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No. 1643: The judgment against me gives a correct picture of who the narrator and the false apostle Jan Aage Torp is!

No. 1643:The judgment against me gives a correct picture of who the narrator and the false apostle Jan Aage Torp is!
Picture of Torp illustrated by "stalker" Kristin B. Bruun.

This writes:Jens Thuesen · Kristiansand South, West Agder, NorwayKjell Sverre Andersen is quite correct descriptions of Torp and his followers .....October 24, 2017 00:07
I agree with Jens Thuesen, the verdict gives a correct description of Jan Aage Torp.
Here a little excerpt from the verdict.
OSLO DISTRICT COURTNo restrictions on access to public renderingDOMDeclined: 25.01.2016Case No: 15-073540MED-OTIR / 02Court of First Instance: Judge-RapporteurMalin Strømberg Amble m. Alm. authorizationJudges: Gunnar Hatlen Liv HåkonsenThe Public Prosecutor's Office Police Attorney Dag PaulsenagainstJan Kåre Christensen Attorney Brynjar Nielsen Meling
Jan Kåre ChristensenThe Chief of Police in Oslo has delivered an order against Jan Kåre Christensen on 13.04.2015 for breach ofPenal Code § 390a for inadvertent conduct or other reckless conduct having violated another's peaceBasis: During the period from January 2012 to March 2015 from his residence in Krokstien 2C in Oslo or elsewhere, he made on the website jan.christensen.net and / or other websites that he had created, a number of blog posts where Jan-Aage Torp was referred to as 'self-centered', 'nasty', 'rude', 'narcissistic', 'sick', 'tyrann', 'psychopath' and 'leprosy'. Furthermore, it was repeated in several of the posts and / or in the commentary that Torp 'lives in hor', and that he is an 'old pig who divorces and marries the nanny'.The defendant has not passed the referral, after which the prosecutor has sent the case to the court of appeal for the main hearing, where the lecturer replaces the appeal decision, cf. section 268 of the Criminal Procedure Act.The main hearing was held on January 20, 2016. The defendants met and did not acknowledge themselves guilty after the appeal decision.The court received an explanation from 1 witness, and such documentation was made as stated in the court order.The plaintiff claimed that the accused be convicted in accordance with the appeals decision for a fine of kr 12,000, or alternatively prison for 20 days. The prosecutor also claimed that the accused be sentenced to pay a resignation to Jan-Aage Torp, determined by the court's judgment. Furthermore, the prosecutor ordered the accused to be ordered to pay costs according to the court's judgment.Defendants claim that the accused be dismissed, in the alternative, that he is considered in the mildest way.Court's assessmentIntroduction The accusation item concerns violations of the Penal Code of 22 May 1902 No. 10 (Penal Code 1902) § 390 a.On October 1, 2015, the Penal Code of 20 May 2005 No. 28 (Penal Code 2005) entered into force. Section 3, first paragraph, of the Criminal Code 2005 states that it is the starting point of the criminal law at the time of the act to be applied. Nevertheless, the legislation at the time of the decision will be applied when this leads to a more favorable outcome for the victim and the amendment is due to a changed view of what actions should be punished or on the use of criminal justice. Penal Code 1902 Section 390a is continued in section 266 of the Criminal Code 2005. According to the court's judgment, the use of criminal law after the entry into force of the Criminal Code 2005 does not provide any more favorable results for the type of act in question. The court therefore assumes that it is the provisions of the Penal Code, 1902, to be applied in the present case.Background of the case The accused is behind the website "Heavenly blog" where he actively publishes blog posts on topics he is concerned with. He also has an English version of the blog, where the posts on Heavenly blog are translated and posted. Blog posts about insulted Jan-Aage Torp, hereafter called Torp, became Torp ready in 2011 after conducting a Google search on its own name. Torp is divorced and had married again the year before with her current wife. Admittedly, Torp was married again because of an unprecedented theological view of reprisals. The accused believes that the Bible is aware that this can not happen and that the married person lives in horror. It appears from the blog posts that the defendants are particularly concerned that Torp as a leadership figure, pastor and public person lives in this way. The accused explained that the background for his writing about Torp was also a story he had heard from a person who had been advised to sell his apartment and donate 1.5 million to the Torps congregation. There is no dispute that such a donation should have taken place, but Torp declined that there was something wrong with this donation, or that the donation was used for anything other than the donor's wish.The circumstances of the case are blog posts in the period January 2012 to March 2015. Furthermore, Torp is referred to as an "old pig", "horebukk", "narcsissist / narresist", "psychopath" and "false pastor / prophet / apostle".The numbers are not contested, and the court assumes that they have been proven. In addition to this, Torp is repeatedly called "leprosy" that he "lives in horror" and is a "wizard", "self-centered, nasty, rude and narcissistic", that he appears "sick, uncontrolled and pressed" that he "is being blinded and ruled by demons" that he is "an old pig like divorce and marry the nanny just like Todd Bentley, "that people like Torp" are not led by God but by their flesh and that the demons are given free space "that Torp is a" sick man of power and acts as a reckless psychopath "and that he is a" loser ". Furthermore, the accused stated that "Should I have it? If it had helped, I would take my shoes or work my shoes and kicked Hanvold, Torp and all the others in the middle of the step for what they are doing does not bring revival or progress with oneself. But they are dead and corrupt! ". In addition, he has posted a picture of a pig with wings and wrote that "Picture of pigs that aims at what people call a person marrying a lady who could have been his daughter. This is just an illustration of a relationship where one calls someone to be an old pig, but this is just an illustration. Even pigs can look "holy" but a pig is a pig! ". The above characteristics of the reviewer of Torp are derived from larger text entries that deal with Torp and various Biblical themes. The accused has acknowledged that he has written the posts, and he stood firm in the court on what he has written and that his expressions lie within the freedom of belief and expression. The accused finds support for his view that those who divorce and marry again live in horror in various Bible texts that he read in court. The defendant has further explained that Torp has been at least as bad in his characteristics of him and his family, and adds Torp statements made under other names, possibly pseudonyms, and statements by a blogger accused call "the false smear log." The false smear log must be created in the name of the accused, but the accused rejected him who stood behind it. Torp has acknowledged that he has responded, and called him "Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer" twice that the blog is "idioty", in a case referred to him as a "demon", called him "fools" that the blogs to the accused is "downright" that the accused is a "rumor springer" that the defendant has "lack of insight into English and Norwegian" that he is "mean", "evil and stupid" and that the blog is "a variant of social pornography". (Quote ending) .Jens Thuesen · Kristiansand South, West Agder, NorwayWriting: "Are quite correct descriptions of Torp and his followers." I am judged to convey the truth! Firstly, my opponents have. Not least the evil Trinity Torodd Birdsteg (the picture), Ansgar Braut and Jan Aage Torp (the picture above) written a hundred times more than me what I have written. As well, they have written more, as I expect Torp has written about me 1000 times, Braut 10,000 and Bird Stage 20,000. The remarkable thing is that they are overtaken by me and Anders Behring Breivik. This is completely beyond where are they from? I have never written anything for Breivik, except that I think his son's relationship is not good enough. Especially that he did not get into his mother's funeral, I still think that it could be done. I am twin sister by Anders Behring Breivik (pictured), follower, child murder supporter, sympathizer and much more. The strange thing is that when Torp writes about Anders Behring Breivik and his demonization, he really writes about himself. Read from Dagbladet what Torp writes, and insert his name and it sounds strange. Torp is obviously obsessed or heavily influenced by the forces of darkness, but does not want to repent and become free. DEVELOPMENT: A father would, according to VG at the prison meeting, 6.2. for Anders Behring Breivik to "actually see the devil before the matter begins". On 15.2.09, VG opened my own son Andersen: "Accuses the dare to drive out devils". 15 / 4-11 followed Aftenposten with "Demonutrivelser" on the front page. Is it just empty word usage that causes a father to "see the devil"? Was it just pictures Anders son told the newspapers? If not, is there hope for freedom for Breivik? The idea of ​​devil and demons is simply not u-Norwegian. The fade is a popular, often spooky name in Scandinavian languages, and "the evil" that corresponds to the devil in Christianity. The term is used in adventures such as "Fanden og Føden" (Asbjønsen & Moe), and the foe is often out and catches souls. We have f-verbs. And "the fate is loose" is a mouthpiece formed after the idea that the bound satan is released. "Devil" is an evil spirit or demon in several religions, mythology and religious beliefs. Has Breivik's soul been caught? Is he a psychiatric case? Is he fascist, right-extremist - and cold-blooded killer? Many Norwegians wonder if there is nothing else that has caught Breivik than just the cross between madness and mad thoughts. Perhaps he is wondering. It must have fun channels for his soul. Occultism and witchcraft abound in his influences as described in Manifesto. For a Christian, there is no doubt that Breivik has allowed sin and the evil to gain power in his life. But how? Can you do something about it? Even I have experience from the expulsion of demons. Killers and big criminals have become nice boys. History pervades the world over prisons that have been transformed into community-building arena arena. They freed the sentences, often in their lifetime, but are no longer obsessed with the dangerous and evil. The same power that Jesus operated from when he drove demons out of people, is still available today - in Norwegian! I have received my practical training in a country recognizing the reality of the evil, but where we believe that Jesus has won over Satan on the Cross. Practically practical, our expulsion of demons is by simple prayer, reading of the Bible, praise, and charismatic gifts such as prophecy, knowledge, and test marks. We would like to cooperate with psychiatrists and psychologists. No doubt we will be able to put Breivik free from the power of the demons - if he wants to. Not only do we experience this. The recognition is more prevalent in Norway today than 30 years ago. The Os demons in 1978 created divide in the Church. Today, many Christian leaders will declare faith in exorcism, even though practices differ from church to church. Even among medical professionals there is openness to this. Psychologist Eva Ramm told VG in 2009 that "deliverance from demons can be better for anyone who believes they are obsessed, than being forced to take dangerous psychotic medicine. A kind, fatherly, loving priest commanding the demon to go may be good. " I know others like her. Our country editor Erling Rimehaug commented in 2009: "When a pretty Christian girl crosses her throat without warning distorts her face while flowing obscene expressions out of her mouth, you should call a psychiatric emergency service or are you going to apply an exorcist? "Rimehaug immediately answers his own question:" My own immediate reaction The few times I have encountered such things have been to the ancient means of the church: the sign of the cross, the blessing, and the name of Jesus. Preferably as stubborn and outramatic as possible. "Stronger lye uses the catholics. Bishop Bernt Eidsvig has acknowledged that in Norway they have a priest who works specifically as an exorcist. Surely in a more liturgical way than me, but with faith in Jesus' power over the demons. Bishop Kvarme has seen exorcism and acknowledges this service. The world-wide Christian church practices exorcism - and it happens in Norway! What about Breivik? He may want it. Jesus said in Matthew 12: 43-45 that demon disqualification might be seven times worse if it did not really deserve it. I do not want Utøya times seven! But if he wants, in simple trust in Jesus Christ, we can put him free! (Quote ends) .Torp and Breivik share in common that they are both under the influence of powerful darkness and will not repent. There are striking many things here that match Torp, not my conclusion that he will not. Torp will not repent of its horsemanship and perplexity. The false prophecies that he has surrounded his whole life, that's what keeps him up. The man is of course no true believer, but a wolf in sheep's clothes like so many other Pentecostals and Charismatics is. John Aage Torp writes about ABB, but it's really about himself he writes: "For a Christian, Breivik can hardly doubt has allowed the sin and the evil to gain power in his life. "Then the police and the court with Malin Strømberg Amble and Øystein Hermansen from Borgarting Lagmannsrett have been tricked by Satan (the picture) when the narrator Jan Aage Torp is taken in the dark and for us Christians is he also ruled by demonic spirit powers quite obviously. But do not want to repent as ABB. These are striking similarities! No doubt we will be able to put the narrator Jan Aage Torp free from the power of the demons - if he wants to !!!!!!!! But Torp lives a life in the option of God's word, where he always chooses his own way in front of God's word. This has been Torp's way of life as long as I have known about him, and it will only be continued when he is so filled with hatred, darkness, sin and lies! I'm glad I'm judged - if the sentence is wrong - to convey the truth and the word of God. That no one who is reprisaled as a believer has the right and access to a pulpit!

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No. 1643: I have made this blog for the time to come, one must be aware that Christianity persecution is in criticism, also in Europe, Norway and in the Western world!

No. 1643:I have made this blog for the time to come, one must be aware that Christianity persecution is in criticism, also in Europe, Norway and in the Western world!

 Fax from the newspaper Dagen der Torp requires money from me, a lot of money, as much as possible.When he flew a brother for almost 1.5 Millions, the married couple Ann-Christin and Jan Aage Torp got the best shot out of this newly-released brother.The same would be the narrative now, and when he sent an invoice of 150,000, - kr for an image that did not belong to him, talk about being Satan's deception No. 1 in Norway. It is the narrative Jan Aage Torp that fits in there!

Acts 14. 22 They strengthened the disciples, enabling them to hold on to the faith, saying, "We must enter the Kingdom of God through many tribulations."We are going for a time when what has happened to me will happen to all believers, here in Europe, Norway and the western world!Nobody has stood up for me, though narrator Jan Aage Torp has gone on me with a lot of "lute". He wanted me both in jail and riots, see here:Here from the newspaper Our Country where I refer:Christensen says he will not meet you in the Conflict Council?- If he does not voluntarily join a scheme and removes everything from the web pages and limits himself to general views, I wish the police to prosecute and appeal to the court. I have no worries that he has to zone.(quote ending).Not only that, he would also have money and reward me. Here from the newspaper the day.ClaimsThe court will decide whether Jan Kåre Christensen has violated section 390a of the Criminal Code and is charged with "by scary or annoying conduct or other reckless conduct" having violated "another's peace".The law states that "Public prosecution finds only place when requested by abusers and is required for general consideration." The police therefore believe that such considerations exist. In court, police inspector Dag Paulsen makes an actor.Jan-Aage Torp has pleaded with his wife Aina Anine Lanton Torp.The penalties for the offenses in question are fines or two years imprisonment. Because the submission was not passed, the matter was brought to court. Thus, Christensen is missing a penalty. If he is sentenced, he must reach 12,000 kroner, or 24 days in prison.Assistant Attorney Ann Helen Aarø sets up for her husband Torp without paying a penny for her efforts.Aarø received a few days ago claim for compensation on behalf of the married couple Torp. The requirement is somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 kroner.(quote ending).The case itself is turned headed, which shows that this is a Christian persecution.It is me and my family who have been exposed to abundance of writings.And the verbal words and expressions surpass me at least 10 - 20 times. They have written a lot more, and have been far-fetched against me than I am against them. And what I've written has been true. And with that motive, to proclaim a reprieve.Those with bad intentions to get me in jail, claim money from me and swear me and my family most and hardly!

Final Comment:

 Nobody can see Satan, no one can see his demons. But we can see how they are and operate.We see it through narrator Jan Aage Torp who has chosen to divorce and rejoice as the scriptures say is hor.He prophesied them about Athens and the Olympics, nothing happened.When he notified me, he contradicted God's words as the narrator does consistently, just it suits him and his own flesh.Whole puppet postage Torp's life is in opposition to God and his words!We as believers - true Jesus believers - may expect us more and more persecution, harassment, lying, swearing and review and much more against us.Christian persecution should not diminish but increase and make it strong in the time before and after Jesus return to earth to create its 1000th year of peace!

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