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Nr. 95: Take care of what you do not lose it and you experience your life letdown!

Nr. 95:

Take care of what you do not lose it and you experience your life letdown!

Fork 6.9: "It is better to look at what you have, than to go there and feel like other things. This also is vanity and a striving after wind."

New International Version (© 1984)
Better that the eye sees what you have, than it is wandering the appetite for more.

The greatest wealth you want to achieve in life is NOW, it will not later assumption respectively!

It is very often that one sees how rich a really, before one loses and loses what one has. What is wealth, what is poverty? Røkke he is rich or is he poor? He is divorced, re-married and has not Jesus, I can not see that he is rich, really, he has failed the most important areas in life, in my opinion, but of course, there is forgiveness for him and everyone else to get in God.

The wise King Solomon said that it is better to look at what one has, to a craving for other things. The saying says that the grass is always greener on the other side. I have seen that people who get divorced and marry again, then they change themselves. Why not change before any experience such problems? Listening to advice from Father and Mother are actually the first commandment with promise. People today, especially here in Norway, is about to become very spoiled and own!

We quoted from: "(New International Version) Better that the eye sees what you have, than it is wandering the appetite for other things."

I have an appetite for living a little A4's life, with work, famille, house, home and car. I have been criticized by others sometimes to be the stereotype, but if one enjoys this life is not worth more than everything?

For others, as I live not an A4 life, when I go against the established specifically within its Christianity in Norway and the western world.

What should we preserve? Much rather than their own health, family, friends and the service and the church God has put into in.

Suddenly, everything can be lost and you have applied yourself and other major wounds and pain. There are people who attack us, but it does not hurt or sticks so deep. It is when one of those who are close to me, saying something which is most hurtful and stings the most.

Psalm 41:10 Also the man that I had peace with who I trusted, who ate my bread has lifted his heel against me.

This I interpret as that they actually may be my friends a day, next day you turn against me. Therefore, it pays not to rely too much on people, but primarily rely on the Lord.

Those who are closest to us should and we should not overlook or fail. It is those we need when trials come, they know both our good and bad sides. Scripture says that those who do not take care of their own is worse than an infidel. 1 Timothy. 5:8.

What is then this: "It is better to look at what you have, than to go there and feel like other things"?

If you are married, it's only the one is married with a stern, so that simple. If you have a job, even if things bytes received, then joins a job as best you can. Is one in a church, then shows a faithfulness and responsibility. Have a child, then do an all for them and set up always. When one then emphasizes this, as one would be in my opinion, really happy. But if one does not have a job, spouse, or everything else? And no home and no church like a walk in and feel comfortable in? I do not know, but it is still possible to be happy. It is better to be satisfied with "just" Jesus, than to have everything we read, among other things in Psalm 73 After Asaph had seen what happened to all non believers, even if they had the virtues in life. So it was he who saved that would, and had every reason to be satisfied. Sabbath, we have every day as believers, we are satisfied with life here and now. In spite of everything that is not as it should and ought to be. I write this to remind you that we have great reason to show gratitude in our country, we live in a quiet corner and have not really allowed to say a plaintive words. We should see that sin against the Father and the Son and of all men.

What's the secret? There may be many "secrets"? Take for example. being faithful in little, before any are put over bigger things, is the most wonderful and important. Remember before when I had time to study scripture and prayer with the Lord and live a life without passing public, I was the most happy person. One need not be a celebrity or star, only one, Jesus, he is more than NOK.

Psalm 73 23 But I will always be with you
You have seized my right hand.
24 You guide me with your advice,
and since you take me into glory.
25 Whom have I in heaven?
When I have you,
I desire nothing on earth.
26 About body and soul perish,
God is forever my rock and my part.
27 See, those who stay away from you will perish,
you will destroy anyone who is cheating on you.
28 But for me it's good to be near God.
I take my refuge in the Lord.
I will testify to all thy works.

Satisfied and faith in the small, then the one before or since put over the larger.

2. Kong. 4. 1. A woman who was the widow of one of the prophets, cried again Elisha, "My husband, who was your servant is dead. You know that he was a man who feared the Lord. But now comes one that he owed money, and will take both of my sons as slaves. "2 Elisha said to her:" What can I do for you? Tell me what you have in your house. "She said," Your maidservant has nothing in the house but a jar of oil. "3 Then he said:" Go out to all neighbors and your request to borrow the guy, so many empty guy you can get in. 4 Then go in and shut the door behind you and your sons. Pour oil into all these guys and put them away when they are full! "
5 The woman left him, and she closed the door behind him and his sons. They carried the men over to her, and she poured oil into them. 6 When the vessels were full, she said to one of his sons: "Let me have another guy!" "There is no more," he said. When held up the oil to drain. 7 She went and told the man of God. He said: "Go and sell the oil, and pay your debt! So, you and your sons live on what is left. "

The woman here was not very much, but when the Prophet gave her an opportunity she did everything she could, empty so she borrowed a man for others. When the miracle happened as it happened after what she had done. God gives us back our faith and fidelity. Of course, much more, yet for our allegiance. Think about it!

After she had paid the debt for the oil that had been in the blank guys she was living off what was left over. God always gives us more than we give him. God is good, yes only good to the pure in heart. It is indeed heart purity and sincerity that is more precious to God, a being rich as Olaf Thon, Reitan, Hagen and various others. Of course, it is difficult many times to see this, but who knows, maybe God also makes you rich like them? Still, things are much more important than being rich in material goods, it is the inner and spiritual values ​​that are most important and lasts longer.

Finally, I would say, the wealth you have today is sure bigger than you might want to get later. I think of myself, good health, famille and friends who are faithful and as I show affection and love is more precious and important than anything. There are some who criticize me for running the Audi A8 and other things, but all this is God's blessing and when it comes to cars. So it is also my family's safety to have a good vehicle, husmannsånden and pietism in Norway is as dangerous and destructive as the materialism and superficiality, just in different ways.

Scripture says:

Fork. 7. 16 Be not overly righteous,
and show yourself not wise!
Why would you destroy yourself?
17 Be not overly wicked,
and do not be a fool!
Why will you die prematurely?
18 It is good that you adhere to the one
and do not let go of the other.
The fear of God,
find their way between both.

It is about finding a way between both. We shall seek the Lord first, but also take care of everything else. That is why the Lord has put us here, that we should spend time and be together and enjoy fellowship with the people the Lord has put us in with. If you feel you without passing much of this, know that Jesus is you always NOK and he will compensate and assist you with everything that you would know and feel that you do not have. God is good and he is you always NOK!

Rooms. 10. 11 Scripture says, No one who believes in him shall be ashamed. 12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Gentile. All have the same Lord, and he is rich NOK for all who call on him. 13 Everyone who calls on the Lord's name shall be saved.

Note the words in v. 12: "He is rich NOK for all who call on him."
Jesus is rich NOK for you and me in every aspect in life no matter what we encounter, and better than what it can not say and a better promise than what find not. It is exceedingly large and rich, Røkke or anyone else can either give you or me such a lift. It can only and only Jesus is the finished and perfect sacrifice and salvation brought to pass, and created the Calvary cross 2000 years ago, incomprehensibly huge. It is not something that is bigger and better than this.

2. Pet. 1. 3 When we got to know him who called us by glory and power, gave his divine power to us all things that pertain unto life and godliness. 4 Thus we have the most precious and largest promises; by them should you partake of divine nature, having escaped from the decay of the world, that which comes from desire.

Conclude by saying that it is in verse 4: "we got the most precious and largest lift" and it should and result that we get more and more part of the "divine nature". This is a progression and a trend in that we always take care of what God has already given us and we will stadigvek something new. These two sides belong together and are really two sides of same coin, take care of what you have and get something new all the time.

Matt. 13. 52 Then he said to them, "Therefore every scribe who has been in Heaven School is like a householder who is both new and old to get out of his treasure."

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