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No, 1640: Trine Skei Grande double size which is the worst in the saga about her and sex with a 17 year old! The same as all upbringed do to condemn gays and others, even living in horror!

No, 1640:Trine Skei Grande double size which is the worst in the saga about her and sex with a 17 year old! The same as all upbringed do to condemn gays and others, even living in horror!

 Faksmile from Aftenposten der Trine Skei Grande condemns and almost regularly publicly "executes" a person who had done almost identical to her. Sex with a youth when one is well grown and great confidence in the party Left! It belongs to the story of this person is now dead.

In the heavenly blog, we never really take up profane and political things and aspects. But we do this time.Trine Skei Grande has emerged with a story that is unbelievable. But now, this boy, like today, is 26 years old with his story in part. It seems to be credible.This writes VG after interviewing him.The 26-year-old says he will not go into detail about what happened but limits it to this:"We both had a drink. We went for a walk and ended up at the edge of a corn field where we lay together. Volunteer, he says.Grande was parliamentary representative and first vice president in the late summer of 2008. The 17-year-old was not a member of the Left.The 26-year-old says this is the first and last interview he contributes to and that there is no point for other media to contact.- This is what I'm going to say public about the matter. But if the Prime Minister wants to hear my version, I will of course raise.Trine Skei Grande is presented with the information and claims contained in this article. She does not want to interview or comment on the content of the case but has sent this statement to VG by email:"I have told my story to the prime minister. Beyond that, I have nothing more to say, "writes Grande.(quote ending).For a 5 to 6 years, the Left Party had a similar matter when Helge Solum Larsen, the left-wing of Venstre and Helge Solum Larsen, was charged with rape by a 17-year-old girl at Rogaland Venster's annual meeting in February 2012.All this fell away, as it was obviously as punishable as he had done as Trine Skei Grande. It's just morally disgusting that both of these two have done as grown-ups with a heavy and heavy leadership responsibility, both of whom have intercourse with young people.But what do we see? Trine Skei Grande screams of mercy and indulgence to himself. In 2012 and 2013 when this case went on, she gave zero mercy, forgiveness and trust to a party colleague who had done the same thing she had done a few years earlier!Talk about hypocrisy and double standards!This corresponds to Skei Grande, which is printed in Aftenposten:

Left leader Trine Skei Grande believes Solum-Larsen nevertheless committed a serious breach of trust when he had sex with a 17 year old girl after a party event."I believe trust is something easy to lose and a lot of work to get. Winning back trust is a big job, says Grande Do you trust Helge Solum-Larsen today?- No, he has resigned from his trust because he has made a breach of trust. Rebuilding confidence takes time, says Grande.Terje Breivik was chosen as the second 2nd deputy in the left after Solum-Larsen. Grande rejects that Solum-Larsen can be elected to any office already at the Spring 2013 Spring.- breach of trust- The criminal case against Solum-Larsen has now been closed. Are you self-criticism that you clearly chose the girl's party when the case exploded this winter?"No, what I realized was that what happened overnight was a breach of trust between him and a young participant. I never have a position on the actual review. It was the actual breach of my relationship, and I clearly distinguished between these things, says Grande.(quote ending).The left-wing leader will have arrested a very drunk youth in something that was conceived as a blend of rape and abuse.The same did Solum Larsen, but did not get any chance.Here, these two are treated widely differently even though their cases are almost identical.Both of them are good adults and have sex with a drunk youth, thus exploiting them. Skei Grande can continue as nothing has happened. While Solum Larsen had no opportunity to come back!Both with great confidence and authority. Why so big difference in outcomes of things anyway? And it was Skei Grande who was the biggest driver to get him away and not into the "heat" again!Luke 6:36 Be merciful, as your Father is merciful. 37 Do not judge, and you shall not be judged, and do not condemn, and you shall not be condemned. leave, so shall you be left; 38 give, then you shall be given! A well-stopped, shaken, crowded goal shall be given to you in your lap; for with the same measure that you measure with, you shall be measured again.

Final Comment:

There are also show parallels here. Not least in view of all those who themselves are divorced and renegotiated. However, they condemn gays in worst words. It is the same hypocrisy.
That one makes a "law" for himself, but another "law" for others!
This is one of the worst if it's not the worst!

Here are actually two youngsters who are supposed to sour fill. They are being misled by two older people where they have sex. Whether it's voluntary or has nothing to say as long as these two people are drunk. No drunk people, the very least youth can and should be responsible for what an adult person does. Whether one comes from Trøndelagen or Rygland. It does not matter either if you are male or female. The responsibility is solely on the adult person!

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