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Nr. 575: Is southlander Kjell Andersen engaged Sø become a " Smyrna -friend "? He now writes also positive about me and what I preach !

Nr. 575:

Is southlander Kjell Andersen engaged Sø become a " Smyrna -friend "? He now writes also positive about me and what I preach !

I have nothing against anyone, I 'm happy if someone repents and fater another mind . Whether they are Christians or not. But Andersen acting as judge over me , but apparently has not swept its own house when he asks me not to name the other ministers . Something he does both tit and often , and good!

Kjell Andersen , Kristiansand who runs the website has changed over me. He writes in an addendum to the last article after he spent three articles to defame and speak most against me the following :

We add : Heavenly blog: marked by personal dislike rather than Jesus' mind Bible Teacher Jan Kåre Christensen has enough once confirmed what everyone visiting his blog will rapidly discover. That we are faced with a person who leads his war against Christian leaders and preachers without human emotions and from their personal grudge against those he attacks . Again and again confirms Christensen that he has assumed the function as " chief judge " that plane down everyone who is anyone to go by publishers in Norway . I understand his reluctance remarriage , false prophets, etc. and purely biblical theology , I see the problem with both remarriage , religious preaching , and much of it brought to the table by Jan Hanvold tv channel. I also found it problematic when Emanuel Minos decided to visit the Word of Life in Uppsala "because it was no longer controversial ," as he himself said to a Christian newspaper . This is also something we have criticized . Anyone who has read some of Searchlight know we deplore very much of it brought to the table in the religious movement , but we are not willing to mention believers personalities "power man and psychopath " ( in 1985 ) so Christensen does before he goes : - " and from what I see on TV route and heard him on the radio here in Oslo, so the development is not decreasing, but increasing ! there Jan Kåre Christensen here do is to go far beyond the mandate Bible and all flavors of bitterness and personal grudges . This is something Jan Kåre Christensen should repent of . not serve the kingdom of God , not the Spirit of God and it is in reality a track that does not lead to anything other than that all the dialogue stops , walls built and he himself isolated more and more in terms of the Christian church. Finally , we reject remarriage , but we take and the distance from the smear campaign Jan Kåre Christensen leads toward those who have fallen and failed in relation to marriage. that Mr Christensen should do the following : Go on your knees and pray for all those you despise . Invite the Holy Spirit to convince the relevant people about sin , preach love in the remarriage , but do it without hang out names and people. period

By Kjell Andersen 26/08/13 Updated 28/08/13

Andersen and Searchlight has now changed, and now writes also positive about me , they become " Smyrna Friends "?

But there is one thing he attacks me , still . It's that I mention names of ministers . Here is an article I wrote about this a few years ago :

Question 84:

Shall we name the heresies and those who seduces others?

Answer: Yes and no . I regret sometimes to have gone too high on the track and put in by too fast. One can not always expect things in the spiritual realm understood in one, two, three . Things must mature and it might take many years to to arrive at the position one has taken in some cases. It has probably helped to derail a debate in which I have classed a heretic , yes , which actually is, but that he has confidence . When should rather express themselves in a different way by saying straight out what a mean, without stamp competent as heresies . And it has been a way for me to get where I am today , one must not forget out of " cow also has been calf ! "

But by all means , one must attribute the heretics who are preachers and what their heresy is about. I try never to mention other than preachers would you and heretics . But in discussions , it is very important to first explain what heresy involves before someone dies as heretics ! Something I have learned in discussions with people should stick to discussing the issue and not the person. But in a larger article or post a discuss and record both. Jesus and all God's men and women in both the Old and New Testament navngav heretics . But above all they took up their teachings and what it stood for.

Jesus called Herod a fox, and the Pharisees had a doctrine that was like unto leaven, which spread to even the good that they learned. Peter, John and Paul navngav . Here is an example of it : 1 Tim . 1 18 This charge I commit unto thee , son Timothy , according to the earlier prophecy of thee , that thou by them to fight the good fight , 19 as you have faith and a good conscience , it has some cast away and suffered shipwreck on his faith , 20 among these are Hymenaeus and Alexander , whom I have delivered unto Satan , that they may be chastised for not to blaspheme . Hymenaeus and Alexander learned the following: 2 Tim . 2 16 But shun profane and vain babblings for they will proceed further in ungodliness , 17 and their word will eat as doth as dead meat. Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus , 18 who has gone astray from the truth saying that the resurrection is past already , and overthrow the faith of some .

Paul navngav them and who they were. It also looks like it had its impact since his second letter omitted one of Heretics and put a new one out . That being exposed and made ​​accountable for what one learns and how one lives as a minister , it seems both those who may be exposed and those who trust them . It is the purpose of naming people in public. I have eg . named a certain pastor concrete . For my part, so many of the things I've brought forward nothing to say to me when I was already in 1985 showed that he was a false prophet, then he was married to his 1st wife . But for others to understand that he is a servant of Satan and not a servant of God , it must appear to the name of a person and learn, or lack of learning . Paul and all of the biblical men took up what they saw as the most appropriate and which could expose and put both deceivers and those who were seduced into place ! Therefore , we can now also do and should do the same. Here are some examples of both those who seduces and content of seduction. Notice how specific and to the point the word of God takes up this theme: Ananias and Sapphira The story of this couple (Acts 5, 1-11) may not be used as examples of backsliding . It's not clear that they were believers , but was happy with the crowd in the outer . Sin was still large and serious. Cf . Simon , Chapter 8 , 9-25 . However, there are other people in Paul's letter to Timothy . They are particularly interesting since we where not encounter Christianity in the first vekkelsestid . The conditions have now stabilized somewhat . The churches have second and third generation Christians with them. Some have been old . Church Life might become more 'normal' . Were all living Christian true believers at that time ? How has grown fans been? Paul mentions several people for Timothy as it has gone wrong . He mentions several of them by name!

Hymenaeus and Alexander We meet them in the 1st Tim . 1 , 19-20 . Here the apostle says that the young Timothy to fight the good fight as he has faith and a good conscience. Then it will go well . Then comes a sad note . Some in the church have cast away the good conscience. If it has then the shipwrecked their faith . This can not mean anything other than that they have lost their faith , and received his gudsliv broken so it goes with a ship runs aground in stormy weather . The seriousness of these verses is : If we do not take account of conscience and obey it, get it included the belief : it dies . Look therefore carefully how Paul himself was with his own life here (Acts 23 , 1 , 24 , 16 , 2 Tim . 1 , 3). " The verb ' throw from themselves' (Greek : apotheo ) involves a violent and deliberate rejection ," says D. Guthrie in Tyndale NTC . Both this term and " shipwrecked " means that they once had been saved and " started on the faith journey, " as Bengel puts it. In chapter 1, 6f in the same letter he mentions someone else who has gone astray from the " love from a pure heart and a good conscience and faith unfeigned " ( v. 5). The word " to wander " is used not to achieve its objectives (Chapters 6 , 21 , 2 Tim . 2, 18 ) . Therefore, translation of 1975 say here : " Some have strayed from this goal ." One who has gone astray from the faith and conscience can not be saved . This term also shows that they once have been. The conclusion we must go even if it is not expressly said here . Maybe Paul thinks the same as in v. 19f . Secondly, Paul is a serious word about the officers that we have to use here . They must not be selected among the new believers . Why was it so dangerous? Jo - that they should not be bloated " and fall into the condemnation of the devil ." They must also be respected by unbelievers that they should not " fall into reproach and the snare of the devil ." 1 Tim . 3 , 6-7. Here we should note that several other translations translator as in v. 6: " and fall under the same judgment as the devil " ( eg . Ungd.overs . , NT 75 and Gunn ) . As it says here that a novice (which here must mean salvation ) you get the same judgment as the devil , ie destruction . Behind Paul's words are perhaps the thought that the devil is a fallen angel who was toppled down because of his arrogance ( Jude 6; Isaiah 14 , 12ff ) . The new converts can also come to fall into the snare of the devil , v. 7 If someone gets caught in his snare , it means that he has been free , it will here say a citizen of the kingdom of God . And the devil catches , let him not voluntary. Cf . 2 Tim . 2, 26, To fall into the condemnation of the devil can not mean that the devil will be ( active) judge them. Also, as Bengel remarks here : " The devil does not judge , he is judged . " So that must mean that they get the same sentence as him . To be inflated in service as a Christian , is arrogance . And it is the arch sin in relation to God. It was Satan's sin. The following his sin , must also accompany him in his judgment . To fall into the snare of the devil means to get his power. The bird caught in our snare is absolutely in our power . The devil never show mercy to those he catches by their wiles . The seriousness of this section are primarily : Also a minister , priest , missionary or Christian leader may fall and perish . We have examples in church history . Hymenaeus and Philetus Is mentioned in 2 Tim . 2, 17f as examples of those who have gone astray from the faith . We do not have definite proof that Hymenaeus here is the same person as in 1 Tim . 1 , 20 ) They have false doctrine of the resurrection and overthrow the faith of some. This also speaks clearly to the possibility of direct apostasy. These two have gone astray from the truth , there is a direct expression of apostasy. And overthrow the faith of the Christians. It also leads away from God's path .

Demas We know little about this man. He is mentioned in 2 Tim . 4, 10 , Kol . 4, 14 ; File . 24th He left Paul because of his love for this world. Tradition says that he fell from the faith . The word for love here is the strong word agape . In 1 Joh. 2, 15 , we see that the love of the world can not be reconciled with the life of God . The second letter to Timothy is probably the last we have from his hand , and it speaks of a sad ending for the Lord employee. - It is also Lutheran interpreters who think this is not referring to spiritual apostasy , but that Demas traveled from Paul of " Fear that share Paul's disorder and heritage Share in his renunciation " ( Fr. Torm ) . But the text says nothing about . This is from my commentaries Galatians 1 6 I marvel that ye are so soon you away from him that called you into the grace of Christ and are moved to a different gospel . Paul goes to a strong attack against this ministry. It can not be reconciled with the true Christian faith. There is a " different gospel " that separates them from Jesus Christ. It is in other words about the life of the Galatians . God is jealous when it comes to his son's saving work on Calvary and can not stand that someone speaks falsely about Jesus' salvation. It Judaists preached was a diabolical lie. Throughout church history, there have been different variations of "another gospel " . Common to all such preaching is that it is not based on the Bible alone, but blends the human logic and thought into . Another gospel undermines confidence in the word of God and thus God himself . This leads to idolatry . For man himself takes the place of God . That is why the devil's gospel.

7 However, there is no other gospel , it's just some that trouble you , and would pervert the gospel of Christ .

Judaists also spoke of the grace of God , but they spoke not only of God's grace. It was something that was added to the grace of God . It was God's grace plus something more. And it was this "something more " that destroyed the proclamation of grace. God's word says namely that " My grace is sufficient ." Laid it as something it is no longer enough and pulled something from it is not enough. That grace is enough means that it is adequate. Judaists preached grace plus works . But it is not. For if God saves us for something we have done , as is the God in debt to us. Yes, Rom. 4.4 states that " The one who works , his wages are not reckoned of grace , but of debt ." But how was it that the doctrine of Jesus' atonement for human sin in Judaists ? Yes, it actually heard also . They said something like that the Vicar of Christ 's life and death would replace what was missing in lovoppfyllelsen . Such a gospel could always hear logical . It fits with our usual way of thinking. Would not this run of good works , I wonder? We do the best we can, and then Jesus will take on what is lacking in us - and so are all hurting well . No, it is not so. It is in fact what Paul calls " another gospel " . A 've said this so that it is " the gospel of this world " , or to " the religious hops gospel ." 8 But though we , even if an angel from heaven , preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached , let him be accursed ! Galatians is not only a violent confrontation with heresy . It is even more strongly a settlement with the wrong teacher. People who preach "another gospel " is not the Christian church have something . Paul is hard at those who require circumcision of Christians. ( Gal 5,12 ) . Bible says about these people : • they are cursed by God ( Gal 1 , 8-9) • they have lost their eternal life (Rev. 22 , 18-19) • it would be better that they were sunk in the depths of the sea with a stone around his neck ( Matt 18.6 9.42 Mark and Luke 17.1) It is important that a Christian lives so that life does not obscure the Gospel. We do not provide us enemies or so live that we are disliked by most people. However, in relation to false Christianity should not be any attention to what people may think about us. False Christianity be fought no matter how unpopular it makes us. 2 John 10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house and greet him welcome ! 9 We have said it before and I repeat it now : if anyone preaches any other gospel than that ye have received , let him be accursed ! Listen to what Paul says about such a message : For it to be cursed is to be lost. Do Now: Law can not save a man , it can only curse the sinner . Placing yourself therefore under the law , you place yourself under the curse . ( end of quote ) .

And one that I wrote about . 2 years later :

Ranked # . 493 : It is essential and very specific reasons that I warn against people and preachers Apostle Jan Åge Torp , Pastor Jan Hanvold , evangelist Emanuel Minos and others!

Inger Hanvold who married "Pastor " and TV - founder Jan Hanvold is to open up for demo -term activity in the congregation when they commit adultery with being illegally married for what God's word teaches . They are both involved in sin , and they both commit adultery teaches writing. Christianity is Christ - not only for salvation , but that he formed in us in all areas and in all cardiac chambers !

This is from my commentaries Galatians 4 19 Little children, I again travail in birth until Christ be formed in you ! If it is true that we can not change our hearts through outer deeds , what should that case change it? And the fact is that it is only God that changes our hearts and only God can work sanctification in us then so can not do anything with us than crushed our hearts over our own miserable condition and our own helplessness to change it! ? It should create in us a heartfelt cry to God to change our hearts ! A call for to search us and show us Christ in our lives so that he can win formed in us . Psalm 139:23,24 : " Search me , O God , and know my heart : try me, and know my thoughts. 24 See if there be any wicked way in me , and lead me in the way everlasting . " So when God has heard our prayers , seemed holiness in us and Christ again lit in our hearts: Do we have achieved to become more perfect in ourselves and more according to God's standard ? NO! We have however realized that we can not win holiness through our external changes but only through Christ by faith is formed in us , increasing dependence on God. Thats . we are left with less of ourselves and more of Christ Jesus ! We realize more and more that the source of life is in him . We are left as much freer and happier people than when we tried to correct life itself . The farmer knows that the reason for missing the apples on apple tree is the lack of soil and food . So it is with us , when we live a life close to God in faith and repentance and realize our dependence on him - then bear fruit tree by itself. If we see all kinds of misery in ourselves and our expectation is that God will change this in ourselves so we are disappointed. God does not change the man that way. Man gets changed when it sees that its life is Christ - focus on the self and the ego disappears and Christ is formed . Sanctification always end up with more Christ and not more of ourselves ! The result of God's work in us is that we dig us less into our own misery and realize that our life is in Christ and His holiness ! Gal 5:16 " : Live a life in the Spirit ! When you do not follow the desires of human flesh and blood . " . So the conclusion is that the head does not move , so you then have the Bible in the Gospel itself is brilliant, there is hope for ALL whether they are weak or strong as a person may only hold God in such a setting more than one equally. 20 I wish I was with you now and to find the right tone to you. I really do not know what to do with you . Paul had seen the wonderful developments both with themselves and their loaf of flesh Jews. But now , many of them both keep the law of Moses , circumcised others but at the same time believe in Jesus. When Paul wrote Hebrews 7-8 years later , we see something similar , but then much deeper. Then they would leave Jesus completely and go back also to sacrifice and ceremonial law of the Old Testament .

1 Cor . 1 29 That no flesh should glory in his presence . 30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus , who is made ​​unto us wisdom from God , and righteousness and sanctification , and redemption: 31 That, according as it is written : He who praises himself, boast in the Lord ! When David Wilkerson began his work in New York , he met with gang leader , Nicky Cruz . He was threatened with death by him if he did not remove himself , which Wilkerson replied that it would every bit of him shout to him that Jesus died for him and loved him. What is Christianity ? And what is Christianity ?

It all revolves around two different kingdoms , two different laws, two different lives, two different people, two different outputs on life. To. pairs ......... Which kingdom do you belong to ? It looks at the nature of the work in you , which set of laws for a living , etc. We must understand that writing what I do, is to attack everything that belongs to Satan and his kingdom. And defend what belongs and is from God and belongs to his kingdom.

From my commentaries Colossians Dispenser Letter 1 12 With joy you will thank the Father , who put you able to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. We have been part of a legacy as the world's children do not have. They fight over crumbs while we sit with the rich man's table is our Father (Luke 15). It is not yet fully revealed , but in the Spirit , we see it and act and live accordingly. On the trek we appreciate when we have such a great grace to be in the light. In the light we see very different things and experience something completely different than those who live and walk in darkness. 13 For he hath delivered us from the power of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of his dear Son . At one time we too dark children and lived like them. We did not know better, at least most of us . But now we have been delivered , and there has been a tremendous upheaval , we are now located in the Son of God beloved kingdom. What characterizes the kingdom an antithesis to the kingdom we were in before. Before dark , now light. Prior to hate, now love. Before frivolity , now responsible to follow Jesus and God's word . Before anything- we now live under God's will and bound to Christ and God's word . All things were new , so we must live accordingly or it will be worse off with us than those who have never experienced this. 14 In him we are redeemed and have received forgiveness of sins . We are redeemed by His precious blood . There we enjoy and to enjoy forever and forever is not easily acquired from God. He gave up his own son and let him die in our place . Forgiveness of sins is so deep that God remember them no more in remembrance of all the effects of sin , he has initiated a healing process , which the Bible calls for holiness .

I attack everyone and everything that belongs to Satan , but especially those that purport to be from God but from Satan's representatives !

I have tried and fabricated the true reality ! That said, Jesus speaks of the fruit tree is known ! Then it is not difficult - if you and I will - see who belongs to whom. It is clear hallmark of those who belong to God - and those who belong to Satan. Here it is not too difficult for everyone to know it!

Hanvold , Torp and Co. . not belong to God, but Satan says Scripture !

If a living and walking in sin , even if one confesses the name of Jesus . Who belong than that? The answer itself , so that the attacker and defender Hanvold , Torp -minded . They defend really Satan and his ambassadors ! At the dry and wild ! Scripture speaks of that we can not ride two horses at once, but we serve either God or Satan ? When these above mentioned persons and peers live and walk in darkness , as they do not just access to the church of God . And much less a soapbox , opening up for such is opening up for wolves in sheep's clothing learns font.

All areas of our lives will endure light

Matt 6:23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body dark. Is the light that is in thee darkness, how great is that darkness !

Many people have an understanding that it is possible to serve God and Satan - almost simultaneously. But this does not teach writing . I understand that not all things in God's word is as clear to everyone . But we can not allowable those living in sin thus belongs dark - get a free pass in the congregation and almost unlimited influence and empty are defended and seen as Christian brothers and sisters. How deceived and seduced can be , I must really ask myself!

I know a lot more than what I write and preach against !

Proverbs 8:27 p.m. The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord , it searches all lønnkammerne within him . I can very often know "everything" about a person under the Spirit and the revelation God gives me. But then one must hang a " rodent " for others to understand and wake up . Remember to mention specific things or so will be a course held to be one who spreads rumors and accusing others without reason. Therefore, I include noted this with divorce and remarriage , and sometimes unbiblical teachings. Waking than not come with such specific things , what then? Then wake up than not for what one can know in their hearts and minds by revelation from God.

I have shown all these people before they were separated they were corrupt and forførerere !

I have eg . warned against Pastor Jan Aage Torp and Pastor Jan Hanvold long before they were both divorced and re-married . But by their divorce and subsequent remarriage later . When he I also more concrete "evidence" and could mention specific that they lived in adultery ! But they were long before it was deceived and deceivers ! So is it for me , I know in my spirit and in my heart very often the person I have to do with . And I react accordingly, but it will always continue our way of life show who the person was. So some of what I warned against , to help others that I mention specific things . I have shown it long before they did one or the other . Can cite two specific examples of Torp and Hanvold eventually . Therefore, I do not really mind only that they currently live in adultery , but their heart and life has never been cleansed by Jesus' precious blood on the right way. Had it been so, they had never been lived and the way they are. The false apostle Jan Åge Torp

Long before I had to Jan Åge Trop to do I realized that the man was astray . About Emanuel Minos and other prophesied over him both the one and the other. Everything that I have experienced with him afterwards , even when he contacted me. All I knew by listening to the Lord in my inner man and the Spirit's revelation . When he example . suddenly and unexpectedly removed all the articles about me, everything I showed in advance and therefore had taken care of everything that I wanted to have, I showed what he came to do , in advance! And we had a deal that Trop had said to myself that we should not write and do something on your blog without having first spoken to each other . What a liar , manipulator and mega crook he is, I showed this in advance before he started acting like who he really is !

The false prophet Jan Hanvold

Actually revealing Jan Hanvold has been very easy . He is so incredibly out running . I became acquainted with him and his business and preaching among others when he was in Bergen in Philadelphia and when he drifted off in Drøbak the Bible etc. Then he was married to wife No. 1 Now he is married to wife No. 3 But he has been just as corrupt and seduced forever. So really this with his many marriages , to show others. And to get them to wake up from their spiritual sleep. Hanvold had a very special upbringing , including so he lived right next to the ones that printed hardcore . And the leaves were his reading at school and during his childhood that made him a " sex animals ". And later he was a drug addict with a blissed life. Through this life that thrived demons with him and they have enough in abundance put in him . On the way , he has always been under the dark influence and domination. Therefore he transmitted every second with this coming into contact with him. And it's on purpose and love I warn against him and peers. When I know that they are people who do not belong to God and God's kingdom. But Satan and his kingdom !

Those who marries a divorced partake of their sin and driver when adultery with that divorced ! When Inger Hanvold , Torp "new" wife Aina and all others who marries one who is divorced as a Christian and as a pastor . When they open up for demonic activity in their life , and committing adultery , or rather living in adultery . They are like Delilah who seduced the servant and prophet Samson to shame . Jezebel spirit is the deceiver and the Lord's witness to sin , they become complicit in their sin , bread and judgment. Unless they repent before it is too late , the possibility of salvation and repentance is today , tomorrow may be too late dear friend !

Final Comment : People need to understand that I can not post everything what is in my heart . But I try to post on the blog on the home page and when I bring tangible things . But that is not to say that I know more and have shown many things in advance . All this I believe every believer may be disclosed only seek the Lord God in the right way and with an understanding heart to him. God is no respecter of anybody, but there are of course some who are his prophets. revealing his first all things , but God will reveal all things to all audiences as him . But then you and I do as Abraham did. Take a step closer to him , no longer from. And when one receives revelation and communication with God. Take care of it and let it become a part of their lives on the empty goes completely compromise what others think and believe . Lord God is always right , you just have to let yourself always be helpful for this and rely on the revelations you have received. That way you grow further in your Christian life and you will always be the way of the Lord of your life!

1 Genesis 18 23 And Abraham drew near, and said, Wilt thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked?

Amos 3 7 For the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. To receive revelations for all believers , only the wooden god or a few more steps closer to the Lord in prayer , consecration and reading the Bible! The prophetic anointing , we all as believers , but someone has to a greater extent. And the prophetic ministry that I have , of course, not for everyone. But God has also today his prophets in the church of God , though they are not always recognized - they are there Hallelujah Amen ! ( end of quote ) .

Final comment :

Now type southlander Andersen good about me , at least much better than before . But I shall not name the ministers , what they stand for or something. I never names the "ordinary" Christians, exclusively preachers , it also brings me to do in the future. But Andersen himself and Searchlight, they hang out people time after time , it is more spiritual because they do it ? Thinking also on Jan. Hanvold , one should facilitate long to find a more outspoken man. He has no inhibitions in some areas of his life , one of his statements , I should not be allowed to go to meet him and name him ? Yes, of course! The Mr. Andersen is doing, is not durable , biblical or possible or desirable to live by. We must attribute the heretic , and what is heresy , period!

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