lørdag 12. oktober 2019

No. 1466: Reply to the County Governor in Oslo and Viken!

No. 1466:
Reply to the County Governor in Oslo and Viken!

Oslo 12 / 10-19

Case number 201510929 - Construction case PBE here in Oslo
Their Ref. 2019/40980

Here is the letter we received from the County Governor in Oslo and Viken.


Hello again!

Thanks for the reply if it was very hollow, as expected (standard response) and bland!

You write the following: "The county governor, after reviewing the letter from you, can not see that there is a basis for amending our decision of September 19, 2019, which we ratify the Oslo municipality decision of May 13, 2019."

This is nothing but the goat that fits the oatmeal, when we lie for miles inside where exemption is justified. And if you do not give it, then there is little one can stand against obvious lies and distortions of truth.

This is as wrong and shallow an answer as possible, to mention a few points briefly. Fighting against you fits the saying "against stupidity even the gods fight in vain!"

Since we are not coming any way with you, and you will not listen to our arguments at all.

Then it is very important that one emphasizes the law, but when one rule means more than another. Why does one emphasize what matters least in the Building Act?
What matters most and is in our favor is totally overlooked?
Now we are not as rich as Kjell Inge Røkke on earthly goods and gold, that must be the only factual and only reason we find that we do not succeed with the County Governor and Marius Vamnes?

It is stated in the Planning and Building Act (Planning and Building Act)

There must be "clear excess weight for consideration" (cf. § 19-2). The considerations behind the provision that is dispensed from or the considerations behind the purpose of the Act must not be neglected significantly and the benefits of granting a dispensation must be clearly greater than the disadvantages after an overall assessment.

• should be especially emphasized by exemption from legislation / regulations: consequences for health, environment, safety and accessibility

• should be particularly emphasized when exempting from plans: state and regional frameworks and targets

• The municipality should not exempt from plans, the provisions of the Act on plans and the prohibition in § 1-8 (prohibition zones along the sea and watercourses) when a directly affected state or regional authority has made a negative statement on the application for exemption (cf. § 19-2, fourth paragraph).

The right to set exemption terms

Exemption may be granted on terms, cf. Section 19-2, first paragraph, of the Planning and Building Act. Exemption conditions must be designed to prevent, repair, mitigate or compensate for any negative consequences of deviating from the regulations or plan.
(quote at the end.)

In our case, it is actually very special. There are only positive things about giving us an exemption.

No one has come up with a single negative thing about our buildings that hold water. No agencies, no government agencies or anyone else. Why? It does not exist. No one has mentioned a specific thing, but we can name many.

1.) Our wall lies further in than our pre-sloped south-facing slope.

2.) Fire and ambulance come easier to our property with our wall and stairs.

3.) Our booth is almost not seen from the road, it is not noticed until one comes up to our property.

4.) Our wall does not stand out negatively and is not higher than others in our living area.

5.) We have got a nicer, flatter and larger outdoor area by our wall.

6.) None of what we have built creators disharmony or noticed to be anything different that breaks with other buildings.

7.) The stairs that we have built are a thousand times safer and better to get down and up from Stormyrveien in conditions that we had before when we lowered ourselves with ropes and hoisted us up immediately.

8.) That we should return the property to how the property was before and that should not cause any negative inconvenience. Of course, that's not true.

9.) It's the way we feel now, which is the very best. It is simply more like it says when dispensing is to be granted and granted. Implications for health, the environment, safety and accessibility should be emphasized, to our advantage, not disadvantage. Why? There is not a single negative thing about what we have built, only positive.

10.) That we do not receive an exemption must be Norway's largest and worst interpretation of the Planning and Building Act.

It is not just an overweight, as the law required with the benefits of giving exemption. That must be clearly greater than the drawbacks after an overall assessment.

With us, this is not only fulfilled, but overfilled.

It is like you have asked to get 100,000, - NOK for a car and get 1 Million.

This gives you, the Civil Ombudsman and the PBE here in Oslo no exemption and order for demolition.
Yes, so when the state institutions are full of evil and do not realize it themselves ?!

Have a nice day, because when you are rotten and imagine that you are doing something serious (what you are doing is just sad), you just have to keep going!
We do not believe a single word of what you write, nor what the Civil Ombudsman or PBE here in Oslo makes of his decisions.
For our cause, mileage is in from being an illegal case, but we're over probably live this too!
Even in kindergarten, the children are not as simple and bully the weak as you do.
You act in conjunction with the Civil Ombudsman and the PBE as the big nasty boy who bullies those he is stronger for himself he is really unhappy and the only way to assert himself is to abuse his strength, that is all he has.
Because there is regular abuse of power and authority you are doing.
We then have no opportunity to change the decisions and orders, even though they had fit perfectly into a totalitarian state not to give us the right and the dispensation we need and which we deserve to get!

Berit and Jan Kåre Christensen
Krokstien 2 c
0672 Oslo

tirsdag 8. oktober 2019

No. 1465: In fact, I have opposed Plan and the building department at all points in their unjustified charges, still they are just as difficult and relentless above us, this is bad!

No. 1465:
In fact, I have opposed Plan and the building department at all points in their unjustified charges, still they are just as difficult and relentless above us, this is bad!

Just as PBE and the public are above us, they are reminiscent of the old GDR.
This is not something to shout for.
Now I will not go into depth here, as one can be punished for doing this. Do not bother to write something that makes one get on the edge with the law.
Have more than enough with other examples. Picture of the flag of the GDR.

Must be honest enough to say that this fight and conflict with PBE has been difficult in many ways.

But I do not take self-criticism for rooting myself in people and situations I should not, all the blame here I lay solely on PBE and the state intuitions that have been in the picture.

One of the most difficult is without a doubt that I have been an amateur after all in many ways. But today I do not dare to say that.
They work on this daily and have their education in that direction.
I / we work daily with completely different things.
But still I read up, put myself into things. Received advice and guidance that I can say today I have been able to fix them in all things. Therefore, they no longer answer us what we ask, just dispense something to go "free!"

Here are some examples of how I have fixed and parried their rigid and evil decisions and orders.

1.) The first thing we were ordered to do by PBE and that became a huge issue. It was a distance from the road to the storeroom. We asked for a meeting and inspection to get guidance and clarification. They would not. But we found that since the house is closer to the road than the stall, the stall will not be affected by this.

2.) We have now been instructed in a new application to connect the City Environment Agency. When we met with them on April 11, 2019 - this year. Then, before application, we would have another meeting. Instead we get a cruel email where everything is really an email to make things most difficult for us in a new search process.

3.) When Nils-Henrik Henningstad claimed that we could not get an exemption etc. So I sent him that neighbor in Stormyrveien 9 c who has received an exemption 57 times more than us. Then he has not yet managed to respond constructively to this.

4.) When Nils-Henrik Henningstad claimed of our wall would present problems for, among other things. The urban environment, fire and rescue services were these fabricated difficulties. ambulance here visiting. They could not reach the yard in the Krokstien. They drove down and used our "illegal" stairs.

5.) Every time they throw something out, in meetings and on mailer. Then I am able to familiarize myself with the case (s). not always right away, but eventually.

6.) They write and jab that we have expanded into the roadway. We have paired this on several levels.

1.) Our wall is 20-30 cm longer inside now than before.

2.) It is sloped inwards, we can easily cut or cut some of it,

3.) The neighbor's sloped approved slope is only ½ meter from the road, but spring is 1 meter.

4.) The neighbor's over on the other side has a wall of warm 20 cm from the road.

7.) We can't help that the wall is higher than ½ meter. We called down to PBE and talked to Kaja Aubert Lange who said it was not compulsory to build our wall when we were building on the old wall. And if we built a wall not more than 2 meters with a fence of 1 meter then this would work well. We did as we were told, and in retrospect we see that this is true. The wall is no higher than the neighbor's and falls and fits perfectly into the terrain. And it fits perfectly and harmonizes with both our house and property.

8.) PBE claims that we have built a colossus for the wall etc. above when Attorney Knut Howlid. Above us they have said the same and much more. But that neighbor on the other side has a larger wall, another neighbor has a wall located in the roadway etc. This they will not answer, and the smallest of answers has been that their property is within another construction period. When I in meeting April 11 said that they received the last approval in March 2018, they were guilty of a reply and have refused to comment on this. Why? They have no answer to any of their statutes and orders when one goes closer to the seams and one responds to them. They act like "world champions, but if you answer them they have nothing to come by. They are, as the saying goes, "up like a lion and down like a skin trap."

9.) PBE claims they must be careful of cm so that the regulations do not erode. Yes it is important, but in reality it is getting rid of everyone who searches in a good way and they have not built something that is obstructive or dangerous. But with us none of this is relevant, yet they treat us in the harshest possible way.

10.) PBE says they must be careful about the legislation. But with us there is talk of minimal overruns. Where everything we have built is clearly tim more advantage than disadvantages. In fact, it's not a disadvantage, only benefits!

End Comment.

When I look back on this matter, this is a matter that should have been resolved a long time ago.
The fact was that everything worked fine between us and our then case manager Kaja Aubert Lange.
All of the case workers we have received in retrospect have been case managers "from Hell!"

tirsdag 1. oktober 2019

No. 1464: The case against us is obviously a spirit struggle!

No. 1464:
The case against us is obviously a spirit struggle!

An article has been posted on the Searchlight website regarding our case here:

Titled "" Be below my / our dignity and pay or obey such people, "blogs write about PBE's compulsory claims for unlawfully listed booths and walls."

There is a writer who noticed something I was not aware of. In an article I wrote 8 years ago I expect ?!

Here is the article: http://janchristensen.net/artiklerhoved.php?side= why-smyrna-oslo

Facsimile from the article "Why Smyrna Oslo?"


There, a person who calls himself "Mitt An Bud" writes the following:

This is what Mitt An Bud writes:
Read the following on the Oslo Bible Teaching Center's (formerly Smyrna Oslo) websites:
“I told the Lord before we moved that I wanted a house where I could accommodate a large terrace, trampeline and swimming pool. All that God has given us and more. Isn't God just good? "
Then you might understand better that this is actually prophesied and is thus not a material battle, but rather a spirit struggle where forces try to stop the preaching and conversion that JKC preaches for the city of Oslo.
(quote at the end.)

1.) This is a spirit match, nothing else. God is with, then Satan is against.

2.) My An Bud writes something that I do not remember that I had written, thanks for the information My An Bud, am glad you wrote what you wrote.

I wrote this long before this conflict, and then we see how Satan afterwards tries to explain what God has given us and blessed us with as a family.
Satan's foremost task we see here is to "deprive" believers of what God has blessed us with.

We see this with all that God does and has given His children and those who confess His name.

Look at Israel, which does not exclude the world community from living in their own land and calling Israel's territories as Judea and Jerusalem occupied areas.
It has only been Israel's territory 4000 years back in time. No one else sits, and Jerusalem captured King David and made it the capital of Israel forever and ever.

Here we see the same way the forces of darkness operate where they want what is built and is on our property to be removed. Of course, this is not God behind. We read about God and Satan's purposes.

Joh.e. 10. 10 The thief comes only to steal and murder and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have abundance.

Here we see that Satan and PBE here in Oslo operate in the same way as the Bible describes it. PBE will destroy the beautiful and aesthetic we have built, which is just for the benefit of all. While I wrote 8 years ago that God has blessed us.
This like did not reveal Satan, and then we see the result of.
We are persecuted, Israel is persecuted and all who call on the name of the Lord. But scripture has said that this is part of the "package" to follow the Lord, and therefore this Spiritual struggle.

Matt. 5. 10 Blessed are they that are persecuted for righteousness's sake; for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.

We have been 100% honest in this matter. Called PBE several times and they gave ready signal to build wall.

It is this law clause that should have been applied to us, and when neighbors are allowed to utilize the land as 57 times more than us. Then it is totally, completely incomprehensible that we are treated this way. It is sad and evil.

There are two conditions that must be met in order to receive an exemption:

1.) Exemption cannot be granted if the considerations behind the provision from which it is dispensed, or the considerations in the provision of the Act, are substantially breached.

2.) The benefits of granting a waiver must be clearly greater than the disadvantages of an overall assessment

1.) When e.g. Our wall is becoming more "legal" now than it used to be with a sloping plot of land and a mound that lay 70 - 80 cm from the road. While our wall is 1 meter from the road. In fact, it is the sloped plot that is most "illegal!"

2.) There are only benefits to what we have built. Then our projects lie miles in and out to give us an exemption, then an exemption should be given.

That no one will give us this, just shows what evil and injustice lies behind the fight you have been running against us that is completely, completely beyond all the justice and decency of the public to do!

Is it Spirit Fight when PBE lies, distorts the truth and wants us to tear down what I wrote about before PBE came into the picture that this was God's blessing?
We mean that, and others with us!

Final Comment:

At least this is not a coincidence. What we have legally acquired. Built on our own property, here, evil forces want to be removed. This is nothing more than how one progressed in former GDR and other totalitarian states!
It is these evil forces we are fighting against are pretty obvious!
Pray for victory in Jesus 'name and in Jesus' blood!
That we can keep what is ours! Both storage room, staircase, storage room and house!