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Nr. 456: Facebook and Twitter a Christian check somewhere? And a warning against Hilde Heimdal!

Nr. 456:

Facebook and Twitter a Christian check somewhere? And a warning against Hilde Heimdal!

Written by Anonymous

I've even been on Facebook, but deleted everything there two years ago. It was so time consuming and so hard to be there when everyone had their interests. And it is a place where many will not only discuss, but will be known far utforbi pale borders and what is good for us believers! Recommended Facebook or Twitter, but write either here on the blog if you have something on your heart, dear friend!

I have followed the many who say they are believers in there on Facebook. In about a little over 1 year.

A lady in there with about 5,000 FB friends, who is she really? There are Christians who live as they please and teach phrases from the Bible that fit into their situation best.

She calls one I know of her spiritual mother, which would be good, but it is not. It could be seen on the fruits. Uncritical so going Christian "right fella" .... for what might be a good idea to think that 5000 people, is actually a pretty big church? And they are saying themselves to be Christians so blind? The answer is yes ..... 5000 people can "go wrong"? Yes, it can.

There are several prominent Christians in the country on her friends list, both evangelists and preachers ..... and what are they doing there I wonder? Many are well married .... yet writes that she is so cute and they flirted openly. Personally I thought it's disgusting, for everyone to read this, it's no secret. Although you are not "friends" there, but reading everything that is posted. My spouse is totally sick if he only heard about her.

Facebook has become the new pick-up! and Christians are not the neighbor better than people elsewhere in the world. They form their own clubs / groups in there ... where a good portion is the group admin. not live as they preach. But more will actually only lead themselves ... there are hundreds, even thousands, of like Christian groups in there and sort of Christian people. More Christians are under the one and the other of sin / load, and it should be said that it is his many passions struggling.

I have also been a chance on there, and Christians blowing if one is listed as married. They, they care very little about. Moreover, I have shown my spouse both sms and messages online. Several times he we both been blown away. For these people said to be Christians.

Some manage to camouflage themselves quite well, maybe in a few years ... a lifetime even, but sometimes the so-called Christian reveals itself quite quickly .... then anger and aggression, some of First they show. There has also been made against me ... for I have put the light on things in the lives of many lives, but they'd rather just keep "snuggle" in the dark, and should certainly not "pointed", when the races. And then the person or persons who have been warned "wolf".

It happens fast if conflicts have arisen, then one can just walk into the wall of the Christians who have reacted negatively and quickly see the pictures there, not Christians should have, dirty jokes, crude units generally on their page. Not all, but quite a few.

Christians ought to show that this is not okay and not left on her friend list and called her just to not bother when others in the best sense right leader. No, they ask her to ignore what others say, go ahead, do not care about what others say, that others probably are jealous that someone has low self-esteem, and have not charity, tolerate small, have problems in their own lives, judges .. .. or actually "spiritual police".

Hilde Heimdal called this lady .... and sometimes I actually feel sorry for her ... but she neker to let them instruct and correct. She closes the total for the guidance of others. Instead she seduces other Christians and they mislead the Word of God.

She teaches that you can not get to heaven if you do not speak in tongues too. There have been several discussions on her site about it a dozen times.

It has been really bad to look at how the entry she has been particularly Evangelisenteret but also in Haakon Martinsen and Jornstrand. Could it be that they do not preach enough about sin in general and adultery? Much possible. Moreover, one should be so overbearing that one speak up about some things.

Know more that went directly out to warn "Center boys" who could be at risk ..... but Lise Karlsen and several prominent Christians also from Evangelisenteret is the Heimdal their friends list, and with the says it's more than possible they are aware of yourself .... this is ok ..... Many would say that Facebook is Facebook., ... and it is not this or that ..... but why marks so few Christians that this is not okay, then?

Christians are still a letter read by everyone ... and there should not be anything to "take care of".

Many wonder why everything suddenly becomes a bit difficult in their own lives?

Heimdal call themselves actually preaches on Facebook ...... She put out scantily clad pictures of themselves .... records about its many exer ..... and new relationships ... and party shots where the alcohol flows in the background and her excuses to go to parties is that several others may say. .... "they can possibly witness to others." Have even talked with several former addicts, and they say the same thing .... it's hopeless to go around to witness to others at parties. And at least at parties ..... They are often also helps to push others further and further away from God.

It is obviously always ek `tendon their fault that marriage and her relationship has gone to pieces ...... for her to be free to find new partner .... But what about those times when it does not go then? Did Lord mistake? Far from it ..... but they could not wait on the Lord. Many Christians have been directly warned her, but they would not listen they do .... instead they deleted me and others who have warned they like their friends. It has cost to speak out about that way ..... but many more were revealed the false and actually renounced for so many Christians are doing.

Chick is about 40 years .... and her new "victim" is a young man .... possible 10-15 years younger than herself ...... and she wonders why other Christians speak? Is it any wonder they talk?

You can not be preaching the pure word of God and live as one desires!


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