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No. 1468: The dishonesty and lack of agility is great at PBE - it testifies to low people, and incompetent people!

No. 1468:
The dishonesty and lack of agility is great at PBE - it testifies to low people, and incompetent people!

It is a camaraderie throughout public Norway that is so bad. It affects us, but it's not just us.
Just think how Norwegian Child Welfare now suffers defeat on defeat in the human rights court in Strasbourg, France.
This is just an iceberg how bad it is on the "peaks" here in Norway and it is a public Norway that is not functionally capable at all.
They are unable and unable to perform their tasks. Then they had not been convicted again and again by other countries, which obviously works in contrast to Norway.

This really goes back to the government and the prime minister

Today, it is a Norway that does not work and which is partly dangerous for the country's inhabitants, as these who are obviously unfit for their task are given control and hold.
Complaining and revealing than they are, they are defended in all instances and circumstances.
Really seems it's both bad and sorry.
After all, Norway is a very good country and there is so much that is good and good here. But the public, municipal and state Norway do not work at all.
This is a testament to many, not least all the cases that Norwegian Child Welfare has in France. But this is the tip of an iceberg.
PBE here in Oslo I am convinced is fully in line with BV, it just tells how bad it is and stands.

Picture of Pastor Jan Aage Torp who also managed to win with a fictitious review against me. It again only tells how bad it really is with the Norwegian judiciary and the public Norway. First, in that case, they should never have interfered, since it was a freedom of belief and expression they attacked.

Secondly, now they went to trial. Then there was a complete murder case when my arguments and views were not even emphasized.
While the counterpart was the only thing that was emphasized. Not only that, but the verdict itself was also a murder case. When I was charged for one thing, something was completely debated in court. But was convicted of something, quantity writings, which were not documented in court or discussed in court. There was only something mentioned by Torp. When I in the next court, in the Borgarting Court of Appeal said and pointed this out. So Judge Øystein Hermansen lied in the verdict itself that none of the Oslo District Court's judgment was disputed. This was also a lie, in other words. We only see how the words of the Bible come true. Norway needs Jesus and God!

Now I'm getting tall, but it's really uplifting and empowering to think of our Master and Savior Jesus Christ who was subjected to the murder of justice of the time. After all, there is a lot of flaws and shortcomings with me, and all other people.
But when Jesus, who was perfect, could be judged, we must look upon it as an honor to be wrongly and wrongly judged. Then we are in the same "boat" as our Lord!

We have a conflict with how we see it as an unfair, primitive and evil system of government in which we have been totally overlooked.

I really do not understand the reason, as it is so obvious that long ago we should have been granted exemption as there are only benefits to what we have built.

Then plan and building law say the following.

§ 19–2 The dispensation decision
The municipality may grant permanent or temporary exemption from provisions laid down in or pursuant to this Act. Conditions may be set for the exemption.
Exemption cannot be granted if the considerations behind the provision from which it is dispensed, or the considerations in the provision of the Act, are materially breached. In addition, the benefits of granting an exemption must be clearly greater than the disadvantages of an overall assessment.
When exempting from the law and regulations to the law, special emphasis should be placed on the consequences of the exemption for health, environment, safety and accessibility.
(quote at the end.)

In our case, there are in fact only benefits for us, for others, brewing car, ambulance, fire truck, environment, walking, running, those who park, safety and everything else that can be mentioned.
They still refuse to grant us an exemption. It is so clumsy, wrongful and wrong it is possible to remain. But the neighbor just above us who has a wall to the trouble with only 20 cm from the road is "legal!"

We actually have a property and some buildings as if they are not unique.
Then they are made so that they are in fact nothing negative and stuck with. Eg. the stall is made this way - which everyone says - it is not seen until one comes up to our property. It's just positive with it.
That it should be demolished and everything else is only for one thing, that PBE has an uninterpreted plan and the building law. Whether they do this on purpose? We believe that when they do not even want to meet us or come to the inspection.
Just sit down in the center of Oslo as some regular netroll. Give us orders that have been insane and unjust.
Now they demand us for money, money and invoice.
This is nothing more than pure evil, such people should never have worked in a public agency or had any dealings with people.

In other words, PBE and the entire public administration are breaking the law against us!

Has a thousand arguments to come up with. But get stop with saying that that's also bad.
It is that "everyone" in public Norway defends each other.
Appeal options are really a fairy tale.

Just mention briefly what it is like.

We got a horrible and unfair rejection of PBE here in Oslo.

What did we do then?

We appealed and wrote to the County Governor, and got rejected there with really no justification. Except they defended PBE on all counts.

Then it was to complain to the Civil Ombudsman, with the same result and arguments!

Furthermore, we tried on trial, with actual repetitions and repetitions.
It's so nitristic. Even if we have 1000% right, they will not give us our right!
Of course, this is nothing more than abuse of power and authority.

Moreover, tips than to various newspapers and others. 99% don't answer you.
In fact, the only thing that has answered us is the Document site, but no one else.
It is a nitrist, but we put ours to the Lord, and he alone!
Should we as believers and Norwegian citizens bow to such rigid and wrong conditions?
Deep down, if you do, Norway is no longer a free country.
Then it is free for the authorities and everyone else to control and do absolutely what they want!
The next thing is that everyone is required by law not to spend cash. But just show the card.
Then the road to the chip is short, which is why we here are really fighting a battle for faith, freedom of speech and a spirit fight!

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