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God , 9 not of works , lest any man should boast.

We partake of sin forgiven by faith and repentance , not by improving and embellish the old man . But we have become a believer , we do good works as a fruit of faith. But we can never be partakers of the forgiveness of sins by just doing good deeds , it does not hold.

7 ) It is by believing that Jesus is Lord that one can expect to invoke the forgiveness of sins .

1 Cor . 12th 3 Wherefore I give you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God says, Jesus accursed and no man can say that Jesus is Lord ! but by the Holy Spirit.

Acts 9:5 And he said , Who art thou , Lord? And he said, I am Jesus , whom you are persecuting.

The faith that saves and gives absolution is linked to not believe in anything, but that Jesus is Lord. What is there in that? Yes, that through Jesus' death on Calvary , he was raised by the one true God of the dead . Man Jesus Christ was now Lord, got all the power and through faith in him we are all declared righteous before God. Jesus is Lord, not the one true God , it is the Savior and give us part of the forgiveness of sins by believing in the biblical Jesus. Not the Jesus traditions and unbiblical teachings tell who he is .

8 ) By confessing his sin to God , and if one has sinned other people, then one can expect remission of sins.

Jacob 5 16a Confess your faults one to another , and pray one for another, that ye may be healed

By faith and repent we shall be saved . But how experienced this? Scripture speaks , we should also acknowledge this to be saved. But it helps of course nothing to confess their sins without faith and repentance . But have faith and repentance , as needed , and should a confession followed ad .

Rooms . 10th 8 But what saith it? The word is near you , in your mouth and in thy heart: that is the word of faith , which we preach , 9 That if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, shall be saved : 10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness , and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Notice that faith and confession are two parts of the same coin , which brings salvation and forgiveness of sin to all of us!

9 ) Upon becoming aware of their sins , conscious as unconscious , one can expect and trust that is granted absolution.

Psalm 7:13 p.m. Who notice how often he 's wrong ? Forgive me my secret sins !

It is clear that none of us enough, that's why we need Jesus to share in the forgiveness of sins . He who says he is without sin , deceive themselves. God the Father - the one true God - find out errors in their own angels , how much more with us? Let us ask God to forgive us all our sins , even our hidden and secret sins.

10 ) Through self-examination and take communion, one can expect the remission of sins.

1 Cor . 11th 23 For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you , That the Lord Jesus the same night in which he was betrayed took bread , 24 gave thanks and broke it, and said, This is my body which is for you: this in memory of me ! 25 Likewise also the cup after supper , saying , This cup is the new testament in my blood : this do ye , as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me ! 26 For as often as ye eat this bread and drink this cup , ye do shew the Lord's death until he comes . 27 Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread , and drink this cup of the Lord unworthily , shall be guilty of the Lord's body and blood. 28 But let a man examine himself , and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup ! 29 For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself if he does not discerning the Lord's body .

Supper itself savior , but it is as a help for us all to " easier " to believe what is provided in Christ Jesus. There are few visible " means " God has given us of håndpåtagelige things easier for us to be able to believe and which is provided as is visible and håndpåtagelig art , it is the sacrament and baptism. This is the closest we can call script for a sacrament if it is a word not found in the Bible.

Final comment :

Have just tried to put forward that it may take part in the sin of sins is not a one-time experience but something we daily need to partake in. And that's the day we go out of time and into eternity that will prove whether we had part in the sin of sins . It is only those who have received the remission of sins that comes through the " pearly gates ," everyone else is lost forever ! And it is by no means true that has experienced the salvation that is part of sluttfrelsen . Should one share in sluttfrelsen , a stay the course and live like a believer. Are we then saved by works ? No, but actions are part of salvation . James says it so eloquently and well :

James 2 17 Thus, even faith : it has no works, is dead in himself . 18 Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith , and I have works . Show me your faith without deeds , and I will shew thee my faith by my works ! 19 You believe that God is one , you do well : the devils also believe, and tremble . 20 But wilt thou know, O vain man , that faith without works is dead? 21 Abraham our father , he was not justified by works when he offered Isaac his son upon the altar? 22 Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and faith was perfected by works , 23 and the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness: and he was called God's friend. 24 You see that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone. 25 In the same way Rahab the harlot was not she justified by works , when she had received the messengers , and let them out another way ? 26 For as the body without the spirit is dead , so faith without works is dead .

Abraham believed God , and did deeds that were worthy of belief . Therefore, he also himself part of the forgiveness of sins and the eternal salvation ! While those who do not live as they preach , you will not share in the sins and share in salvation ! But perish !

But those who believe , live in repentance and confession to Christ , expect an eternity together with God the Father and all who accepted his salvation in Christ Jesus. Faith and works in a right way gives us part of the forgiveness of sins ! Faith alone do not save , but faith , repentance and confession !

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Nr. 587: Searchlight write about us the following : More "Fun" by Jan Kaare Christensen

Nr. 587:

Searchlight write about us the following : More "Fun" by Jan Kaare Christensen

I will be " accused " of Searchlight writing unfavorably about many , including Jan Hanvold . Now I see that others also sheds light on his activities . One who has made it Geir Magnus Nyborg. But Emanuel Minos and remain silent , he will not decide anything? Is he a " Pentecostal - Chief " or someone who stands for those who are infiltrated by Satan ? It is Nicolaitans and Balaam preaching Protestant Christianity today is becoming more and more influenced and infiltrated by . Emanuel Minos and peers have a large part of the blame for it by either openly defend Heretics . Or tacitly accept sin and immorality. Image of Bilamitten Emanuel Minos representing the most dangerous type of Christianity in the time in that he himself preaches the word of God but also blesses and supports those who do not and who also live in sin . All of Minos and peers support either openly or tacitly , he is like Balaam son of Beor in its casting and behavior .

This printer Spotlight : More " Morro " by Jan Kaare Christensen

Reviews Jan Hanvold like an old whore buck

Jan Kåre Christensen is left out with sledge-hammer and enough once the TV Vision Norway founder Jan Hanvold being fucked . From the heavenly blog (Article 685 ) citing the following " treat ," "Image ar the old whore goat Jan Hanvold is on the spiritual and moral area as a pig , and his use of language so vulgar and disgusting it is possible to be. And Jan Kåre Christensen has more in stock , " Hanvold is a nasty broiler that throughout their appearance resembles anything but a man of God and the Apostle who he says he is now. Ridiculous , seductive , lying and demonic it , " writes Jan Kåre which originally had decided not to write more about Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway . The reason for Smyrna leader's latest attacks on Jan Hanvold is because of " his vulgar , unorthodox , provocative , nasty and ugly way he has profiled itself and the political party the Christians in the past . "

After that spotlight the first time discussed the controversial Smyrnalederens blog , interest in Jan Kåre Christensen's website skyrocketed . Alexa about measures a web page's popularity rankings of the 17 August Jan Kåre Christensen's blog as No. 4,264,658 in the world , but it now has a traffic rank of 658 233 in the world. This last figure means that the world 's 658 232 web sites that are more popular than Jan Kåre blog page . ( end of quote ) .

Searchlight has fortunately changed for the printer to frame me , now they take more what I have written so that readers have a more uniform appearance. And we stand for all that has been written .

Hanvold storms are around now after he has supported the Christians and prophesied of God is with them . I can not and do not wish to follow Hanvold more , then they will go with him going on the road anyway. But if possible , it would have been gratifying that several had woken up before it's too late. God also loves Hanvold but not his sin. He is bizarre and cruel in my his confidence and he is re-married to a believer and thus live in adultery . And the scripture says that adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of God .

1 Corinthians 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God ? Be not deceived ! Neither fornicators , nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate or those who sin against nature ,

Why is there so little attention in the spotlight and other regarding Hanvold poor morale, he is glorious theologian and going steady with false prophecy ? There have been a lot better and more useful than attacking me all the time?

Final comment :

Did Searchlight have come up with that they bring greater and more complete what I write. And what I write , it says I understand . Therefore I am very happy that they cover what I write, even if it sometimes not seen written in love and to really illustrate what I want to say . However, a marked improvement from their side , we are happy !

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