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Nr. 145: Questions regarding eternal damnation!

Nr. 145:

Questions regarding eternal damnation!

I have read some on your website, and I must say that I find pretty much as I completely agree with you i.
Bl. else can I mention the view you have the charismatic and Vision Norway, and the preachers that Emanuel Minos should come forward to call sin sin, instead of accepting it Hanvold do.

But, as I read that you think that Hell is not eternal, but that it should cease, etc. etc.
This is the Adventist thought. Have you Adventist background, or where you have these thoughts from?
Have you carefully considered what those in the other camp are learning about this?

If there is a hell to escape, then are not the salvation particularly great or what?
Then suddenly not life worth so much? There are many who are tired life and who do not care if they get wiped out, only they are allowed to live, hence the suicide.

I would strongly advise you to reconsider your views on this as I think at this point has been deceived. Go into the throne of God in prayer that He will show you the whole truth, so far he is willing to reveal. We NOK not know all the details as long as we live on this earth,
5 Exodus 29:29 says that the hidden things of the Lord, so one should be careful not to touch it as he has not yet revealed to us.

When it comes to the word "eternal" (Group Images AION) As a part used in the Gospels, so one must be aware that when the Lord speaks of them to go to "tidsalderlig" torment that it really means, as is the explanation for that those here referred to and which will go to the grave only be there until 1000 year Empire is over, hence the "tidsalderlig (Aion) torment. But then, when the 1000 year is over, then death and Hades be thrown in the lake of fire.
Then the pines in the "environmental status Aion ton aionon" "eternities, eternity's", ie, for all eternity.

Even the demons know that they once will be tormented (Matthew 8:29)

You write a lot about that when something burns up, then go out there. But one should be aware that the Lord here uses images.
But if the images are so serious, how much more real.
I think honestly that you are the enemy's mission by learning what you do, and I would therefore recommend that you withdraw these articles until you have studied this more closely.
Put in love - Wish you God's peace and renewed light on this area,
Regards, Godfrey


First of all, guesses, I think not. If someone takes suicide or not, it has nothing to do with what God's word teaches about this, it's biblical teachings about what I relate to, everything else is not relevant and something that I will dwell on.

I've never had anything to do with Adventists. Do not know how you have it from?
I have studied God's word carefully for 30 years and found this out on your own! Jehovah's Witness people have the same view as well, but I have no contact with them.

Notice to the wording that they will be tormented day and night forever and ever. But what is written in scripture? That night will be terminated, and it will just be a perpetual sunny day. Then you have to understand that this is in the pictures and your argument does not hold. When all the wicked have been "burned" up, then begin an eternal day and the night ends. Night is a picture of sin and the evil one area, today is the opposite.

Joh. Revelation. 22. 5 And night shall be no more, and they need no light of lamp and light of the sun, for the Lord God will shine upon them: and they shall reign forever and ever.

Then it is obvious that your interpretation does not hold. God will gather in one all things in Christ, then there is no room for someone who stands against him, it would be a big contradiction! That God the Father to torment someone forever without the possibility of change is totally meaningless and it is on the same intellectual level as to believe in a Big Bang, total stupidity and meaningless. Had it been that pain would lead to repentance and improvement, so I could understand the doctrine, but not pine for tormented for all eternity, it is without meaning.

Furthermore, type: Even the demons know that they once will be tormented (Matthew 8:29)

We read in: "For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them into the pit and delivered them into chains of darkness, that they might be in custody for sentence" (2 Peter 2.4)

In Jude 6-7: "And the angels which are not maintained his high position, but left their own habitation, he keeps in custody in the darkness with everlasting chains for the verdict on the big day (the great white throne judgment), as as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities round about, as in the same way, was a prostitute and went after strange flesh, and now stands as an example for our eyes and suffer the punishment of eternal fire. "

Who are these angels? They are Satan's angels, for His angels are free, and wander about as he. But these angels are in captivity, in darkness and in the custody of the links to the ruling. The place of their captivity is not hell.

The evil spirits tormented now, not later when they shall be destroyed together with the "all others" who do not have their names written in the book of life with God.

The doctrine of the immortality of the soul is really a doctrine derived from the ancient pagan religions that Trinity also.

Will not pull any items back, but glad you liked what I wrote about in January Hanvold and Emanuel Minos, thank you for it.

Here are some related articles that you can read more and I take with some thoughts I have from my commentaries from Judas letter:

5 Then there is something I would remind you, though you already know all this: the Lord saved the people out of Egypt, but later destroyed those that he would not believe.

We can not distort the word of God and God's grace. Israel experienced glorious victories in Egypt and at the end, but it transformed not contained hearts. It is only Christ who can transform a person's heart. Psalm 103 7 He announced his ways to Moses, his deeds for the people of Israel.

During and great experience in itself can not change, only Christ and God's word.

6 And the angels who did not take care of his high office, but left their own habitation, he keeps tied in darkness with everlasting chains for the verdict on the big day.

God had given the fallen angels allowed to reign in the air the sky, but they came down to Earth and performed sexual intercourse with women who indulged in sin. It resulted in huge child perverter the human race. They are now in chains after the flood after they took themselves to the right. This is written us to learn that God punishes his entire being.

7 Another example is Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighboring cities, where people lived in adultery like those angels, and of unnatural lusts. Now they lie there as an example of the punishment of eternal fire.

It's bad with sin, but sin begets sin. Finally sin mature.

James 1 15 When desire has conceived, brings forth sin and when sin is ripe, brings forth death.

We would do well to look seriously at the very least sin and the smallest mistake. Judas began to steal the case and later betrayed him Jesus for some lusne silver. In Sodom and the other three cities on the plains was the sin of mature and was punished with an eternal flame scripture says that the total annihilation. Never to rise again, the only thing we see today is the fire effects.

How will it go with all the wicked, they will be totally destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah that we find in 1.Mosebok 19 scripture says that the eternal fire!

God does with His creation exactly what he wants and has predetermined.

8 Nevertheless, these people are the same. Powered by their sins they soiled their bodies, despise the authority over them, and mocks englemakter.

My God has been said a well-known now deceased False Prophets and got himself and others to do all that God's word warns against. Visions and revelations is God-given thing, but to follow it blindly is a delusion. When a trust blindly on the revelation of knowledge, but do not check it against the word of God is really Spiritism.

All who turn from God's word in life or learn sooner or later be judged. God keeps account of all. Here they had not been possible to warn either deliberately will.

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