fredag 25. juni 2021

No. 1558: Vision Norway and Apostle Jan Kaare Hanvold have led more to perdition than to Christ!

No. 1558:
Vision Norway and Apostle Jan Kaare Hanvold have led more to perdition than to Christ!

Jan Kaare Hanvold is a prototype of a false prophet.
To expose deception, one must look at what he preaches and teaches that do not conform to God's word.
Of course, Hanvold says a lot that is good, and if we are to judge him on just this. Then one is directly seduced.
Hanvold stands for a free so-called "proclamation of grace" which covers the flesh and the work of the evil one.

Scripture warns against such.

ROM 16: 17-20 Avoid division

17 Now, brethren, I exhort you to be watchful against those who cause division among you, and stumble in the way of the preaching that you have been taught. Reject them!

18 Such as are not enslaved to the Lord Jesus Christ, but to their own measure. With slurred speech and flattery they seduce the heart of the faithful.

19 But their obedience is the talk of all, and I rejoice in their behalf. For I want you to be wise in goodness and naive in evil

20 The God of peace will crush Satan under his feet in haste. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you! Amen.

When I meet some Christians, I am quite surprised at what view they have of Jan Kaare Hanvold.
As a Christian who stands up for the truth and Jesus, but does he?

Apparently it has worked out for Hanvold's many marriages.
Now he has managed to stabilize in a new relationship over time, something Hanvold has had big problems with before in his life where he has many cohabiting relationships and marriages behind him, like a real round burner and hare!
But what does God's word say about this?

God's word actually says that Hanvold does not live in accordance with what Jesus and the Apostle Paul taught.

Jesus was very clear here, we read i.a. following:

FOOD 05: 31-32 Do not forsake your wife

31 "It is also said, 'He who leaves his wife must give her a letter of farewell.' De 24:01

32 But I say that one who leaves his wife for any reason other than infidelity commits adultery. And the one who takes a real one who is abandoned also commits adultery. ”
(end of quote.)

Here Jesus refers to the Law of Moses, and introduces what was before the law of Moses. Listen:

MAT 19: 01-10 About divorce

01 When Jesus had finished talking about all this, he left Galilee and went to the border of Judea across the Jordan.

02 Large crowds followed him, and he healed them there.

03 The Pharisees also came to him to challenge him. They asked, "Is it permissible for a man to leave his wife for any reason?"

04 Jesus answered them, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning created them male and female?

05 And he said, 'Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and the two shall be one flesh.' Gen 2:24

06 Then they are no longer two, but one flesh. And that which God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. ”
(end of quote.)

Note verse 4, it says in the Norwegian Bible - 1930 translation the following:
Matt. 19. 4 He answered and said, Have ye not read, that he which made them from the beginning made them male and female?
(End quote.)

From the beginning, man became a man and a woman. This is what the New Testament teaches. Remarriage is excluded in the New Testament, in total as well. Hear what the Apostle Paul says about this.

1COM 07: 10-11 About going apart

10 To a husband I command by the Lord: A wife shall not leave her husband.

11 But if she leaves him, she will either live in abstinence or be reunited with her husband. And a man shall not leave his wife.
(end of quote.)

For a preacher or overseer, this is extra strict, we read about several places in what Paul taught and taught.

1TI 03: 01-07 Requirements for ward pastors

01 This is a credible statement: If anyone wants to reach out for the ministry as pastor, it's a good deed.

02 But a headmaster must be blameless, he must be one woman's man, be sober and sober, have good manners, be hospitable and able to teach.
(end of quote.)

Here it is clear that one of the criteria for being a preacher is:
"He must be one woman's husband."

This is not Jan Kaare Hanvold, he belongs to several women, he is not one woman's man. But he is the husband of several women, that is a fact.

Closing comment:

Why dare and are so few willing to point out that Jan Kaare Hanvold lives by the words of scripture like a prostitute?
He will be an Apostle and Pastor, then the scripture says very clearly that one should have the exact opposite life than what Jan Kaare Hanvold has and lives as.

tirsdag 8. juni 2021

No. 1557: We do not always know what succeeds and fails - but the scripture says we must stand for what we have done and believe in, then it is the Lord who decides what succeeds or not!

No. 1557:
We do not always know what succeeds and fails - but the scripture says we must stand for what we have done and believe in, then it is the Lord who decides what succeeds or not!

In this world, one has to settle for a life as a Christian that there are ups and downs. But through all this we gain victory, says the scripture.
That is why it is so important to praise God no matter what, for faith in victory is our guiding star!

King David says so well, the following:

Gather 31. 15 But I, I put my trust in you, Lord! I say: You are my God. 16 In your hand are my times; save me from the hand of my enemies and from my persecutors! / 17 Let thy face shine upon thy servant: save me for thy mercies' sake. 18 Lord, do not let me be put to shame. for I call on you. Let the wicked be put to shame, be silent in the realm of the dead! 19 Let the lips of a liar be speechless, that speak wickedly against the righteous with contempt and contempt. 20 How great is thy goodness, which thou hast hid from them that fear thee, which thou hast shewed unto them that take refuge in thee, in the sight of the children of men! 21 Thou hidest them in the secret of thy presence from the grave of men: thou hidest them in a pavilion from the strife of tongues. 22 Blessed be the Lord! for he has strangely shown his mercy to me in a firm city. 23 And I, in my anguish, said, I am torn from thine eyes. Yet you heard the voice of my fervent prayers as I cried out to you. 24 Love the Lord, all ye his saints. The Lord watches over the faithful and rewards abundantly the one who goes forward with pride. 25 Be of good cheer, and let your heart be strong, all you who wait for the Lord!

King Solomon says the same thing. Listen!

Ecclesiastes 11. 4 He that regardeth the wind, shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap. 5 As little as you know what the wind blows, or how the bones are formed in the life of the fertile woman, so little do you know what God will do, who does it all. 6 Sow your seed in the morning, and do not let your hand rest in the evening; for you do not know what will succeed, one or the other, or whether both are good.

At the same time, God will also show us what is happening, in advance. The prophet Amos speaks of this, hear:

Amos 3. 7 For the Lord God of Israel does nothing without revealing his secret counsel to his servants the prophets.

What we must be aware of is that the good, the right, and the will of God do not always happen in this world.
But when we point out the right thing, it will testify against them both in this day and in the day of judgment!

This is written on the website Searchlight:

Ansgar Braut:

You serve the living God Jan Kåre Christensen. That's why everything goes against you. It is written "The sufferings of the righteous are many," and we have seen how the devil persecutes you through the employer, the municipality and even a pastor was looking to lower you.
No one succeeds. The wall is still there, the shed is there, you are still driving a bus and you are free to write on your blog against fools and whores who live contrary to the Word of God,
This goes to victory in the end. Possibly you lose down here, lose your job and lose your wall and shed and are looted financially.
But in the new world you will have a job, stairs, storage room, wall and probably a bigger pool as well.
Some victories are won on earth, other victories we will first reap the fruits of heaven. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.
(end of quote.)

Closing comment:

We read Hebrews 11, which is very instructive and here we are talking about two types of outcomes of believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is wonderful no matter what!

The entire book of Hebrews in Chapter 11 is about living in faith, victories in faith. But also endure and suffer "defeat" that shows that we trust God, love and honor him through everything.

Lewi Pethrus writes in the book Victory Times - Breaking Times in the chapter Victory Faith - our guiding star the following: The victory at Calvary is the victory above all others!

The large crowds began to fail him as he began to talk about his suffering and death. Even the twelve he had chosen as his apostles, failed him and fled. Before that happened, one of them had succeeded in selling him thirty pieces of silver to his enemies. The most trusted of them all denied his discipleship three times during the public trial against him.

He cursed that he did not know him. From a human point of view, the beginning of Christianity ended with its founder hanging alone and abandoned by God and people on a cross between two robbers. According to Jesus' enemies, this was the collapse of Christianity in the very beginning, and many of the believing Jews saw in this his defeat forever.

They did not see God's plan of salvation behind these seemingly depressing external events. But in what appeared to be the greatest defeat lay the greatest victory for the cause of God ever won.