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No. 1638: The newspaper The day was about to cover the case between me and the 150.000, - kr that Torp demands of me for a picture that does not belong to him!

No. 1638:The newspaper The day was about to cover the case between me and the 150.000, - kr that Torp demands of me for a picture that does not belong to him!

Journalist Ingjerd Våge from the newspaper The day contacted me and made a longer interview. It was about the image belonging to photographer Marion Haslien, to whom the Norwegian newspaper Norway owns the rights today. As Torp now requires me 150,000, - kr. The man is obviously both mad and dangerous!

Look here:

By failing to write about this, I think the newspaper the day does not do its job.Torp is like Nimrod, who owns no shame in life and the only chance to glove with such is reveal them and give them zero playroom!In many ways, one can say that Jan Aage Torp is like a parasite, which wants money for a picture that actually has zero value. He is a profiled man, and has been in a hurry with me. That there has been a "picture abuse" is not anything great?He "sucks" on me and points out that he has been harassed and persecuted. The truth is the opposite, I have never ever sought this man.There are many who have "abused" pictures of me, and it would never havefall me to claim money for this. It's then harmless pictures that have been used before, make a big number of this is just sick and nauseating!Large Medical Lexicon writes this:Parasites, snouts, organisms that coexist with other organisms (hosts) at the expense of these. Typically, the parasite gets its nutrients from the host, and the connection is devastating to the host. The parasite is physiologically dependent on the host and utilizes the nourishment that the host has taken up (for example, gangworm), or utilizes the host's body tissue. A parasite can remain in the vertebrate life, or just through part of its life cycle. An organism may be wholly or partially parasitic, and it may be host or strain specific or capable of parasitizing on a host of hosts. Some parasites cause few and mild symptoms, while others cause the host animal disease, which in the worst case can be fatal. Parasitism as a form of cohabitation belongs to the term symbiosis.(quote ending).symbiosis used just about social relationships where both species have mutual benefits and where the intercourse is very intimate. Symbiosis is now used ideally in the original, wide ecological meaning, covering all types of sexual intercourse between different species. In this sense, symbiosis includes.(quote ending).Jan Aage Torp has sought support for his struggle against me and the heavenly blog on the most filthy and slippery roads!But he has no spiritual weapons, so he flies to worldly authorities and worldly lawyers in his downright and occult struggle against me and the celestial blog.The scripture is clear that we will not seek a fight, and least of all go to court to get married to brothers. But Torp is no brother, so he does what he does.1 Cor. 6. 1. Does any of you warn when he has a case against his neighbor, seeking them from the unrighteous and not of the saints? 2 Or do you not know that the Saints should judge the world? and if the world is judged by you, are you unworthy to judge in the least things? 3 Do not you know that we are going to judge angels? how much more then in timely things! 4 When you have things about temporal things, then you put them to judges who are unaware of anything in the congregation! 5 To shame on you I say so. So there is not a certain man among you, not one who can distinguish thirteen from his brother? 6 But brother leads cause to brother, and for the court of lawyer! 7 It is already a loss for you to have things against each other. Why do not you suffer injustice? why do you not harm either? 8 But you do wrong and harm, and against brethren!It's at this level Jan Aage Torp is raising and holding on, but everything is just for creating intrigues, distributing to themselves and touching me, my family and the Heavenly blog.The scripture says that revenge belongs to the Lord, not the government or a third party!Vebjørn Selbekk called me a "Christian netroll"!

It's all right, but calling Torp for something negative is too fragile. The man is completely wrong, a really dangerous psychopath that does not belong in the Christian landscape. And he lives in horror, is a teacher and wants to be something big!Torp has managed to trick many, but he is revealed. It's all just a game of rendering to create "self-esteem" and put others in the most possible illumination and thus create sympathy for themselves and get "compassion" and ancestral!No "normal" people who seek attention around themselves claim 150,000 for an image that has already been published across the country in a national newspaper and, in fact, the value of that image is equal to zero.All people in the public light can manage to make such a thing as Torp here does. There are many times pictures are scattered by me, without my consent. But it's not nude pictures or other offensive pictures.It's all staged to hit me, my family and the heavenly blog!Comparing this picture with nude pictures just shows what advance and dark world Torp is moving in. In my eyes he is a crazy psychopath!

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