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Nr. 141: Jesus resurrection!

Nr. 141:

Jesus resurrection!

That Jesus rose again, is also from God the Father side of his response to Jesus's work is finished and after the resurrection fik his divine status "back" after having given up on it in 33 1 \ 2 years. So I take some taker about the resurrection.

The doctrine of the resurrection is so important, that it is embodied in what we call the church confessional. Those wishing to call themselves Christians must believe and accept that Jesus really was bodily raised from the dead.

The Bible says that Jesus ascended to heaven, and sat down at the Father's right hand after his resurrection. It also teaches that Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead. Jesus, who is man's only savior, is also the one that all men once to meet the judges of their lives. This is expressed as follows in the Apostolic creeds second article:

"I believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried, descended into hell, rose from the dead the third day , for up to heaven, is seated at God the Father Almighty, right hand, He will come again to judge the living and the dead. " Yes, Jesus is the only true God, but his son.

Since the resurrection day, many have tried to explain away that Jesus rose bodily. We can read about in Food 28 12 - 13 There we are told that "the elders and rulers," who had abandoned Jesus to the Romans that he was crucified, paid the guards at Jesus' tomb that they would put out a rumor that Jesus' disciples had stolen Jesus' body. Similar explanations can be found also among representatives of the newer criticism. We can not go into this further here. Now we will look closely at what the resurrection means.

That a man that is dead is alive again, is a violation of the order of nature which we otherwise know of. There is a single event that has no parallel in history, and therefore defy any scientific explanation of the basis. In the wild are still parallel to the bodily resurrection of Jesus himself refers to when he explains his disciples why he must die, and so arise. Jesus refers in this connection to what is happening with wheat grain when it is sown in the earth, and says: "Unless the grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, only one grain. But if it dies, it produces much fruit." John 12 24.

The purpose of Jesus' resurrection was that his death would give fruit. What this means, we will return to below. First, it is said that the resurrection can not be explained any other way than by showing that God has intervened across what we call natural laws. However, it is not going to get past the resurrection as a historical event, is strongly attested, if you put the history of scientific requirements for accountability to the ground. Yet is there for the resurrection as for any other historical events: One can not cause any definite evidence that it actually took place. When it comes down to it, one must either believe it or not believe.

It will take too long to give any detailed analysis of the historical arguments for the resurrection of Jesus here. Instead, we focus on what is the point and purpose of Jesus' bodily resurrection, namely, that death's power over man and creation to overcome the definitive way.

The power of death could, according to Scripture, only to be overcome by human sin was taken away. Death was in fact his power over men as a result of a sin entered the world. Thus, death is a part of the trial and punishment which God did come upon mankind, as a result of the first man's sin. But - if the sin is taken away and be served, so will life get back. Room 5 12, 5 18, 2 Corinthians 15 12 ff.

Natural science can ascertain that death has power over all living creatures. People are born, they grow old, and like all other living creatures, they must die. This is what we call nature's time, a law that can not be broken by any man. The truth is that science can only consider the legality of death as a phenomenon, and on that basis conclude that everything that lives must die. It can not explain why or how, death has come into the world. But at this point, therefore the Bible something to say.

The legality of death that came into creation through the fall, is defeated by Jesus Christ. By his resurrection from the dead, he has defeated and broken the power of death. The consequence of this is that we avoid the bodily death, but that those who believe in him getting in a resurrection from the dead, and a life similar to his. 1 Corinthians 15 45 - 58 How this is possible, we shall examine the following:

Just as there is a legitimate or necessary relation between sin and death, is, according to Scripture, a similar legal relationship between a sinless life, and living. The fulfilling God's commandments shall live, we read in the 3rd Exodus 18 5. Here we must note that both of these statutory conditions were fulfilled in Jesus Christ. When Jesus was imputed to our sins, he came under sin and death laws. He had to die under God's wrath and doom. At the same time, it was so, that because Jesus lived a sinless life, he had the right to live. God raised Jesus from the dead because he was fair in relation to the law of God, and therefore had the right to life. The fair, the one who fulfills the law, to live, says the Bible.

This is a truth that is expressed in Acts 8 33. Here we read that the verdict was taken away from Jesus when he was deeply humbled, because he had taken responsibility for the sins of men. But even Jesus was righteous. He had really lived as a perfect man should live, so he had to follow God's law the right to life. For this reason, he also declared fair and as a result of it raised from the dead. File 3.16. On this basis we can say that it is the righteousness of Jesus that has triumphed over sin and death power.

According to the Bible, man can become righteous before God in two different ways. One way is by self-improvement and self-effort. This is still a way that no one, except Jesus, has been able to go. Rooms. 3. 23. The other way man can be justified is by faith - and - according to the Bible, also the justice that a person gets the right to live. "The righteous by faith shall live," we read in Rom. 1. 17.

Jesus fulfilled the legal requirement that God would give His righteous life to those who believe in him. That God gives a person the life that Jesus lived, does not mean that God transforms this man, but he considers Jesus' fulfillment of the law as if it was this man's own lovoppfyllelse. This is why we in Room 4 25, can read that Jesus is risen for our justification.

Whoever believes in Jesus' grace, can therefore expect the righteousness of Jesus as its own righteousness. On this basis, he or she also know that you have the right to live.

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