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Nr. 587: Searchlight write about us the following : More "Fun" by Jan Kaare Christensen

Nr. 587:

Searchlight write about us the following : More "Fun" by Jan Kaare Christensen

I will be " accused " of Searchlight writing unfavorably about many , including Jan Hanvold . Now I see that others also sheds light on his activities . One who has made it Geir Magnus Nyborg. But Emanuel Minos and remain silent , he will not decide anything? Is he a " Pentecostal - Chief " or someone who stands for those who are infiltrated by Satan ? It is Nicolaitans and Balaam preaching Protestant Christianity today is becoming more and more influenced and infiltrated by . Emanuel Minos and peers have a large part of the blame for it by either openly defend Heretics . Or tacitly accept sin and immorality. Image of Bilamitten Emanuel Minos representing the most dangerous type of Christianity in the time in that he himself preaches the word of God but also blesses and supports those who do not and who also live in sin . All of Minos and peers support either openly or tacitly , he is like Balaam son of Beor in its casting and behavior .

This printer Spotlight : More " Morro " by Jan Kaare Christensen

Reviews Jan Hanvold like an old whore buck

Jan Kåre Christensen is left out with sledge-hammer and enough once the TV Vision Norway founder Jan Hanvold being fucked . From the heavenly blog (Article 685 ) citing the following " treat ," "Image ar the old whore goat Jan Hanvold is on the spiritual and moral area as a pig , and his use of language so vulgar and disgusting it is possible to be. And Jan Kåre Christensen has more in stock , " Hanvold is a nasty broiler that throughout their appearance resembles anything but a man of God and the Apostle who he says he is now. Ridiculous , seductive , lying and demonic it , " writes Jan Kåre which originally had decided not to write more about Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway . The reason for Smyrna leader's latest attacks on Jan Hanvold is because of " his vulgar , unorthodox , provocative , nasty and ugly way he has profiled itself and the political party the Christians in the past . "

After that spotlight the first time discussed the controversial Smyrnalederens blog , interest in Jan Kåre Christensen's website skyrocketed . Alexa about measures a web page's popularity rankings of the 17 August Jan Kåre Christensen's blog as No. 4,264,658 in the world , but it now has a traffic rank of 658 233 in the world. This last figure means that the world 's 658 232 web sites that are more popular than Jan Kåre blog page . ( end of quote ) .

Searchlight has fortunately changed for the printer to frame me , now they take more what I have written so that readers have a more uniform appearance. And we stand for all that has been written .

Hanvold storms are around now after he has supported the Christians and prophesied of God is with them . I can not and do not wish to follow Hanvold more , then they will go with him going on the road anyway. But if possible , it would have been gratifying that several had woken up before it's too late. God also loves Hanvold but not his sin. He is bizarre and cruel in my his confidence and he is re-married to a believer and thus live in adultery . And the scripture says that adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of God .

1 Corinthians 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God ? Be not deceived ! Neither fornicators , nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate or those who sin against nature ,

Why is there so little attention in the spotlight and other regarding Hanvold poor morale, he is glorious theologian and going steady with false prophecy ? There have been a lot better and more useful than attacking me all the time?

Final comment :

Did Searchlight have come up with that they bring greater and more complete what I write. And what I write , it says I understand . Therefore I am very happy that they cover what I write, even if it sometimes not seen written in love and to really illustrate what I want to say . However, a marked improvement from their side , we are happy !

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