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Nr. 87: Is all that is positive to Israel under God's protection and care?

Nr. 87:

Is all that is positive to Israel under God's protection and care?

First, I make the border to go to Israel in the soon coming 1000 year kingdom that can not possibly be so far away:

To confirm what is written about Israel's borders as mentioned these limits the first time in 1 Mos.15.18, for where it says: the day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates. (Euphrates) And we know that the river Euphrates is by Iraq. As he mentions in v.19-21 some people and their land was contained in the covenant. It mentions the Lord Hittites who are today's Turks. They lived at Hebron, but later fled to the Turkish areas So then Israel actually go from Egypt border, the whole of today's Palestine including Gaza to Turkey, Lebanon, and part of Syria and into Iraq's border, the river Euphrates. Also note that it is also about the Ammonites. This is actually Jordan today. Here, in fact God has a covenant to the Jews that Israel is as much a day. Israel owned this great country once but lost it by land volatility. Today, Israel has begun to take their country that God has given them. Piece by piece, he will give them back what they own. Norway and other nations of the world has no such covenant with God. It is only Jews who have. Had not God watched this covenant, Israel had been wiped out long ago. Israel as the people have power and strength in themselves to keep other nations away, but by God's strength and help guard him over his people. Even through the great tribulation that is coming soon for 7 years and with two upcoming world wars that will make 1 and 2 world wars as China puts the figure at first Gog war with Russia and its allies oppose Israel and Armageddon battle in which the united Europe with the Antichrist as the leader and the rest of the world's nations are against Israel. Will God save Israel because he said so himself in his own words.

Jeremiah 30 7 Woe! Great is the day, no one is it, and a time of trouble it is for Jacob, but he shall be saved from it.

Here is the Lord's many promises to Israel that they should be rescued and saved.

Back to the question, there are many interesting and important issues to address here. There are many who are very positive about Israel, even without being saved and have a personal faith in Jesus. Just think of the Jews themselves, the vast majority of them are not personally Christians or born again, but still defend the homeland, of course. There was a man named Leif Røssak who unfortunately died a few years ago who debated in the TV debates and confounded all without being a believer.

As a gesture to Leif Røssak I take here any he has written with other ask and he answers, this good man when all is said and done was an extraordinary man who died all too early:


Do you think the media, especially the Norwegian media give an accurate picture of what's happening in the Middle East, and it is true that the media should be in the Palestinian controlled area must sign a form saying they will not create reports that put the Palestinians in a badly light. L.H.
L. Huseby
Dear L. Huseby! We understand that the media is the analogy of David and Goliath very appealing, and we may see this as an important theme in media coverage. However, the reality far more complicated, and it does not put these things in a proper context and gives a complete picture of the situation. A complete picture could possibly ruin a good journalistic story.
Sagi and Leif

Christian Arabs and Israel.

Dear Leif Røssakk How many Christians are again in Beit Lehem and Judea, Samaria and Gaza in general? Is it true that they are persecuted and leave the Muslim-dominated areas? If it is true, what does Israel to help them? With kind regards,
Erez Uriely
Dear Erez! The Palestinian Arab Christians leaving the PA-controlled areas, and we therefore have no direct influence over this situation anymore, or their well-being in these areas.
Sagi and Leif

The right to land

As a condition of membership in the UN, Israel in the time required to define their boundaries, and boundaries / land I perceive as the core of the current conflict. What borders the state of Israel considers to be its boundaries today? Geir Ingvaldsen
Geir Ingvaldsen
Dear Geir! Israel was not asked to define their boundaries in 1948, but was imposed limits in 1948, when seven Arab neighbors attacked the country. Since then, Israel has been trying to get recognized borders, but has met with total rejection of the Arab world, which led to several other wars in Israel's short history. Now we hope that our neighbors are ready to sit at the negotiating table and formulate end to the conflict, so that Israel can exist within secure and recognized borders vis-à-vis its Arab neighbors.
Sagi and Leif


By occupying land illegally through so many decades, and carrying out an aggressive suppression policy towards the Palestinians, the Israelis achieve just that Jew hatred is thriving again. Do the Israeli authorities that one consciously or close their eyes to it?
Dear Havard! I am afraid that what you describe as "hatred against Jews" started before 1967. As you might ought to know, control the Palestinians - according to the Oslo Accords - 97 percent of the Palestinian population. Israel does not want to control another nation, and attempts to reach a peaceful solution, not violent. Our first choice is negotiating table, but it takes a brave decision by the Palestinian leadership, too, that you can put an end to this conflict. Unfortunately, we do not see any political will on the Palestinian side to take such decisions as Prime Minister Barak. The result is the continuation of violence and hatred, which we tried to put a stop to it.
Sagi and Leif

Basic contradictions

When you see the basic hatred between Palestinians and Jews, how can you believe that they can live side by side on top of both spiritual and ethnic volcano?
Dear H.B.! We simply have no choice. Jews and Palestinians living in the same small territory. It took many years before the parties understood that one or the other would disappear, and we as Israelis try to find solutions that make it possible to live alongside Israel and a Palestinian state. There is actually no other possible solutions.
Sagi and Leif

Double Moral

Barak was quick with a condemnation of the Palestinian Authority executed Palestinians who had collaborated with Israel. What right have Barak to do this who have accepted almost a daily execution of the Palestinians who they believe is a threat to Israel? It is actually boys down to 12 years.
Dag Ove Johansen
You are right to raise the question about the legal side of the Palestinian Authority's policy with regard to these executions, as Prime Minister Barak referring to. We are concerned about these executions, so that probably you are. We wish that it was used more appropriate legal means, as they are applied in, for example, Israel and Norway.
Sagi and Leif

Alternative forms of defense

We look at television images of brutal clashes in which Israeli soldiers shooting at stone's throw of people. We are many who have some understanding of the situation is perceived as threatening to the Israelis and that it is right to defend themselves against what appears to be an aggressive mob. But there are not other ways to keep a crowd from a distance? Do you know why you do not use such. water cannons and tear gas? It also seems as if there are Israeli soldiers who use unnecessary aggression against Palestinians. Performing the Israeli army some form of self policing to prevent aggression among soldiers in conflict-prone areas? Sorry if the questions are too detailed for you to answer this, but if not you can, who can answer?
Jon Bondevik
We, the Israelis are deeply concerned at the loss of human life, in this case the Palestinians. The price that Palestinians pay is without a doubt large. But there is an option. We have in the past 3.5 months recorded 2,500 armed attacks from the Palestinian side, whether from small arms, bombs, or mines in the road. This demonstrates that this is not a battle between the stones and firearms. It's actually not the situation today. Our soldiers are instructed to use only the force they have, in the face of the threat they face. If the Palestinians choose to send children to the front line when there is an exchange of fire between Palestinian police and military and Israeli soldiers, it is difficult for our soldiers to defend themselves without using weapons. Tear gas being used, however, when it can benefit from using this agent. But you understand that the historical struggle between David and Goliath is changed. The older brother of David does not have a stone in his hand, but a Kalashnikov (rifle), and you often see this on TV the pictures here.
Sagi and Leif

UN and Jerusalem

Is there a possible solution to hand over control of Jerusalem to the United Nations?
Eivind Vad Petersson
There has been a continuous connection between the Jews and Jerusalem. You can not cut this connection through negotiations, through mediation, whether through the UN or other organizations. So far we understand both Arab countries and the Muslim world rejected such a solution. Israel has a history of the united Jerusalem, where the country has guaranteed free access for all religions, and all three monotheistic religions have free access to their holy places. With Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, we will continue this policy of free access for all.
Sagi and Leif

Joeddene = Hitler?
Joeddene is very good at reminding us of what happened during the 2 world war. But they are not worse than Hitler in the way they treat the Palestinians? The Palestinians have also lived in "Israel" for thousands of years, and should at least have the same right to the lands of "Israel" if not more than joeddene. Is it that the Israelis think they have more right? This should not be FORCED joeddene moved to Israel from Europe, USA and Russia? They've been in these places in less time, others who live in the U.S., Europe and Russia.
P. R.
It is a shame that we get such comparisons in the year 2001. During the 2 World War II, more than 6 million Jews were murdered because they were Jews. You should have learned anything from history. Israel and the Jewish connection to this country has lasted for 4000 years. This is the very essence of Jewish history and identity, and they always have in these 4000 years had a connection and tilstedevær to the country.
Leif and Sagi

United Nations and Israel

Why does not Israel UN resolutions to withdraw from all the occupied territories?
The UN resolutions mean you probably UN resolutions 242 and 338 If we look at these resolutions, as they say is not that Israel should withdraw from all occupied territories, but the "occupied areas". Only negotiations between the parties may determine the final borders between Israel and Arab countries, Israel and the Palestinians. Otherwise, said Resolution 242 is not anything about the Palestinians (except for "refugees"). This refers therefore to the relationship between Israel and Arab countries. Oslo process is also based on these two resolutions, and the parties have chosen to add these resolutions to the ground in their negotiations. All outstanding issues will be resolved in direct negotiations among the parties, based on UN resolutions and the parties' particular needs (end of quote).

When Leif Røssak that was not a professing Christian, had such a vision, then we know that it in itself to be positive for Israel is not necessarily the same as being a Jesus believer and being born again.

The two largest erkekjeltringene the "Christian" area in the Nordic countries, Ulf Ekman and Jan Hanvold is positive for Israel, but both are cheaters, false teachers and false prophets

Being positive about Israel itself, saves no one and does no more spiritual. It is the relationship to Jesus and God's word that it is essential and that saves and makes her born again Christian.

Joh. e. 1 12 But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become children of God, to them that believe on his name: 13 and they are born not of blood, nor of the flesh, nor the will of man but of God .

I miss and think it is very sad that many believers have come into replacement theology. I hear sometimes on Adventists on the radio and they are 100% of replacement theology. There are many others who do the same and then omit Mon something very significant and important from God's word. But it is our relationship to Jesus and His finished work on Calvary that will be crucial if you are saved or not saved, saved, or you will perish.
When it comes to preaching to congregations that are preaching the word of the cross the very important point. It is our primary message, and then you can say that all other messages are secondary message of up to about preaching the word of the cross. But we study God's word carefully watch my so will the 144,000 be a digmaskifte just as the seasons change. This will be preaching a proclamation of the kingdom and the gospel. Judaism is tied to the temple, kingdom, sacrifices, etc.

As it basically does not belong to the church's concern. That is why so many people misunderstand and mixes here. Judaism without the Temple is like to play football without a ball. Therefore, the temple be rebuilt and the Jews returning to their country and they all be saved as a man in a day. There is a lot to say, see Rooms 9-11 where it says about the Jews that were disobedient, and we Gentiles were grafted, but when the fulness of the Gentiles has come in as close to so everything should go back to the Jews again. There are only a few of the church's most faithful will be to reign during the 1000 year kingdom, some of the 1, 2, 5 or 10 cities, according to loyalty one has proven to Christ and dugeligheten. But it is above all Israelis and Jews glory when God will restore everything to Israel and more than that, when the law will go out from Jerusalem and Israel. Israel is the future of the people rather than someone else, why Satan hates these people because of envy when he knows what God has said about this people, in spite of their disobedience, unbelief, immorality, arrogance, etc., etc. that we are all affected by. When God uvalgte them as he chose us it was because of one thing that he chose it out of himself and he asks no one for advice. When God sent his own beloved son said no to the Council, he chose it and decided it. God is high above us humans, Isaiah 55: 8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, your ways are not my ways, saith the Lord, 9 as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.
Personally, I am dismayed to see how easily fooled many Israeli friends are, just hear that some are positive towards Israel, it is all right with the people, and some negative as one goes too far in the opposite direction. We are talking about balance, too. The fear of God, says Solomon, finds a way between both, see Ecclesiastes 7: 18 It is good that you hold on one, but you should not let the other: for anyone who fears God finds a way out of everything this.
It is important to be positive for Israel, but above all to be positive for the living Son of God, Jesus and His plan for our lives, it is the only one who can save us. God said that it is he who will take care of Israel and all should be held accountable for their actions and attitudes to Israel.
It is my clear call to accept Jesus as fast as you can and live for him and be positive about Israel, and it shall go well and you have a bright future.

Rooms. 10. 8 But what says it? The word is near thee, in thy mouth and in thy heart: that is the word of faith, which we preach, 9 if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved: 10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Now we are the light and the missionaries, during the 1000 year kingdom will the Jews be the light of the world together with Christ. That Israel in many ways become the victim of a conspiracy, ambush and being lied to and talked about the false, what is and is Satan's biggest, strongest and most successful appearance, defame and stop all that God is behind and has chosen.

1. Kor. 1. 19 for it is written: I will destroy the wisdom and knowledge to the discerning will I bring to naught. 20 Where is the wise man, which is a scribe, which is investigating in this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? 21 For As the world not by their wisdom knew God in God's wisdom, it was the will of God by preaching foolishness to save them that believe, 22 As the both Jews demand signs and Greeks seek wisdom, 23 but we preach Christ crucified, to Jews a stumbling block and for the Gentiles foolishness, 24 but for those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, we proclaim Christ, God's power and wisdom of God. 25 For God's foolishness is wiser than men, and God's weakness is stronger than men. 26 For notice your calling, brethren, that not many wise after the flesh was called, not many mighty, not many high-born, 27 but it is bad in the world, that God chose him to make the wise to shame, and it which is weak in the world, the God chose him to make it strong to shame, 28 and it is low in the world, and that which is despised, the God chose him, as nothing is to destroy the is something, 29 so that no flesh should boast before God.

Everything from God will never understand the interest with their own intellectual and sense, no knead get nothing, it is given by my Heavenly Father, Jesus said. This is first and foremost on an intellectual level, therefore it is to do not fight like men, but standing controversy on the spiritual plane and get spiritual understanding and enlightenment. There are of course much more to say and write, but will stop here when you have the opportunity to submit questions or even to write on this blog, you are welcome to do. Farewell in the name of Jesus and be blessed and remain blessed in Christ Jesus.

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