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No. 1472: It is pretty obvious that the great apostasy is NOW - not to come when Jan Hanvold has become a "profiled" Christian leader, even though he is living in adultery with his life!

No. 1472:
It is pretty obvious that the great apostasy is NOW - not to come when Jan Hanvold has become a "profiled" Christian leader, even though he is living in adultery with his life!

Picture of the false prophet and preacher Jan Hanvold who runs the TV and Radio channel Vision Norway.

1 Thess. 2. 13 And therefore we also thank God incessantly that when you received the word of God we preached, you received it, not as a human word, but, as it truly is, as a word of God, which also shows itself. work in you who believe.

The apostle Paul had a partial service in the sense that his preaching won very little hearing from the Jews. But in the Gentiles - those who were not Jews. There his preaching won. The apostle also praises the Greeks here in Thessaloniki for not accepting his preaching as human words. But as God's word as it truly is.

I must say that now after things have come a little distance after really a few hectic years. That when it comes to my preaching of the Christian marriage and what God's Word says and teaches.
Then it has been the way I see it a tremendous spirit struggle in and around me and my ministry because this. That's my full conviction!

First, apostasy must come, before Jesus comes again!

To understand this we need to know 2 things. God's Word and Church History. Without this, we will not understand or manage to place this word of God.
It does not say that the Spirit of God should not be shed, signs and miracles. This can happen at the same time, but it is something that must be accepted and accepted. That has not been accepted and accepted before, this is what is apostasy.

Eg. I have a certain "apostate" body today compared to what I had.
Before, I exercised 5 hours a day, and that with ease. Today it involves exercising a few hours a week. I had something that I don't have today.
It is a decay or apostasy.

What did the Church of God have before - which they do not have today?

2 Thess. 2. 1. We beseech you, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our gathering with him, 2 that ye should not soon be led astray, nor be scared, neither by spirit nor by speech; by some letter, as it should be from us, as if the day of the Lord stood at the door. 3 Do not fool yourself in any way! for, first, apostasy must come, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, 4 he who resists and exalts himself above all that is called god or sanctuary, so that he sits in the temple of God and pretends himself to be God. 5 Do you not remember that I told you this when I was still with you? 6 And now you know what is holding back, so that he will be revealed first in his time.

Before then, remarriage was not accepted among believers, especially among preachers, pastors, and others in charge in the church of God.

When I have highlighted what has really been the history, preaching and teaching of the Christian congregation for nearly 2000 years.
Then I am a dark man, do not have social antennas, negative, critical, lies, envious and 1000 other things.
Even if this were true, then what God's Word says and teaches is what matters. The way I see it, there is nothing but false accusations being repeatedly brought to the square regarding my preaching, why?
No doubt, as far as I know, I'm the only one who really reveals Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway.

Others agree that Hanvold takes out too much pay, is greedy, and too much in pay.
That's not what Hanvold's problem is, what he earns. But that's how he lives, or the lack of how he, as a believer, lives.

Pastor Jan Hanvold actually breaks a 2000-year tradition of how pastors and preachers have related to marriage.

Throughout the entire church era of nearly 2000 years, there has been the parable of Jesus believers that a preacher should be married. And that marriage is life out. To the other door, finished work.

That Jan Hanvold now lives with, unfortunately, many others with wife # 2, 3 and beyond is contrary to both the word of God and to what is practice.
When they now choose to revolt and follow their own way and really Satan's way, should they not be contradicted and the church and the world, by the way, have the right to hear what is right and biblical? I believe that it is our duty, not least those who proclaim God's Word to warn against remarriage among believers.
As well as to warn against those who are remarried!

Final Comment:

Høysangen 2. 15 Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that destroy the vineyards! Our vineyards are in bloom.

Now I have been a believer soon for 40 years, and by the grace of God I can say that to this day I have remained standing after all the struggles.
Why have I been standing? I think I can say that my greatest strength has been that I have always loved the Bible and to thank and praise God.

We read here from Høysangen that we should watch out for "15 Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that destroyed gives the wineries! ”

In other words, what drives us away from God and His way and will, what is it?
It is usually the "small" legal things that God hates.

Jan Hanvold is in no way against Norwegian law. Norwegian law states that one can be married and divorced 2 times. Only one is married to one at a time, so Jan Hanvold does not break anything with Norwegian law and what is generally accepted and how Norwegian men live.
But what does the scripture say?
King David had only an extramarital affair, which brought him death and destruction into life and his Kingdom.
Common at that time was that Kings and those who ruled and ruled lay with whoever they wanted, just when it suited them. They could have x number of partners and live with almost one new lady every night if they wanted.

I can continue indefinitely, but will stop here. What I want to say is that Jan Hanvold is super-disqualified to preach God's word by New Testament standard.
Okay, then he is also a sign in time when he is accepted, then we know that we live in a waiver as long as he and others who live in the same way are accepted and not warned against!

One last example I have is Balaam, Beor's son. He had a Christ preaching and prophecy that is actually one of the strongest of GT, in the same category as Isaiah almost.
But he is referred to as a false prophet, why?
He had "everything" right in life except for one thing, he was in love. So maybe Jan Hanvold has a lot that is right?
I have not studied Hanvold so much, but he is a false prophet anyway as he does not control his sexual desires and lives in abstinence as he should have done as a divorced man!

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