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No. 1641: It is Trine Skei Grande's double morale that is bad, Helge Solum-Larsen's morale was also on the bottom !!

No. 1641:It is Trine Skei Grande's double morale that is bad, Helge Solum-Larsen's morale was also on the bottom !!

 Fax smiles by Trine Skei Grand and Helge Solum-Larsen, unfortunately, both of them were "taken with their pants" down. But Erna Solberg and mainstream Norway have treated these two people totally different, this is hypocrisy!

In the heavenly blog, we never really take up profane and political things and aspects.But we do this time!Has written an article about the relationship between Trine Skei Grand and the late Deputy Venster's former deputy Helge Solum-Larsen.The prehistory is briefly the following that Trine Skei Grande in 2008 had sex with a drunk 17 year old.In 2012, Solum-Larsen mentioned the same. Both of them were around forty years, in other words, twice as old.When this came up with Solum-Larsen, he was expelled from the Left Party and further career. Blue. so was the strongest in the condemnation of then and present left leader Trine Skei Grande, see my first article about this.There are also more shades and similarities and inequalities to comment on here, but the similarities are striking alike. There are two good adults who have sex with drunk youth. Volunteer or not, when someone is drunk and 17 years old. While the other is over twice as old, all other things are small against this.For Trine Skei Grande it seems that everything goes on as before. Yes, even better, now she has become a ministerial post and become Minister of Culture.How was Solum-Larsen doing? He was sacked out of politics and the Left Party did not get any further career. Unfortunately, he died a few years later for natural reasons. And did not get much older and his remarks got some deep sores!Here is no similarity to treatment, that's what's so bad!What is this matter will teach us? Lots of things!There had never been a case without a "incorrect" website such as Resett had written about this and received a hearing and could document what they wrote.In other words, the "official" Norway would rather have lies and half truths than the truth, it is more convenient!After the matter "spoke" and things have settled down, then our Prime Minister says when this boy would like to tell his story.Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) does not want to talk to the 26-year-old in the Trine Skei Grande case, reports TV 2.- Trine has told her story to me. What is said in conversations between me and her will remain between us. So the situation is now, I think there is no reason to pursue this case any further, "says Solberg to the TV channel.(quote ending).The casualty is so great, solid and hopeless that further comments are meaningless. Such as this can not be defended.

Final Comment:

 It's good that we get a #metoo focus on unwanted sexual attention, but if this only applies to men who punch on little girls, then #metoo does not matter. In relation to the Trine Skei Grande, the appearance of other contexts that custom and respect has to be respected must be made responsible in relation to its own standards. As when she crucified, Deputy Deputy Helge Solum Larsen died in a very similar situation. She told the Left in Rogaland that it did not suit middle-aged trustees to party with the extensive use of alcohol with minors. When Skei Grande has sex with a drunk 17-year-old at a corn field in Trøndelag, it is good that Resett are those who dare to ask these questions.Then it's also a very good lesson. Alcohol is undoubtedly a major reason why Trine Skei Grande totally loses all the retrenchments and has sex with a boy whom she could be mother to. This is so obscene it goes on and on, at the same time when she has condemned others in similar circumstances. Then one should retire from position and position.

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