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Nr. 127: 20 points of the Trinity can not answer!

Nr. 127:

20 points of the Trinity can not answer!

There are reasons to hold on to the Trinity and one can defend it too, but not if one sticks to the script. Emphasis on a tradition and take snippets from the word of God, as a defense of the Trinity. But it emphasizes a whole truth about this topic on the deity, as is and remains a demonic trinity doctrine heresy (1 Tim. 4 1 ref). And scripture says:

Ps 119,160 The sum of your word is truth, and forever is all thy righteousness law firm.

And what should and should the individual do? We read:

Acts 17.11 And these were more noble than those in Thessalonica. They received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily whether it behaved like it was said.

Here are twenty (20) points that I know that Trinity has no satisfactory answer as it is a doctrine that does not measure up. I could have taken more points bl. a doctrine that was unknown in the whole before the Catholic Church brought it to the track and more. When one looks at the fruits which a weight puts too much of DHÅ, it leads to delusion and charismatic leading away from God's word.

1) Baptism in Jesus' name, the first Christians baptized excluded in the name of Jesus.

2) After John. e 17 3 is the only God the Father is the only true God.

3) Spirit in Scripture is never mentioned as a separate person if it is man, the Antichrist, Satan or God and Christ.

4) The Lord is the Spirit, not the Spirit is Lord or a person (2 Cor. 3 17).

5) The writing is never the Holy Spirit in capital letters, it is man made. The basic text is the lowercase holy spirit that is found in most English translations.

6) Jesus said that the Father is greater than me on several occasions. Joh. e. 10 29a My Father, who gave them to me, is greater than all.

7) A teacher should have two or three passages to be a truth. How many times is the example in Scripture that we shall baptize three titles? He-he! Trinity doctrine is and remains a man made doctrine.

8) The amount can and often wrong. 1. Kong. 22.

9) A doctrine that violates the first commandment is haughty and blasphemous that there are two gods which are juxtaposed with the Father as the only true God.

10) Jesus is Lord - Kyrie, not the one true God.

11) Jesus never said it himself that he was God. We can not be read as Trinity does, the Son of God = God.

12) God the Father said it time and time again that he is God, etc.

13) Scripture says God you worship. But where in Scripture it says that we should pray or worship the Holy Spirit? Not a single place.

14) Is the Spirit God or a person? What name has he? There is not one place that he has a special name, ergo no person.

15) God is Spirit, and hence the Holy Spirit part of God but not God himself. This Jan Kåre is good teaching.

16) Both the Father and Jesus is born within us, how? By their common Spirit.

17) God the Father to fill all in all eternity, how? By his Spirit, which is a part of him for it is also that God may be all in all.

18) Trinity doctrine is never mentioned in scripture, if it was an important learning. Why not? This doctrine came to the apostasy came into Christianity.

19) This is considered to be an important common Christian doctrine. But it was Atonement that collected the first Christians. Not a heresy that the Trinity is.

20) The early Christians never confessed the Trinity as important, and there was never a question of highlighting Jesus as God, but as the Messiah, Saviour and Lord.

I could write so much more and elaborated on this, but you have objections, criticisms, or anything else. Type a question or blog here on.

Good luck with best regards
Jan Kåre

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