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No. 1643: I have made this blog for the time to come, one must be aware that Christianity persecution is in criticism, also in Europe, Norway and in the Western world!

No. 1643:I have made this blog for the time to come, one must be aware that Christianity persecution is in criticism, also in Europe, Norway and in the Western world!

 Fax from the newspaper Dagen der Torp requires money from me, a lot of money, as much as possible.When he flew a brother for almost 1.5 Millions, the married couple Ann-Christin and Jan Aage Torp got the best shot out of this newly-released brother.The same would be the narrative now, and when he sent an invoice of 150,000, - kr for an image that did not belong to him, talk about being Satan's deception No. 1 in Norway. It is the narrative Jan Aage Torp that fits in there!

Acts 14. 22 They strengthened the disciples, enabling them to hold on to the faith, saying, "We must enter the Kingdom of God through many tribulations."We are going for a time when what has happened to me will happen to all believers, here in Europe, Norway and the western world!Nobody has stood up for me, though narrator Jan Aage Torp has gone on me with a lot of "lute". He wanted me both in jail and riots, see here:Here from the newspaper Our Country where I refer:Christensen says he will not meet you in the Conflict Council?- If he does not voluntarily join a scheme and removes everything from the web pages and limits himself to general views, I wish the police to prosecute and appeal to the court. I have no worries that he has to zone.(quote ending).Not only that, he would also have money and reward me. Here from the newspaper the day.ClaimsThe court will decide whether Jan Kåre Christensen has violated section 390a of the Criminal Code and is charged with "by scary or annoying conduct or other reckless conduct" having violated "another's peace".The law states that "Public prosecution finds only place when requested by abusers and is required for general consideration." The police therefore believe that such considerations exist. In court, police inspector Dag Paulsen makes an actor.Jan-Aage Torp has pleaded with his wife Aina Anine Lanton Torp.The penalties for the offenses in question are fines or two years imprisonment. Because the submission was not passed, the matter was brought to court. Thus, Christensen is missing a penalty. If he is sentenced, he must reach 12,000 kroner, or 24 days in prison.Assistant Attorney Ann Helen Aarø sets up for her husband Torp without paying a penny for her efforts.Aarø received a few days ago claim for compensation on behalf of the married couple Torp. The requirement is somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 kroner.(quote ending).The case itself is turned headed, which shows that this is a Christian persecution.It is me and my family who have been exposed to abundance of writings.And the verbal words and expressions surpass me at least 10 - 20 times. They have written a lot more, and have been far-fetched against me than I am against them. And what I've written has been true. And with that motive, to proclaim a reprieve.Those with bad intentions to get me in jail, claim money from me and swear me and my family most and hardly!

Final Comment:

 Nobody can see Satan, no one can see his demons. But we can see how they are and operate.We see it through narrator Jan Aage Torp who has chosen to divorce and rejoice as the scriptures say is hor.He prophesied them about Athens and the Olympics, nothing happened.When he notified me, he contradicted God's words as the narrator does consistently, just it suits him and his own flesh.Whole puppet postage Torp's life is in opposition to God and his words!We as believers - true Jesus believers - may expect us more and more persecution, harassment, lying, swearing and review and much more against us.Christian persecution should not diminish but increase and make it strong in the time before and after Jesus return to earth to create its 1000th year of peace!

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