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No. 1642: The Justism of Time - Here in Norway - Along Congo or North Korea !?

No. 1642:
The Justism of Time - Here in Norway - Along Congo or North Korea !?

 MLK (Martin Luther King) once said:"Unrighteousness somewhere is a threat to justice everywhere".Picture of my lawyer Brynjar Meling who, in my opinion, has been the most professional player in my meeting with Norwegian justice.


As a Norwegian citizen, Norway is not on par with Congo or North Korea on a regular basis.But in my case they are, if not under!Could it be so bad? Yes actually. I am convicted of something I have not had the opportunity to defend myself for, then one is subjected to a regular justice word.I was told to have written about Pastor Jan Aage Torp that he is leprosy, self-centered, nasty, rude, narcissistic, sick, tyrant, psychopathic and leper.This was the case in Oslo Tingrett January 2016 when I did not approve of the boat.But during this trial and in the appeal case in Borgarting Court of Appeal was not the amount of writings that I was subsequently convicted of debated.This writes my lawyer Brynjar Meling to Norway's Supreme Court who rejected our appeal:Case handling error, provocation and retributionAs it appears at the bottom of page 4 and at the top of page 5 of the judgment of the Court of Appeal, the defendant stated in his defense that his judgments had to be subjected to punishment or to be judged mildly from the principle of provocation and retribution.In spite of this statement, the Court of Appeal has, in any case, ignored the extent to which abusive and contradictory opposition by the accused party's verbal assault has been or what characteristics of the convicted person had to withstand in return for his verbal assault against Pastor Torp.As meaningful assessment of possible impunity or reduced punishment due to provocation and retribution in relation to reciprocal verbal attacks presupposes both a quantitative and qualitative comparison of the arguments put forward on both sides, it is stated that the decision of the Court of Appeal is insufficient.

The Court of First Instance has - see first full section on page 8 of the judgment - in the present context limited to finding that Torp's counterattack against Christensen has helped escalate and prolong the conflict between convicted and insulted. This is insufficient to determine the significance of the "balance of payments", either for the sake of guilt or punishment.The above-mentioned inadequacy of the premises of the Court of Appeal is further related to Strl. (1902) § 250 is not mentioned at all in the court's premises, which in itself is also an additional inadequacy given the questions relating to the law of the court of law, see below.(quote ending).My excellent and very good lawyer Brynjar Meling writes here clearly: "The Court of Appeal - despite this statement - has not at all discussed the extent to which abusive and suspicious opponents of the accused party's verbal attacks have been or what characteristics of the convicted person have been endure for his verbal assault against Pastor Torp. "It is very strong words by my lawyer that the courts, both the verdict of the Oslo District Court and the Borgarting Court of Appeal, have judged me for matters that have not been debated!Then we face a word of justice. And will remind you of "injustice somewhere is a threat to justice everywhere".When I have been convicted of something that the court has not dealt with. When the Norwegian Supreme Court rejected the appeal.So I consider the sentence against me as inaccurate and raise the low and primitive level of Congo and North Korea. This is Norway 2018 we are talking about, not Norway, but was NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Here, Brynjar Meling is his bold speech to Borgarting Court of Appeal, which they consistently do not write anything about in the verdict. But they allowed him to hold on. To postpone from this speech, this is completely incomprehensible.

I unveil Øystein Hermansen in advance, stating clearly that Torp's numbering is complete and completely beyond. None of what he brought with is documented. It is the fabulous number. And what Torp and his allies have written against me are far more kwas and in a far greater amount than what I have written!

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