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Nr. 138: Relationship between wife and man is the strongest model for Christ and congregation!

Nr. 138:

Relationship between wife and man is the strongest model for Christ and congregation!

From my bible comments Efes. 5. 21 Submit to another in awe for Christ!

Meanwhile this verse a transition until next section concretises what subordination means in Practicum between spouses between infants and parents and between gentlemen and servants.
But as headline begins Paul with saying we everyone subordinating us apart. Subordination is a universal Christian obligation. It applies in all relationships in congregation on workplace and any home.
Jesus Christ's self prototype what subordination ie. He exhausted itself he renounced their rights and came serve. He subordinate themselves their disciples by washing their feet although he was their Lord.
Many struggling getting this by subordinating converging to harmonize. Logically thinks that is someone under must some be over. But word "overarching" occurs not our Bible!
Subordination Unfortunately a negatively emotive term. We thinks lightly oppression subjugation, subservience. And we must with shame confess that has been much of it in Christian homes supporting these words. Many a called Bible-believing man has been a tyrant home - and intended he was Bible-believing!
But today there gone completely the other road where kids determines everything and parents becomes sidelined. Both through legislation, what served television and otherwise what arrives. It becomes from one extreme to next.
Subordination can also expressed positively as Paul makes in ROM 12.10 Elsk apart fervently as siblings, slip the other higher than yourselves. When I puts other higher than myself subordinates I me them. Or as Peter says it: 1Pet. 5.5 And all shall ye be dressed in humility against each. For "God resisteth the proud but they humble giveth grace".
The mutual subordination should happen awe for Lord. That means home shall both spouses quiet into for Lord face and ask: How will you that our cohabitation be?
Da becomes not accommodate dominant domineering neither from man or woman page! - Much of woman struggle has been entitled but unfortunately someone fell in same ditch as man and ruled him so he ruled her.
Although woman subordination mentioned first, think I we must Initially exhortation us men for putting her subordination in right light.

22 They wives must arrange beneath men their as under Lord himself.

Wife called of Lord to subordinate themselves its husband.
Subordination applies everyone children relative their parents. Women relative to man and man relative to Jesus and Jesus relative to Father (1st Cor. 11th).
It applies all workers relative to their employers.
It applies congregation relative to Christ.
And from Rooms 13.1 f we know subordination applies all citizens a country relative to state power.
Let examine verb: to subordinate themselves.
There are important nuances such as: placing himself under, or to position themselves, position themselves in (the term I like, I enjoy that).
Originally was word a military expression: to rank under.
An important wisdom: Without subordination may never become harmony.
Requirement to subordinate themselves applies on somehow us everyone.
It applicable all humans each at its plan and in their relationships to subordinate themselves. There always some you and I shall subordinating us.

23 For man is woman head so Christ is church head; he is savior for his flesh.

In a marriage congregation on a workplace or wherever it be is important filling that role is set even fits. We see it same subordinate principle when Paul teaches other believers. Dettingen applies all people all times on everywhere. 1. Cor. 11. 8 For man became not from woman but woman from man. 9 was man nor created for woman but woman for man. 11 But in Lord is not woman without man and man Nor nothing without woman. 12 For as woman became of man becomes the man born of woman but everything is from God.

24 As church obeys Christ shall a woman subordinate themselves husbands in everything.

It is NONE EQUALITY between man and woman in congregation context. In the context and in marriage is woman subjugated man. This has nothing forcibly or oppression doing but is a scheme in marriage and in Christian congregation.
We need not be anxious word "subordinate" or "subordination" for everyday subordinates we us many rules society decides are run rules the different areas. They include be traffic. If we not subordinates us under traffic rules goes wrong us. Rules are best for us. So it is with the driving rules that we have in the marriage and the kingdom of God.
If we bypasses they schemes which God has erected for marriage and congregation we Nor the full blessing of God schemes. God schemes is best for us.
What applicable woman position in marriage so goes out to bear children, join raising kids and support husbands in they decisions he takes. We must also add that man shall consider its wifes requests in marriage but if not reach consensus, it man has crucial word. He carries also thereby whole responsibility they decisions taken.

25 Husbands shall love wives their so Christ loved church and gave himself for it

Kjærlighet Life as deliver us in between spouses has thus its pattern in love which Christ exhibiting in its salvation deed facing church. But if Christ ministering care church his bride shall be prototype for the earthly corporeality Reproductive relationship, means relationship equality is something more than a sort autonomic "worldly arrangement" in Creation. By parallel lead relationship between man and woman in marriage with relationship between Christ and church salvation gives Paul the earthly-corporeal love between spouses an Christological justification. Salvation relationship between Christ and church prototype for cohabitation in marriage but pattern applies also reverse - marriage between man and woman shall be a depict on relationship between Christ and church.

26 for holy it and purify it bathed in water virtue of a word.

TIT 3.5 And he saved us, not because of our righteous deeds, but because he is merciful, he saved us, in the bathroom, which re-birth and renewing by the Holy Spirit. Entire Christian life is prominently process which will last lifetime and completely safe some distance into eternity! But someday we stand anyway before God and be Jesus Christ bride although God has a piece work Attractions and through us.

27 To would he quiet it before in glory without spot or wrinkle or being holy and without bugs should be.

Goal is we will appear without spot or wrinkle or something so ie without error. What is stain, blemish and errors a Christian? It'sa shame and impurities. Bible talking about Jesus coming again who a bridegroom that retrieves his bride to wedding feast. When our bridegroom comes, we stand forward as sanctified Christians. Now is is in such preparatory period before heaven wedding. Then it important we uses this time to do us ready.
Philippians 1:9-10 says: "And this is my prayer that their love must be more and more rich in insight and discernment, so that in the various questions may discern what is right. Ye shall be clean and without faulty Christ day. " We shall stand clean and without faulty Christ day. Colossians 1:22 says also something similar: "But now he reconciled ye with himself when Christ suffered death with His earthly body. Holy without errors and unassailable would he present you separately." This goes Thus again constantly. You intended going through a process called sanctification. Goal for this sanctification is you will appear sinless and injustice.

28 Similarly Thus men love their wives as his own body. Whoever loves his wife loves itself.

When Jesus sacrificed everything congregation call God man to take his example. Loving wife its is loving itself. Charity universe strongest and important force. Solomon. 8. 6 Insert me as seal on your heart as a seal your arm! For love is strong as death, passion mighty as Sheol. It flares up like fire, like a mighty flame.

29 For no man ever hated his own body, on the contrary provides the food and usually it just as Christ does the church.

As Christ gave themselves church so shall man pretend for its wife. Real love about giving, not getting. Shall be centrally for man covering its wifes needs.
In ancient Testament used also marriage as an image relationship between God and Hans people. Likewise as in new Testament as shown above. One example follows under:

Isaiah 54 4-5 Be not afraid, you becomes not confounded. Be not ashamed you becomes not dishonored. Now you forget your youth shame and not more recalls your widow stands dishonor. For he your Maker is your husband Lord Almighty is his name. Israel Holy is your redeems, called whole earth God.
The purpose of marriage is then to help each other get to heaven, and to show non-Christians how the relationship between Christ and the church is.

30 For we is limbs his body.

All believers is limbs on Christ body is congregation. All we our forces and weaknesses but interconnected we all strong. We complementary complementing apart as body makes what Paul teaches about several places. Among other Rooms. 12 and 1st Cor. 12.

31 Therefore man leave its father and mother and cleave to his wife and they two shall be one.

This said Jesus also Matt. 19 and in Genesis. We shall when we marry stand on own legs in with spouse. Leve under sole ceilings own household.

32 This is large mystery; I contemplate relationship between Christ and church.

This as marriage are is an image congregation and Christ. That he chose us remains faithful contrary us is a large large mystery. And Satan and demons hates congregation above some else this soil.
Matt. 16. 16 When replied Simon Peter and said You is Messiah the living God Son. 17 And Jesus answering said to him Blessed you Simon jona! for flesh and blood has not revealeth thee it but min Father in heaven. 18 And I says thee you are Peter; and on this rock I build my congregation and Hades gates shall not overpower it. 19 And I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

33 But regards ye also: Each one shall love its wife as himself and she allegedly respecting its man.

She shows he respectful reverence by recognizing the scheme God has determined.
In Kol 3.19 find we also a direct indictment attending husband. Again there love of "its better half" imposed he and a admonition against a ugly and disruptive posture:
"Husbands: Elsk their wives - and weather not bitter against them."
Bitterness belies love.
In bitterness lies being sur, cross and oppresses her. Bitterness is killjoy makes everyday unpleasant.
Governor shall beware for such attitude.
In 1Pet. 3.7 find we also so good wisdom and reminder for husbands:
"And show them honor." They shall show their wives honor.
Elske and honor is a word pair we meetings actual wedding - relating with consecration action.
"... Will love and honor her?" - Ask pastor / priest.
Can one love without honor? Yes, love can withstand many things, even of vices - without falling off.
The attitude inherent in honor is treating her on a fine politely and dignified manner. Inserting her aloud.
It becomes not much wife pestering and violence in marriage when man shows her honor.
"A man (husband) after God heart" ...
The man says the Lord: "Will you let my servant and forgiving love to model for you in life with your wife? Will you love her, honor her and be kind to her, as I love my church and live for it?" (Quote end).

It finest and best example on relationship between congregation and Christ

It finest and best example on relationship between congregation and Christ is marriage between man and woman. Therefore put also Satan demons and the fallen angels so onto marriage today.

Food timely and the straight food

Matt. 24. 45 Who then believing and wise servant who gentleman has set over other servants to feed them timely? 46 Happy is originating server master finds in efforts this when he returns! 47 Truly I tell you Lord will set him everywhere he owns. 48 But seen that this is a bad servant tells himself: 'It goods long before gentleman min arrive', 49 and so gives themselves to beat the other servants and partake with drunkards. 50 Then shall server's lord come a day he not waiting and one hour he not know 51 and hew him down and let him share fate with hypocrites where they weeps and gnashing teeth.

It disbursed about giving right foods timely, listening spirit voice. What most prekere and most necessary preaching? About marriage and against remarriage. What makes believers and preachers in særdelshet? Ignores what is most needed, they provide no food at the right time and that the great servant of Matthew we read about.

Espen Ottesen, Emanuel Minos, Lise Karlsen, David Østby and Co.. our time Balaam!

All posing together with gjengifede preachers and goes tandem with them is like Balaam Beor son and shows through bl. a asking up on Vision Norway and other forums and rostrums together with gjengifede preachers they with opening up the evil and his deeds.

Remarriage is those sin and fornication

Becoming divorced are exploration and cons God. But we read no seats in font that stand is fornication and those differs shall not inherit God kingdom. It is those remarried AFTER ET COHABITATION AND MARRIAGE WHICH DRIVER HOR AND NOT SHALL ARVE GOD RICH!

Church shall soon marry Jesus

Church shall soon marry Jesus therefore works Satan so feverishly to forklundre marriage this time he know what he doing and God people especially forkynnnerne goes around half blind and like they not know anything.

Lamb and congregation wedding

Let rejoice and exult and give him honor. Time am come Lamb wedding! His bride has made herself ready, and she has a suit of spotless linen. - Linet they saints righteous deeds. Revelation 19.7 -8
It disbursed here of a exceeding glad party heaven. It is gathered a great multitude from all tongues and peoples. Throng is Lamb bride the bride Jesus won by themselves its blood. Yes, Scripture tells us that Lamb was slaughtered for his bride! Jesus became wounded for sinners yes for you.
Bride is clothed in minded fine linen It is bridegroom themselves have dressed bride! For he has dressed me salvation outfit in rettfderdighetens cloak he swathed me says Prophet Isaiah in Ch 61:10.
Bride is verily fine! We can not comprehend her beauty! She is clothed in it finest flax-of Jesus himself.
In Ezek. 44:18 we read They shall have luer of linen head and breeches of linen about hips. They shall not bind up about with making them perspire.
A perspire themselves not into Heavenly wedding!
It is one having sweated! It was Jesus precious sweat when his sweat became like blodråper that fell on earth Getsernane (Lk 10:44 p.m.).
It is inconceivably! Think Jesus sweated blood for you and me.
Sinner shall not striving and sweat but contrary hear about this sweat and get spectacle what happened for sinners in Getsernane and on Goltgata.
Jesus went controversy for you! He won even the salvation of his bride!
Think getting rested with Jesus! Resting in a perfect NOK! Yes it is large and marvelous getting rest in Jesus salvation works!
It are poor sinners he invites this Heavenly resting!
Jesus did everything you! He paid for all your sins!
The large redeemed multitude in heaven sings: Hallelujah Allowed and price, joy and delight.!
Nobody can kommantere me become fond by saying Become fond, Olaf!
But when I hear something gratifying when becomes I fond!
Da I ​​first heard that everything I should and should be; where is Jesus in my blood!, - Da was I fond!
When I saw Jesus victory was too bride when was I fond!

Think that Jesus with his death and victory clad bride at finest flax. When he sees his bride when banks Bridegroom heart. She is so fine! She is clothed in clean and shiny fine linen!

You is blissful that hear tidings! It are God true words!
Many went tomb without gaining invitation now. What do with it? It is eternity!

It stands about salvation or perdition! No one has spoken so severely about the destruction of Jesus! He experienced self perdition in your place, for not should perish!
Now invites he you eternal light and beatitude in heaven!

Applies invitation you? No, can not apply me, answer! Jo, regards you!
May you and I become uplifted with Jesus when he coming! It there it stands about!

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