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Nr. 591: Dating Websites are a stumbling block for Christians - particularly those who are divorced !

Nr. 591:

Dating Websites are a stumbling block for Christians - particularly those who are divorced !

Picture of someone who met on KristenDate.no :

They wrote : We met at KristenDate.no chat in August 2012 and has engaged us. The chat works! Now we are planning weddings summer of 2014 :) Sincerely FunkyMan79 and Elin77 .

I'm not categorically opposed to dating sites, but it is a stumbling block for Christians - particularly those who are divorced !

Experience we had for two or three years ago

We have at times helped people , I and my wife Berit . We should take off our a Christian lady who we knew from before , but who had experienced the tragedy of being divorced. We helped , talked and prayed together, but we noticed there were obstacles in the Spirit. She wanted the password to our website to search for job and apartment, but what did she do? Insert the opposite, she was in every free time on dating sites. We confronted her with this, but it was much more important than being helped. Her real goal was to find a new husband on dating websites. We know that God's Word says that faith is sin to remarry after a divorce .

Dating Websites are a snare to fall for Christians is my contention , especially for believers.

There is no guarantee that these Christians check out so good. They set the example . no requirements as far as I 've read on the net that no divorced can find a new one. Are you single and finds a divorced , when are you whoring scripture says :

Luke 16 18 Whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery , and whoever marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery .

And there are many other pitfalls, why should really pray to God for wisdom if one goes into such a complex and place where even separated to obtain a new companion . It is not Christian in the true sense of the word , because they had such . refused to be separated with there.

Final comment :

Of course it's wonderful that people meet each other , but there are also many " wolves" and boasts lying there in wait and will hijack someone. So beware if you go to such a place of evil people who are also there, and divorced who are not allowed to remarry. There are many dangers that lurk here , so be wary . And above all , pray for God's protection , management and the operators of these sites has not been proven their responsibilities when they have not put more criteria for those to be included there. Eg . no divorced should have had been with where singles are etc.

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