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No. 1495: Disappointing speeches by King Harald and Prime Minister Erna Solberg who omit to mention the "century" scandal here in Norway, the so-called child protection scandal that makes Norway the # 1 in Europe to break human rights!

No. 1495:
Disappointing speeches by King Harald and Prime Minister Erna Solberg who omit to mention the "century" scandal here in Norway, the so-called child protection scandal that makes Norway the # 1 in Europe to break human rights!

The speeches of the King and the Prime Minister are really two speeches about what they did not talk about. It's bad that none of them mention things that I address in this article.
Blue. Princess Martha is totally on the verge of initiating a relationship with a shaman who is completely in control of areas that one does not really want to write about. Photo by Shaman Durek and Princess Martha Louise.

Disappointing speeches by King Harald and Prime Minister Erna Solberg who did not mention in a word the biggest scandal in Norway.
It is now rolled up that Norwegian child welfare is by far the worst and most dangerous for families in Europe.
35 cases have been pending at the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, France.
7 cases have been dealt with, and 28 at least are waiting as more are ready for evaluation.
Norway has lost 5 pieces where they have violated human rights.
2 they have escaped.
The verdict on Norway is already so powerful that when this is omitted by Prime Minister Erna Solberg and the King!
Public employees have different laws than private ones.
The public gets away with everything. That's how we can't have it!

5 years since it was written:

According to the UN's recent review of how Norway fulfills its economic, social and cultural rights (ESC), our human rights are poor.

Here are some of the UN conclusions from 2013:

Convention: UN Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Who is reviewing Norway's work? UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Last review: 2013
Next review: 2018
UN concerns and recommendations

The UN is concerned that ESC rights are seen as too general to be used in the Norwegian judiciary, and treated differently from civil and political rights when Norway should include human rights in the Constitution. The Committee proposes that EESC rights are also incorporated into the Constitution, and that Norway educates judicial staff on the content of the Convention.

The UN is concerned that the Norwegian Center for Human Rights has been downgraded to B status, and recommends that Norway establish a new national human rights institution in line with the Paris principles.

The UN believes that Norway must ensure that foreign investment in the Norwegian Pension Fund must, through a comprehensive human rights assessment, both in advance and in the process.

The UN is concerned that Norway has not set a national minimum wage, and that the wage gap between women and men is increasing. The Committee believes that Norway should change the legislation to set a national minimum wage, and ensure that equal pay legislation is implemented.

The UN believes that the monthly child benefit amount is too small for many families in difficult financial situations. The Committee recommends that Norway ensure that the amount is large enough to support these families properly, and that all disadvantaged families must have access to help.

The UN is concerned that an increasing number of children are being placed in foster homes and institutions. The Committee believes that Norway must investigate the reasons for this happening, do more to help parents be able to take care of their children, and ensure that the municipalities have the financial resources they need to work with preventative measures, and follow up children in foster homes. .

The UN believes that the average wage of the lowest paid in Norway is not good enough for them to maintain a normal standard of living, and believes that the state must take measures to change this.

The UN is concerned that many children from parts of society are still poor - despite general economic growth. The Committee proposes that Norway develop a new strategy to combat child poverty, which includes free health services, child benefit and other services.
(quote at the end.)

In other words, Norway has become a nation that notoriously, with full deliberation and without trying to change violates human rights.

From large Norwegian lexicon:

Human rights

Human rights are the rights and freedoms of every human being by virtue of being human. These rights are independent of, for example, gender, class or ethnicity. Through human rights, fundamental values ​​such as equality, freedom and dignity are emphasized. Human rights are also considered central to ensuring peace.

For example, human rights are about the right to life and security, freedom from torture, right to privacy, protection against discrimination, freedom of thought and religion, freedom of expression, right to work, health and welfare.

The thinking about human rights has a long history going back to Confucius and to the philosophy of antiquity. Today, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 provides an important common framework for international human rights protection. Over time, the state's obligations to respect and safeguard the human rights of citizens have become fowritten in various conventions (agreements) at both international and regional level.

Regional conventions are only open to accession by states in that region (ie Europe, Africa, America, and so on). In Europe, the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is the most central human rights instrument. International conventions prepared under the auspices of the UN are open to accession from all states of the world. The UN has adopted many human rights conventions, such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination. Very many states have become parties to the UN human rights conventions and thus have to comply with the obligations established by the conventions.

Norway has ratified most of the UN human rights conventions and also the ECHR. In addition, there is a separate chapter on human rights in the Constitution where many individual rights are included.

Final Comment:

Finally, include something I wrote on Facebook:

But behind this tragedy here are angel worship, self-realization, divorce, new relationships, illness and an ego for a lady with a princess title etc.
Eventually the burden became too great when he had to carry it alone.
Whoever was to bear the burden with him was busy with others and getting their sexual needs satisfied.
There are 3 lovely girls left in a split family all normal people hurt.
Here is a family of resources quite apart from most others.
When they couldn't handle it, why?
The real truth is that when the nuclear family splits and mother and father initiate new relationships.
It is the killing no matter what resources one has.
Should the marriage break, new lovers and mistresses are the least beneficial one to keep up with and take part in.

Princess Martha Louise has probably been indirectly involved in this tragic outcome.
After intercourse and be in with a shaman who is obviously in sex mode.
The erotic relationship and angel worship of our princess is demonic.
Martha is a Jesabel of our time and with her angelic glory she has brought death, not life.
She needs to be publicly punished, as her choice as a princess and role model is a seduction and seduction!

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