torsdag 24. oktober 2019

No. 1471: Additional response to the County Governor again for us!

No. 1471:
Additional response to the County Governor again for us!

As mentioned, I received a letter from the County Governor, see picture.

Case number 201510929 - Construction case PBE here in Oslo
Their Ref. 2019/40980
Reply to the County Governor's response of 14/10/2019

Oslo 20 / 10-2019

You say for the rejection, justify that there are no new moments.
Maybe there is something true in that, since we have never received an answer to what we have asked for.

Here you see a problem that no one will answer me, it has been 5 years and no one answers.
Here you see in the picture that the neighbor's sloping filling goes farther down the roadway than our wall.
It's legal, not ours. This is such a contradiction that only here should you have given us a claim.
There are also grounds for exemption here just from the picture. Why? The environmental factor should be emphasized most. Before, we had the sad and disgusting.
Today we have it dry and nice. Also an environmental benefit. No new moments? Yes, have not received answers to any of the old people who speak to our clear advantage and favor.

Hope for an answer here now.

Berit and Jan Kåre Christensen
Crockstone 2 c
0672 Oslo
Tel: 99598070

Even in a totalitarian state, they do not act like PBE does, defending you is bad. Going to jail rather than bending us for this!

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