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Nr. 129: Sarkozy is fed up of Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu!

Nr. 129:

Sarkozy is fed up of Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu!

This is from Dagbladet 8/11/11: Netanyahu is a liar says Nicolas Sarkozy in the "private" talks with Barack Obama picked up by journalists.
Journalists covering the G20 summit in Cannes this weekend, overheard a private conversation between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and U.S. President Barack Obama.
The journalists who overheard the conversation, first selected to not report it on, but it has now leaked all over the world.
In conversation the necks Sarkozy Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him a liar.
- I do not bear a high level Netanyahu anymore, he is a liar, said Sarkozy on Netanyahu.
Obama said the following:
- You may be tired of him, but I, I must have to do with him every day (end of quote).

Nicolas Sarkozy

Second-generation immigrant of Hungarian and Greek-Jewish origin, the president of France since 2007. Can not resist one who is of the same origin as himself. Why? Is it because he did not want to acknowledge their origins? It is strange to see that Sarkozy looks more Jewish than Netanyahu himself but he can not stand him. It would be clearly advantageous for both Sarkozy and France to stand up for Israel. The basis of God's word and that France has so passed many Jews who either live in France or have emigrated to Israel, why do not they?

The world God has blinded them

2. Kor. 4. 4a, in whom the god of this world has blinded the unbelievers minds.

Unfortunately, as many blinded by this world, God is Satan so they do not see and want to see what is best for them. It is to stand up for Israel and Democratic values.

Israel is the only free democracy in the Middle East

Israel is the only free democracy in the Middle East that do and should do that all the West free nations would support Israel with beaks and claws. Why does one not? Because one does not really want to stand up for those values ​​that built our communities and by standing up for Israel as a show that goes against the new "mainstream" in the world built on lies, falsehood and enmity against God, this really is.

Judeo-Christian values!

This is an American expression to encompass more than what the protesters stand for. The values ​​of what Jews and Christians standing together on the 10 Commandments. This is central to the Judeo Christian understanding. We see that all our laws and society is built on the 10 commandments.

It's time to stand up for those values ​​again!

While this is becoming more and more unpopular as it is still the values ​​that our entire Western democratic societies are built on and we lose the values ​​that we lose the values ​​that our society is built.

Would the Moslems take over?

We see that within its Islam so they build on the values ​​that make their communities hold together and the family is loud and strong, and we have failed in the West, above all, with hilarious morality and to allow remarriage and cohabitation of a low shoe, we have failed. A society is not built only of material goods, but the spiritual and ethical values. Let us at this time, above all, protect and defend if it is right, true and precious. It is our Judeo-Christian values! This is also up for Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is a true man of God, although unfortunately he is divorced and re married himself and there are also half Jew Nicolas Sarkozy, which above all is to eat up the western society. The fact that our moral and ethical values ​​means less and less for us and that we no longer live by them, is a disaster for a society. It's not a family in the western world that is not affected by the terrible tragedy that divorce and subsequent remarriage again with new children, and all that comes with. There are basically worse than anything else of a negative trend in our society in the western world that our ethical and moral standards are so weak and corrupt as it is only a revival of decree from God that can retrieve and set the standard back to "normal" again!


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