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Nr. 566: Storm Bjorn Johansen wrote that I do not belong to Christ, who is it that could become so in the place of God?

Nr. 566:

Storm Bjorn Johansen wrote that I do not belong to Christ, who is it that could become so in the place of God?

Bjørn Johansen Storm is a man who has been saved for only 3 years, but I've rarely had such judgments on me. Jesus said about the likes of him that was won by other heretics, Matt. 23, 15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him one hell children, two times worse than yourselves!

Picture of Bjørn Johansen Storm

This, he writes about me: He who has written about you is probably the most in need of prayer. He denies the Trinity and thus does not belong to Christ. He is a false prophet with one false message. Should ask for salvation and forgiveness for him. God's peace to you Bjørn Olav.

I got in touch with him at. mail. Want to bring this so that readers get both a background and realize that many of those who preach the word of God in Norway today head should never have to declare when they are unfit and not ready for the task and service. Here is what we wrote:

Me: Hey! If you think I have saved it love to post it on a blog without contacting me first? You've been a Christian claim you for 3 years, do you put yourself in the place of God and Satan's servant to deny me salvation. Wake up before it's too late, God alone should decide who is within or without the past! Regards Jan Kåre Christensen Smyrna Oslo Tel: 99598070

From: Bjørn Johansen Storm Posted: 16th August 2013 9:28 To: Jan Kåre Christensen Subject: Re: strange: You deny the Trinity. Our faith as Christians is that God is one in three people with equal authority. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Avik All of this is heresy.

Me: Hey! Imagine if you as a heretic? You come with no justification, beware, I say, you can go against God, and then set yourself without a past! Matt 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool! shall be in danger of hell fire. You make yourself guilty to ................. Jesus said Regards Jan K

Bjorn: Do not have time to debate now :) Wish you all the best and pray that you will see the truth.

Me: Do not need your prayers! I've seen enough that I can say that you are deceived, arrogant and are in danger of losing salvation if you have not lost it at such a judgment on me!

Me: My advice to you is that you go in yourself. Working with the article, here is the preliminary work, you have something to add, do not worry about the codes that I have with it is when I'll post the article.

Bear: Great article :) You are very clever. Thanks for pr! :) This means I can reach more. Thank you! :) God's peace to you.

Me: Do not you see how serious it is what you do? You condemn me to perdition without blinking, where is your empathy and understanding for what you are doing? Continue to write on Bjørn Olav Hansen's blog, he is almost as sick as you! Jan K

Bjorn: Jesus loves you. And I wish you all the best. For me, this is just ridiculous. If you do not believe in the Triune God drn case they are not Jesus. This is my belief and I do not shy from. Can not wait to read the article :) God's peace to you. You deny the Trinity and eternal damnation and thus I can safely say from God's word that you are astray. But praying for you today. Good luck with the article! Hope you use the new picture of me. Now I close this communication with you. Wishing you and yours all the best.

Me: You ability not to listen to arguments against what you think and feel is right. Do not need your prayers. You judge me both destruction and everything else, and do not have your best wishes on top of it all! Why do you write MVH greeting? You are so unfriendly and primitive it is possible to be. Just continue to write on the blog of Bjørn Olav Hansen, now he's lying to me again and I say bully because he that he is ill and hypochondriac! Jan K

(End of quote).

Why are they being "won" the gospel today worse than their "predecessors"? Jesus says that they are Gehenna (original text) children, two times worse than yourselves! (This is about those Pharisees and scribes were joined).

The same happens today, this Bjorn Johansen Storm writes about himself following: My name is Bjorn Johansen Storm is 37 years old. I got to meet Jesus for three years ago but have called me a Christian for almost 9 In short, I was criminal and drug addict and was in jail for 4 years. Get in touch with Christians through rehabilitation and then a charismatic Bible school. There was never any change on the inside but the outside everything seemed fine. So three years ago I heard genuine biblical preaching for the first time and God showed me my sin against him, which is a Holy God. This led to repentance and the Bible was suddenly definitive and vibrant. Since I have by God's grace and love with him. (This was the short version of my much longer testimony). I am married to Melanie and we have Bethina at 4 and Nicolai at 2 years. We live on Vigrestad in Rogaland. I have worked as a preacher of the word of God in the last 3 years and this is also my calling and ministry of Jesus. I belong to the "old school" who believe that the Bible is God's holy, infallible and complete words are food for the faithful and sufficient for the salvation of those who disbelieve. By God's grace, I try to teach all of God's household with a primary focus on the gospel, Jesus' vicarious death and resurrection for sinners. Please contact me by email or phone if you wish that I come to preach at you. God bless you. Jesus is Lord! (Sitar end).

This sounds fing and good, but he says that the Lord Jesus following: "Gehenna (original text) children."

He judges me to perdition, laughing at it closest and to pray for me. He is then totally emotionless, lacking empathy, putting himself in the place of God and lying!

I'm not saved because I preach the same doctrine that the early Christians and Jews? In fact, the Jews claim that we Gentile Christians are heretics because the erroneous doctrine of the Trinity (many do!).

I take something from Rosenius that fit this Storm Johansen-minded:

This is skjøgekjærligheten

If you were asked: How do you know you are saved? And you reply: "Well, there came a day when I bent down and gave me over to God." Then this is the words "costume" you stand up with you "has curled up and given over to God." Then we say, "Friend, you witness with your mouth that you are not saved!" Others will say, "God met me so convincing and strong in the Word that he is. After that I really liked to serve Jesus in my whole life. " An older professing Christian woman took a day against a real evangelical message. She handed it back after a while with these words: "I did not know anything about how we can win." The "having victory" was here was essentially, become "the suit." The message she got into the hands of him who is our victory was not enough for her. "This is fine, but grace is easy to understand. But we must continue, "states often. Oh, how we - in the diverse teachings around the Christian world today - is in danger of being put on every "our suit." See how easy Satan will drop to Christendom today! - Not least because we are so totally missing the "pure doctrine" of salvation for sinners in Jesus Christ alone! Once God had begun to seem something in us, as the revelation of the word, fervent prayer, sanctification, etc., so the adversary, and makes us so busy with all this, so we live in and on this. And so this has become our "costume" that we stand up for God. If you then get a meeting with God Laodicean church, Rev. 3, you will have the same testimony as them, "I am rich ... rich in conviction of sin, repentance, prayer, and hear me, have given me over to God, the victory of sin ... and lacks nothing! How is all that is "without wedding clothes." But Jesus says, "You do not know that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked." The fact that they had received Jesus, a spiritual storm, one convict as an earthquake, fire ... have become what they live, their wedding clothes. Jesus invites you to "buying of Me ... white garments, that you may be clothed, "Ap 3:18. With all these your "clothes" you are passionate about and keep in front of you, you are in Jesus' eyes that is at all not "dressed" - but naked! (End of quote).

Jesus says about such that they are naked, in other words, they're going against damnation if they do not find their way to repentance and true knowledge. It helps nothing to be recognized by the majority of the faithful because one believes in God a triad or three equal Gods!

Matthew 23 15 translated correctly: 15 South g, where e writings tl Aerden and fa Ride see re - where e HYK le re . Where e pdf r over sea and Dare t let nd for to about return one pro seals rendered, * and when where e fi nd r him, bark r where e him Tues l one Gehe nna s Sun n in doub el so st or degree that where e s el v. "

Final comment:

Imagine, today's preaching makes people who are "won" even worse than those apostates and do not live according to scripture. You should get more people to wake up!

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