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Nr. 592: Searchlight think I go too far when I naming public figures and mentions people by name. So did all the Apostles and Jesus himself , they went too far for Spotlight ?

Nr. 592:

Searchlight think I go too far when I naming public figures and mentions people by name. So did all the Apostles and Jesus himself , they went too far for Spotlight ?

Now deceased Ludvik Karlsen did much good but also a lot of strange and that I would say was a catalyst for much of the remarriage epidemic that we see has gone over the church here in Norway . Evangelisenteret in Norway today stands out as one of the ugliest and nastiest who are in Christian Norway relax at their morale.

Searchlight has changed a lot , and well there . Now they write to and about me with a serious and sometimes pleasing tone , which serves all . Should one write anything about anything, agree or disagree , let one write with dignity and take seriously. Good progress in Searchlight and Kjell Andersen .

They write : Jan Kaare Christensen's crusade against remarriage among Christians leading figures will no doubt make him unpopular in many Christian contexts .

I attack and never mentions any ordinary Christians , but only preachers and others with a management responsibility as publicly promote themselves and their views.

What is the difference between the world and God's church today? Nothing ! But what is the difference in the world and the Church of God based on God's word? This is of course a very, very big topic and subject. But it can be " boiled " down to a few words , I mean . It is desire , pleasure , amusement and yielding to the flesh as the world's people are the world's masters , and as word of God says we should abstain from. Let 's look at these four things , which is very important to understand the difference in this . For the church today here in Norway have been quite as the world around here , in fact in some cases worse!

1 ) Desire .

It also belongs to one of the seven deadly sins that Christians should abstain from. Here are the seven deadly sins :

The identification of the seven deadly sins attributed Pope Gregory I the Great. Deadly sins are:

1 ) Pride ( in Latin superbia )

2 ) Greed ( avaritia )

3 ) Lust ( luxuria )

4 ) Envy ( invidia )

5 ) Overindulgence ( gula )

6 ) Wrath ( ira )

7 ) Laziness ( acedia )

From Wikipedia: Lust is a strong desire that is controlled by an internal operation. Lust is lust for sex that is driven by sex hormones. Forelskelse , measured elsewhere in the brain than desire, due to high concentrations of dopamine and low production of neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. Love and affection , which can be measured a third location in the brain , is the desire to establish a long term relationship, which helped on their way by the hormone oxytocin .

It is within Catholic theology, one of the seven deadly sins. ( end of quote ) .

I preach against sex both before marriage and extramarital ! SEX IS ONLY ALLOWED IN THE FIRST MARRIAGE , NOT THE SECOND , THIRD ETC .

The world says you shall refuse you nothing, not least sex but whatever Scripture says ? It is adultery to remarry or a divorced ! Lust prevails in the church today as much as in the world .

2 ) Enjoyment .

What is pleasure? It is difficult to define, but pleasure itself is not negative. But that's when it becomes detached from the duties and responsibilities that pleasure is dangerous for humans. We can not have Saturday and Sunday throughout the week through. Do we live so it goes gærnt . Let's look at some of the seven deadly sins :

2 ) Greed ( avaritia ) is when one does not get enough , even of that which one has "right" to.

5 ) Overindulgence ( gula ) . It is normal to eat their fill and have a need to, but exaggeration leads to overindulgence .

7 ) Laziness ( acedia ) . It is healthy to be able to relax and take it easy . But it is lifestyle and not able to contribute, so head there than in laziness .

How to describe the pleasure? The opposite of pleasure must be to take responsibility and live according to the makers' will? We enjoy but does not provide , it is so sadly many lives . They will say in that day , Jesus says that they did a whole lot for me , but they did not live according to my word .

Matt . 7 21 Far from everyone who says to Me , Lord ! Lord ! will enter the coming kingdom , but it makes my Heavenly Father. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, Lord ! Lord ! have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name , and done many miracles in thy name ? It should be obvious to them, they do not know me, and I in them when their lives were in lawlessness !

3 ) Theme :

God treats us all very well , but he must and will have first place . For children in the world does this not obvious when they did not believe him and conform their lives to what God's word says . But what about faith? The fact is that we have ended up in the same position as God can not be the first place in our lives and all our decisions will no longer be corrected and guided by God's word and what the New Testament says and teaches . In other words , the world and God's church has been a ! And what scripture says about this?

James 4:4 . ? ? Ye treacherous ! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? It will be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God . ? ?

Which of the world's disruptive activities and thoughts should not take part in ? It's in the Bible , Galatians 5:19-21, NIV . ? ? There is clearly what it is that the sinful nature : sexual immorality , debauchery , idolatry and witchcraft, hatred , strife , rivalry , anger , selfish ambition , factions , parties and envy, drunkenness, orgies, and more of the same kind. As I have said before : Those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God . ? ?

The definition of worldly pleasures and entertainment : It's in the Bible, 1 John 2:15-17 . ? ? Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world ! Whoever loves the world , the love of the Father in him. For everything in the world ? ? sensual lust of his eyes and the boasting of riches ? it is not of the Father but from the world . And the world passeth away, and its desires , but whoever does the will of God abideth for ever . ? ?

Everything we do must be in harmony with the will of God and in Jesus' name. It's in the Bible, Colossians 3:17 . ? ? And whatever you say and do , happen in the Lord Jesus , giving thanks to God the Father through him . ? ?

4 ) Give in to the flesh .

This realize unfortunately too few believers how alluring and difficult this is. We read about King Saul spared the best and the second best , but sacrificed everything else. So it is with believers today . They may, for example . be against homosexuality but for remarriage . But both are just as much a sin before God . It is just as King Saul by permitted remarriage among us believers . As spared the best and second best of what God had condemned. Of course, remarriage more in line with God's word, but it is still sin. There is a lot to explain and we have written about before and will write about when this topic is of utmost importance.

Final comment :

Searchlight think I can be stamped as a heretic because I do not believe in the Triune God and an eternal hellfire . I will come back in the next article where I will elaborate on this .

There is of course much more to say , but I do not regret that I have warned the public against public figures . Also by name on the pain and the perceived imperative to do so. To understand and see how important it is that I take up . So I take to finish an article by AW Tozer . Here it comes :

The old cross - and the new.

In popular evangelical circles there in our modern times, quite unannounced and almost unnoticed , introduced a new cross. It is no longer the unconditional cross as served , but rather a different kind of cross.

Superficially, they are similar , but there are fundamental differences , which I will try to demonstrate: For from this new cross , there emerged a new kind of philosophy , which has given rise to a new form of evangelical technique , new meeting formats and a new service . In this new evangelism employs the same language as before, but the content is not the same. The key was gone.

The new cross

The old cross drive no bartering with the world. It meant death to the old Adam live . The new cross on the other hand is - rightly understood - the source of oceans of clean, good fun and harmless pleasures. It opens up and allows the old Adam live is allowed to unfold without the Spirit evaluative and judgmental interference.

His life motivation is unchanged, he still lives to be please himself . The difference is that now it is a little more spiritual hymns that are sung , religious films seen , etc. But the emphasis is still the same as before the conversion - this is true pleasures , but now on a higher plane morally , if not spiritually . The new cross encourages only a new and completely different way of presenting the gospel . The evangelist does not require denial of the old life in Adam before than the new can be received.

There is not talked about the contradictions between the old and the new life in Christ Jesus , but the similarities . You try to go into the audience's mindset and interests by producing a Christianity without any kind of unpleasant demands , indeed , a Christianity which almost offers the same as the world does, but at a higher level and with a nobler ethics.

On the deft manner shall be made known that it is the gospel that can offer exactly what this sinful world crying out for at the moment - whatever it may be - and that this religious product is a cut above all other things.

The new cross does not kill the culprit ( self ) . It only makes life a new direction. It claims to lead man into a cleaner, more joyful life where it preserves self-respect .

So the assertive, dominant type sounds : " Come unto Christ ; I worked for him , you assert yourself . " For egotist says : "Come and live your life in Herrren , for which you can praise and honor. " for those looking for excitement and adventure , "Come , experience the exciting community among us Christians. " And to make the Christian message acceptable to the widest possible audience minted service - be it in writing or in speech - to follow passable fashion .

I think the thinking behind much of this can be sincere and serious enough thought , but it saves it from being false. For false is it because it is blind . The service completely ignores the meaning of the cross. And that's the worst ! The old cross is in fact a symbol of death. It stands for a sudden and violent end of a human being .

No compromise

The man in Roman times who took up his cross and started the trek out to the crucifixion site , had already said goodbye to his closest friends , and did not come back again. He did not go out to give his life a different , new direction, no, he went away to die .

The old cross was not aware of any kind of compromise or mitigating circumstances , it did not spare any thing but surrendered , once and for all , all for death. It was not trying to be on good terms with his victim - no, it insisted , brutally . And when the work was completed, the victim was dead .

The race of Adam is sentenced to death by God. This has not changed one iota since the fall - there is no way to escape .

God can not in any way vouch for or approve any of the fruits of sin , no matter how innocent and beautiful they appear to human eyes . God salvages the individual by liquidating him (Old Adam ) and then raising the new creation to a whole new life in Christ Jesus.

Much of the preaching we get to hear today , which draws friendly parallels between God's uncompromising path and human path is according to God's Word false, and cruel to the audience , it puts their souls in jeopardy.

Faith in Jesus Christ does not go hand in hand with this world - the disconnect with this world. By coming to Christ Jesus , we bring not our lives to a higher level, but we leave it on the cross (Gal. 2.19 to 20 ) . In order to bear fruit must corn of wheat fall into the ground and die ( Jn 12 , 24-25) .

Those who preach the gospel must not pretend to be government agents sent to establish good will between Christ and the world. You must not imagine that they are emissaries from an employer who has ordered them or given them a mandate to make Christ acceptable to the business community , the media, sport and the modern education sector. They are not diplomats but prophets. And the message , they are instructed to go out with, and which are given to them by Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's God, the Father of Jesus Christ , is not a compromise but an ultimatum !

not improvement

God offers a new life, no improvement over the old . The life He offers is one which arose from death, and it is always on the other side of the cross.

Anyone who wants to own this life must deny himself - agree with God in His righteous judgment against the former life of Adam . What does all this mean to the individual sinner who is called by God - the condemned man who wants to find this new life in Christ Jesus? And how can this doctrine translated into practical life ?

It can be simply done by the sinner , it is about conversion to God , accept salvation by grace and becomes a different mind. Yes, quite simply , he starts FAITH in Christ Jesus. Trust him . The culprit must therefore denounce and see themselves as death from all that before was life in Adam , and therefore sin. Then he or she must run forward as the way goose with Jesus , to completely abandon everything that previously were considered to belong to him alone. Although life in the old Adam must therefore daily dead in the encounter with the tempter , Satan ! Let nothing hidden, nothing defensible , no excuses . Do not try to come up with cheap conditions or haggling with God . But let Him better access to humbly bend under God's wrath , so you admit that you deserve death and hell.

Is this first happened , a glance , and a naive , childlike faith in the risen Lord and Savior be enough to create life and rebirth , purification and power. And God looks at the heart of each, and know about what you are saying is sincere or not . There are no people who can sit in judgment .

Just God knows about what living in the hearts of men . The cross that ended the earthly life of Jesus , quit now sinner's life, and the power that raised Jesus from the dead, raises up the sinner to a new life with Christ.

For anyone who objects to this and expect it to be close and personal view of the truth , I want to say this: God has approved this message by putting his stamp on it from Paul 's days and today .

Whether it has been expressed with words like this or not, it has been the content of the service , which through the centuries has brought life and vigor to a dying world . The reformers , revivalist preachers and others of God's chosen vessels have all emphasized this. And God confirmed the message by the signs and wonders and miracles that took place in the Holy Spirit. Dry as we who expect us to be heirs of such a force , we dare , dare we really falsify the simple but uncompromising truth? Dare we , with our little pen and pencil, simply erase the guidelines or change the pattern that was shown to us on the mountain ? Oh, may God forbid us to do this .

Let us still preach the old cross and experience the mighty power !

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