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Nr. 590: Evangelist and prayer leader Haakon Fagervik do like many others, takes divorced men down to the women from the developing world so they can find a new wife even though they have been married at home in Norway !

Nr. 590:

Evangelist and prayer leader Haakon Fagervik do like many others, takes divorced men down to the women from the developing world so they can find a new wife even though they have been married at home in Norway !

Illustration of an African lady who unfortunately divorced Norwegian men exploits and marries again with even though they have been married in Norway . This is both a sin , adultery and a form of modern slavery as we here in Norway and the western world can leverage our position and benefits to get us what we want in all areas of our lives. Although sex and a new marriage , it's like the saying goes : " The most money can buy ! "

Want to take up a very important and difficult subject. It's like that bit older divorced men Christian missionaries and simultaneously acquire a new wife out in the third world. This is also unbiblical and they live in adultery by scriptural teachings.

1 ) I know that Haakon Fagervk doing relief work down in the Philippines , where I know that boasts Norwegian men will go down with the result that they marry again , even though they have been married here in Norway . Unbiblical , disgusting and obscene this practice . Will not God judge the Christians in Norway soon he must awaken Sodom and Gomarra up and ask them to apologize. We have had the gospel here in Norway for at least 1000 years , and what is the result? Sin , immorality and all that is from Satan gets more and more secure and eventually it becomes "normal" living in sin among believers here in Norway !

2 ) Evangelist Jan Eriksen has been married to both non-Christian and Christian. Last time he was married to an Eastern Lady that I do not want to name the personal reasons . Then he separated from her, went out as " missions " in Europe and there he met the new woman in Austria who he lives with . Think it 's his fifth marriage , talk to frolic and live in sin !

3 )Evangelisenteret premier singer Jostein Church who are married and divorced so many times now that a soon need an abacus to follow. But the place for him is still in Evangelisenteret of Jesus, Paul, and all of biblical men and women warned against those cheaters, trouts and adulterers. Will not God judge the Christians in Norway soon he must awaken Sodom and Gomarra up and ask them to apologize.

4 ) Evangelist and Bible teacher Ivar Helmersen also put marriage out of hand . Traveling down to Thailand to find himself a new lady, and come home to Norway where he currently works among the free friends , on Channel 10 , Channel Gospel and elsewhere with a sinful life .

Here are the two articles I 've written about him :

5 ) Pastor and TV founder Jan Hanvold put his marriage of hand and ran missions in Eastern Bloc where he met a new woman that he ended up in bed with and married her. Was later separated from her before he married for the third time with Inger .

6 ) The late Kenya Missions as I do not know much , according to the newspaper Our Country have children in Norway and new wife in Africa also appears to have been married before when she had three children. Is this the case then it makes me nauseous. This is from what the newspaper Our country writes: One of the burglars was killed nephew of the late ex-husband to the widow Anne Okech Kristensen . Sunday morning , Jan Kristensen's son and several of his closest friends and supporters up to Kisumu in Kenya. Kristensen was strangled by burglars Thursday morning . What has happened is absolutely terrible and unreal. Dad traveled the from us for just ten days ago, and when we stood and talked about my son at 18 next year would come and stay with him for six years , said his son Kenneth Kristensen Sloth ( End of quote ) . He had family in Norway and new in Africa.

7 ) I see that this is a modern form of slavery where we ale regardless of Norway is well-founded and can not really pick and choose on a " sex market" as is "invisible" presence and the Free Church leaders , missionaries , pastors, evangelists and I know not what. They splash around in their own flesh and live exactly as they obey even if they have been married at home in Norway . Adultery is the word of God that we see and this is fully accepted by much of the Christian Norway , especially the Free Church congregations are also the most apostate and are most developed in his apostasy !

8 ) Location No. eight is the only simple, but extremely important. A marriage if it is made ​​in Africa , Europe or where it is made, as long as it is public. Is a marriage anyway. Those who marry first in Norway , is separated and find themselves a new one in the developing world live just as much adultery as if they were married in Norway .

9 ) I wrote : "Will not God judge the Christians in Norway soon he must awaken Sodom and Gomarra up and ask them to apologize ."

Apostasy in the church in Norway , especially the Free Church has come so far that it is not about to get dark , it's dark !

10 ) We need a counter- voice against this. I think Smyrna Oslo and we are such a one, among unfortunately few others. We need you to support us , Vaada by coming to our meetings , in prayer and financially. Here is our account number:

Account number of Post : 0535 06 05 845 Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ !

Final comment :

What more can we say ? This takes place, and when someone comes back from the developing world with a new wife and new children are also incorporated in the church right away . Where is the spiritual standard? Where is the spiritual and moral sense of direction? These have been the flesh and Satan's way , which other remarriage and homosexuality are doing. They do not belong to the church , they live in sin . But this is now widely accepted. How far have we come at night ? God is sick of the Norwegian Christians, especially the Free Church as Pentecostal / Charismatics are. Think like Haaken Fagervik who do not do this, but take your second down to find a new one. Or else, such as Ivar Helmersen taking up a new one in Thailand and takes her home to Norway . Or as Rolf Erik Janøy being separated here in Norway and travels down to Kenya to satisfy their sexual life and male desires , how far we have come , I ask both myself and you reading this? I get the opposition , especially among the Free Church Pentecostal / charismatic Christians, but who they attack then? Not me, but God and God's own words, they put themselves in judgment over. They are Satan's errand if they accept remarriage among the believers there are in Norway it happens or abroad . A marriage is sacred to God anyway!

I know several people who have done this that I have not mentioned. Before then did not Pentecostal missionaries and other law to marry a native although they were single and they were allowed to marry. Today it has been the opposite , going from one extreme to another. This is what we call the pendulum swing the basis law . John the Baptist lost his head and life when he pointed out that King Herod was not allowed to be married to a divorcee , and it is not allowed for any divorced from what the New Testament teaches to remarry as a Christian ! If it is in Norway or the third world !

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