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Nr. 33: Mark of the beast!

Nr: 33
Mark of the beast!

We have been too modest and insignificant in all we do. Reading the newspapers one day, Norway, in Day, VL, KS and other newspapers as being a death of boredom. It is the same up and up again and never and rarely anything new that brings us into the spiritual battle we are in.

Should one bring up the heat in a cold room, a set of power or gas. Makes a food, it can also happen that it boils over or that the food is burned. But up against eating cold food, it is still better with burnt food if one is really hungry. This is also in the spiritual realm, it is better that one sometimes goes too far and say and do things that could have been undone.

The chip comes, but when?

A couple years ago I got in my own bank here in London (usually I have any connection with this bank on the west coast), and he had no cash. Now they are about to introduce this as I understand it, what we face then?

The money solve society.

When one gets a sum loose society, how should one be required and could indicate that the one is? So need a no keys to their homes or their own car, one has a chip that one opens up with everything. But so can someone steal this chip, what can one do?

A tiny chip implanted in either the forehead or on the right hand of God's word says.

In fact, we are facing this in Norway today, and no Christian newspapers write about this, why? The world's Spirit has moved Christians to such a degree that does not respond, and provided further, how far into the night we arrived, I ask myself?

All of this can be found in my commentaries on Revelation.

RFID chip

Retrieved from the web: RFID tags are used both as an electronic identifier and as theft protection. There are pieces for all types of materials. We store information in the chip for identification, according to Norwegian RFID standard.

Theft Protection works like this: If filing is an alarmbit the chip on and on loans, this alarm bit off. An alarm port at the end gives sound and light alarm if a material passes with alarmbit active.

The pieces have a range of alarm port distance of up to 90-145 cm. The range depends on the type of alarm port, conditions at the installation site, chip type and the type of material where the tiles are fitted. The chip's readability in desk / self / slots may vary due to the above conditions (end of quote).

All this coming and is about to come, and the Christians are sleeping and are not updated. Why is become so apathetic and lethargic? Now one must speak out and educate the Christians that this is prophesied in Revelation and we are about to go into what is written.

The money solve society.

Retrieved from VG-Debate written by Open Your Eyes:

Are we the end of money? Just before the weekend was a report on TV2 on the basis of the treasurer in Oslo went public with a desire that the banknotes of £. 500, - removed entirely! There was also a desire that trade over $. 1.000, - in cash should be prohibited. In other words, you buy something that costs $. 1,100 - so you MUST pay online by card.

Now considered a representative of the Ministry of Finance that the time was not ripe to go that low, but indicated that a limit of $. 40.000, - is something you are considering. In other words, you should buy something for £. 41,000 - so you MUST use either the short or paid through the banking system.

The motivation for these wishes are of course in the first instance to remove the possibility of using black money for major purchases. But, if I were the owner of a shop and had to live under these conditions, I was well instead motivated them to take the money black?

Anyway, this topic is constantly brought to court by bureaucrats and politicians. It is slowly but surely towards a monetary society loose to make it "impossible" to act black in any way.

When we get there, money is just numbers on a computer screen of broken and on your account statement. You never get a chance to actually see this money. One has then also removed the possibility of a "run" on banks when cash is not legal anymore. This can be NOK ANOTHER reason why "power" wants to remove money.

However, when the money just has some numbers on paper or on a computer screen, and the money supply as the country sits on, (and which are not even backed by gold) no longer has any interest in someone who has cash, then we all come in the final situation when the authorities can control every single one of us through the economy. Money has become the "point" that the state can actually decide on through a few keystrokes.

DA, we have all become potential slaves of the state and our freedom with a few keystrokes will be to history (end of quote). What do we do?

The totalitarian society.

From Wikipedia: A totalitarian regime or totalitarianism, is a form of government where the regime is trying to make the most possible personal, economic and political aspects of the life of the population.

Benito Mussolini was the first to use the concept of totalitarianism with a positive approach to describe his own dictatorship. A familiar sign of totalitarianism is the state's total claim on its citizens.

A totalitarian system thus differs not only from the democracies, but also from the authoritarian system, in that it not only cracks down on opposition movements, but also requires active and positive support for the regime in both the private and public life. The objective will therefore be to implement major changes in the whole social structure, and not only to retain power.

Totalitarian systems have been founded on different ideologies and goals, for example:

to restructure society to introduce a completely new economic system, as under communism in general and Stalinism and Maoism in particular
to institutionalize racism, as under Nazism
to reform the human nature through the fundamentalist religious practice, such as the Taliban in Afghanistan Board
to gain domination over other states, such as Nazism and Stalinism did
Tool that uses the powers that be in this regime, secret police, propaganda and suppression of any open criticism of the regime, often through terror. The purpose will often be to get everyone to submit to an ideology, one party or a leader (end of quote).

I stop here and will only recommend my bible commentary from the Revelation of the very strongest for those who want to know the truth.

When everyone has a computer chip or chip that is laser shot into the body either on the forehead or right hand to buy, take out money, open up the door to the house, job and everything else, what? How will this happen?

Satan will let a few "selected" start with this! Canada has developed a microchip that can be inserted under the skin on the forehead or on the right. It was meant to introduce this, but it was stopped by the Christians in Canada, thanks and praise for it!

When they tried this out, agreed and accepted it. And all understanding Peer-is and all the other view and wise in this world has found all the benefits of it. Inspectorate and all other bodies approve it. When will the politicians and the entire community with banking system in tip first say that now there are many advantages to this. Those who do not want this, you will eventually be forced to have a laser chip in the body that identifies them. Is this an exaggeration? Everything is clear and it is desired by many to take this into use. Both those who are ignorant and those who deliberately do this is Satan's machinations against all people to catch all of his net, think so close, we mean that the vast majority has been silent to this terrible scourge which is about to be on us all, especially in the western and "Christian" world. What is the solution?

To advise and speak for and against it.

What is to inform? This is to inform and disclose any other. This is, unfortunately, most Christians are about to do, that's their job. Isaiah compares it to be like a guard dog to stop barking and being a watchdog, there are the faithful come in a too large extent.

Isaiah Isaiah 56.10-11 describes: "Israel's watchmen are blind, they all know nothing. All of them are dumb dogs, they can not bark; the lies and dreams and love to sleep, they are greedy dogs, they are never satisfied. They are shepherds who lack understanding heed, all together, they turned to their own way, each to his own gain, from the first to the last. "

Guard dogs, as before announced enemies and intruders are stopped barking, sleeping and dreaming of revival and his own gain. Who takes over when the church of God?

The false prophets that Jesus prophesied would come.

Matt. 24. 11 Many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.

In Matt. 24, he built on this in chapter three times and then as the main theme.
v. 4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, See that no one leads you astray! 5 For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ, and shall deceive many (1st time).
v. 11 and many false prophets will arise and deceive many (2nd time).
v. 24 For false Christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so that even the elect would be deceived, if it were possible. 25 See, I told you before. 26 If they shall say unto you, Behold, he is out in the desert, go not out there: behold, he is right in the chambers, believe it (3rd time).

Jesus said earthquakes, natural disasters, restoration of Israel, signs in the sun and moon only 1 time, while the religious deception that is 3 times. Then we and should we study this, in its full width and depth!

Believe and are convinced that God's people from Roman Catholics and Pentecostals have been misled in their beliefs. It does not help to be sincere and believe that we are right because we are so many, etc. The only thing that keeps what is the font and font alone says.

False prophets in the Old Testament

There were many false prophets in the Old Testament, they all have something to tell us when several of them also mentioned in the NT. Let's stop with the three from the Old Testament and three in the NT.

1) Nimrod, great grandson of Noah: 1 Genesis 10 8 And Cush begat Nimrod: he was the first to receive wide dominion of the earth. 9 He was a very hunter before the LORD: therefore, people say: A very hunter before the Lord as Nimrod.
But this is a huge translation error in the Norwegian Bible text. The basic text is not really a hunter before the Lord. But AGAINST THE LORD. He showed through his fist against the Lord and despised everything that God stood for. It was Nimrod who was even good and excellent man that showed better than God. He was like an antichrist, he would have everything his own way and have their own religion. Antichrist really means instead of Christ, and not primarily against Christ from the Greek language. He oppressed others at the expense of themselves. He elbows his way and came back. In January Hanvold and many others, the elbows forward. The Bible describes him as a false prophet.

2) Balaam: He was a pagan soothsayer from Petor the Euphrates. (Josh. 13.22). He was a strange kind of spiritual blend like. Emanuel Minos and others. He had a clear testimony of Christ, but did not hesitate to open up everything else. This he did with Israel when he led them to commit adultery that he himself would have economic benefits. The Bible describes him as a false prophet.

3. Hananiah: Hananiah means "The Lord is gracious." But grace is from God and the grace that comes from the man himself can not be compared. We meet Hananiah in Jeremiah as a prophet of happiness that says straight out that living in sin has no consequences, just as grace-preaching to Åge Åleskjær and unfortunately many others. In Jeremiah 28 Hananiah prophesied falsely by saying that Israel could be two years in Babylon, but God's word through the prophet Jeremiah said 70 years. Hananiah was killed the same year he prophesied falsely. The late Aril Edvardsen always came with a new and false prophecy in the Sharon Valley of the 30 years of his past life and nothing of what has been prophesied has happened. The Bible describes Hananiah as a false prophet.

False prophets in the New Testament

4) Acts. 13. 6 "After they had now wandered through the whole island unto Paphos, they found a certain sorcerer, a false prophet, a Jew named Barjesus".
This Barjesus was sympathetically received almost everyone, except the Lord's true witnesses, Paul.
8 "But Elymas - sorcerer, as his name means - opposed them and tried to get the governor away from the faith. 9 Then Saul, who was also called Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit. He saw the sorcerer right in the eye 10 and said, "You son of the devil, full of all kinds of deceit and evil, an enemy of everything that is right, you should never keep up doing the Lord's right ways crooked? 11 See, now do the Lord's hand on you, you must be blind for a while and not see the sun. "As soon fell mist and darkness upon him, and he fumbled around looking for someone to hire him. 12 When the governor saw what had happened, he was completely overwhelmed by the Lord's teachings and came to believe ".
When someone goes strongly against my preaching and holding forth the word of God as they are in the process of being false prophets. There are several who have gone against me in the past. Can name a Pastor Bjorn Olaf Hansen I would warn against the manipulative and cynical. The Bible describes Berjesus as a false prophet.

5.) 2. Tim. 4. 14 Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord will reward him according to his deeds. This copper smith presented nausea and trouble for Paul. When he could so denigrated him. To discredit the Lord's true witnesses, for no reason, it is to do harm, says the font. The smith tried to get Paul condemned for something he had done. The desire to verdict and death of the Lord's witness is to put oneself in danger, even in death. I know a man named Mydland, in youth at Karmøy, which was strongly against me for no reason. I told my wife that "he thinks I'm going to die, for what he has done is so severe," and the day after I read the obituary in the newspaper. I did not know he had been sick with a terminal cancer diagnosis, poor man. It is not only Ananias and Sapphira, who died under God's verdict, it can happen again. Here it is important to tread carefully and look out and see what God's word says. God's word teaches that this Alexander was a false prophet.

6) The Jews as a people stood against Paul. They made the most disgusted and stopped him in his service to God. In many ways it is fair to say that the Jews at the beginning as they went forward towards the believers and the first missionaries like Paul, they were against God, and destroyed them as much as possible to prevent them. They put fake plans, used the mob against them and kept them in every way. 2. Tess. 1. 5 - a warning of God's judgment - that ye shall be worthy of the kingdom of God, that I and suffer for, 6 unless it is fair for God to give those who need you, crowding to the charge, 7 but you needed, peace with us, when our Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, 8 in flaming fire, when he takes vengeance on them that know not God, and of those who are not obedient to our Lord Jesus' gospel.
It was here that the Jews who in bad faith was Paul and his associates received. There were more than one person, but a group. Sometimes we get a collective responsibility when we are in a collective group that is the truth and God's messengers against. This can be said is more. We might mention how Catholics have opposed the true believers in the last 1700 years. We can mention the Muslims who have resisted the true believers. We can mention several times how many groups and factions have collectively gone against the Lord's Witnesses and the Christian message. We all have a responsibility to break out of a group when this is destructive and is against Christ. These Jews who opposed Paul here mentions writing as false prophets.

After a brief review here, so we need to take several conclusions. It is that there are many false prophets out to go, cf Matt.24: 11 One is not only a false prophet by self-learning and living wrong. But also by supporting the false prophets and not take away from them. You are in danger of being a false prophet by standing against the Lord's servants, this is serious! One is a false prophet even to participate in a collective or a group of people who are against the truth and working against the Lord's witnesses consciously. Do we understand why the widespread and serious teaching of Jesus is? This was like a ploggspiss in Jesus' teaching. We need to take it to heart and mind.

Paul mentioned that it would appear the following after his death:

Acts. 20. 29 I know that after my departure shall grievous wolves come in among you, not sparing the flock, 30 even among yourselves men will be perceived as leading perverse speech to entice the disciples after themselves.

This, we live in the middle of now. They will lead perverse speech and entice the disciples after themselves. Who will seemingly prosper in the years before the Lord comes? The fake, it says right out! They will entice the disciples after themselves. Those who had been disciples therefore the faithful during his preaching has not. But who "they"? The false! This is unfortunately something that manifests itself, therefore, lie in the mind and heart. The "growing" is many times from Satan. The "shrinking" is many times from God, it is scriptural learning!
They shall be permissible to have "gone" on the believers when they give them what they want and need in preaching. They will scratch the people in your ears, Paul says, meaning that they should give them exactly what they want, no conversion and the costs of being a believer and follow Jesus. Can quickly mention that they should accept homosexuality, remarriage, lesbian lifestyle, wrong preaching when everything is just fine, everything is in, etc.

The classic Pentecostal revival and since the charismatic "revival", both of which occurred in the 20 century, has had an enormous impact on Christianity worldwide. All denominations and congregations are touched in some way. The classic Pentecostal revival began in 1901 and the charismatic "revival" ca. 60 years later. These two, who initially was so completely different, have now merged and is now the world's largest Christian movement by the Catholic church.
The revival that began in 1901 in Topeka, Kansas, USA with the Holy Spirit fell on longing and praying students in a Bible school and where Agnes Osman and then Charles Parham was the first who spoke in tongues, spread, and soon came to Los Angeles and a small church in Asuza Street with the colored pastor Seymour. From there it spread to the whole world and came early (1906) to Norway and then in Scandinavia and Europe by metodistpastor TB Barratt. The revival was marked by the Holy Spirit of holiness in both the inner and outer, surrender to God's leadership, radical and uncompromising preaching of the Word ground and reach the pole from all forms of alliances, which broke with the Word of God.
The charismatic "revival" began in the 1960's. It has essentially nothing to do with the Holy Spirit to do, but are a gigantic deception and fulfillment of biblical prophecies about the end times and Jesus' own predictions about the first and most important sign of the end times: "See that no one deceives you! - For false messiass'er and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so that even the elect would be deceived, if it were possible. See, I told you before. "(Mt.24.4, 24) But let me also emphasize that the first Pentecostal revival still has vitality and longing believers all over the world are experiencing a biblical and true fullness of the Holy Spirit. The fake has always been in parallel with the real.

Seduction, called the charismatic "revival" had before 1960 - the number his predecessors. One of them was the longtime head of the PWC, (Pentecostal World Conference), David du Plessis (1905-1987). So central was his position that he was nicknamed "Mr.Pentecost" (Mr. Pentecost). His enormous influence in the Pentecostal movement made him attractive to the Catholic Church seductive agents and he was close friend of not less than three popes named by Cardinal Bea invited to the Third Session of the Second Vatican Council in 1963-65 and then to six of the meetings of the WCC (WCC). I remember even how Pentecostals boasted of this and believed that the Pentecostal revival was to gain influence in the Vatican. It was the opposite. Mt.Pentecost hailed the Virgin Mary's revelation at Medjugorje in Yugoslavia, and visited the site.
The charismatic revival proponents claim that this "revival" was born in that the Episcopal priest Dennis Bennett from California on April 3, 1960 claimed to have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. Later in the 60th century, he was the keynote speaker during the summer in the Sharon Valley. Sharon Dal and evangelist Arild Edvardsen was the charismatic revival gateway to Norway and Scandinavia.
From 1940 onwards, healing preachers like William Branham, Oral Roberts, Gordon Lindsey, AAAllan, Tommy Hicks, TLOsborne and seemed partially and with great success on the side of the organized Pentecostalism. A new movement, "Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International" headed by Demos Shakarian opened up for these helbredelsespredikantene. Soon this movement toned down the importance of having a biblical doctrine and argued in his magazine "Voice" that God never intended that the Full Gospel Business But or Pentecostals should have a monopoly on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. For the benefit of his views was found in the famous British Pentecostal preacher and trosforkynneren Smith Wigglesworth's prophecy from 1936. Here, he predicted a coming Pentecost revival where David du Plessis was to play a major role. No prophecies, however, put God's clear words aside. The charismatic "revival" is not good enough in Yahweh's Word.

The charismatic "revival" story is the story of the future worst deception and Satan's attempt to copy the genuine gifts and the true service gifts. Well-known preachers who Poul Yonggi Cho, Harold Bredesen, Juan Carlos Ortis, Morris Cerullo, Kennth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Ulf Ekman, Åge Åleskjær, Jan Hanvold, Oase Movement and many others have reinforced delusion and have been contributors to the increasingly learn solve and ecumenical way "revival" has taken.

Arild Edvardsen stopped early release of the booklet the former Catholic priest Lionel Coeckelberghs from Brussels had written and published by Miracle Publishing. The booklet titled, "Is the Great Apostasy BACK TO ROOM front of our doors?". And just this defection, the book warns against, has been full and this is the charismatic delusion played an important role. The important Catholic Council in 1956, the 2nd Vatican Council, had provided an opening for fraternization with other churches and was described as a prophetic fulfillment. This was reinforced by the subsequent sessions of the Council. This worldwide ecumenical church that takes its distinct shape today warned all old Pentecostal preachers against. It was a classic theme in all meetings and conferences. And Coeckelbergs concludes his booklet: "The presence of true Christians will not be tolerated by the human universal Church. Believers from all Christian denominations whose churches have joined forces with the great universal church will have to leave their churches if they do not want to have his name erased from the book of life. The only place reserved for all true Christians will be outside the camp where they are going to fulfill Jesus' physical suffering. At this place, outside the camp, all honest and truth loving people meet each other and enjoy full community in the Spirit and peace in their hearts .... " So far there has been little gathering outside the camp, but the more in the religious apostates camp with the papal church in the center. And the alliance line seems today to extend beyond the Catholic church and embrace other religions. Who would believe that the Pentecostal preachers would speak warmly to the defense of the Koran and Allah?

The new Pentecostal revival, the charismatic, who also was named the "third wave" (1.pinsedag.2. The classic pinsebevegelse.3.Den charismatic) soon foothold in the traditional churches, not least in the Catholic Church. Cardinal Suen received his "Åndsdåpsopplevelse" and spoke in tongues and many others followed, hundreds of thousands of Catholics speaking in tongues. Pope John Paul the 2nd has published a handbook, "Ut Unum Sint" (That may be one). It instructs him in how the Roman Catholic Vatican to put new ecumenical plan in action. In June 2000, coordinated the Franciscan University of Staubenville, Ohio, a conference called "Celebrate Jesus 2000". (Jesus Celebration 2000) Well-known Catholic and charismatic leaders and speakers participated, and the invitation went out to: The charismatic revival, Catholics, Protestants, Pentecostals and non-union churches.

As the ministers were among others John Arnott (Chairman of the Vinyard and TB), Tom Forrest (international director of Evangelization 2000, and even under the leadership of the Vatican), Pat Robertson (leader of the Christian Network and the well-known Pentecostal) Jack Hayford (Chairman of the Pentecostal direction: the Foursquare Gospel and internationally known charismatic conference speaker and Bible teacher), Catholic Bishop Sam Jacobs, John Kilpatrick (Pastor of Brownsville Assembly of God, Pencecola), Franciscan Michael Scanlon, Thomas Trask (Secretary General of the Pentecostal movement, the Assemblies of God) Stephen Hill (known from the Pensacola revival and meetings of the Norwegian Pentecostal churches) and several other promoted priests and preachers.

What confusion, this monstrous development of the so-called charismatic "revival", the Norwegian Pentecostal leaders and others have been aware for some time, but few or none have dared to warn. No longer dare well to look closely at the Toronto "revival" or the Pensacola "revival" in which thousands of Norwegian Pentecostals and charismatics have flocked to.

A new breed of pastors and preachers have gradually taken over the churches. Ambitious and hungry for success and eager to get their dreams fulfilled by the many prophecy that is pronounced upon them. Many are educated by the charismatic Bible schools in the United States or other countries, or in the Norwegian and Swedish Bible schools where teaching is dominated by the charismatic preaching.

Many things could have been written to document this and the developments that have led to the condition that now prevails also in Scandinavian countries. I have many articles and teaching tapes substantiated why I believe that the states Paul describes in 2.Kor.11. 3-4 for a snake that seduces and corrupts cunning and deceiving the faithful to follow another Jesus, another spirit and another gospel. This met today in the charismatic - ecumenical movement.

The fire that lit the apostles and early Christians at Pentecost and then came back to power in 1901 and beyond is so essentially different from the fire that came with the charismatic "revival". This new fire creates an experience community and a community of faith built on the apostles' doctrine and uncompromising related to its truth. The new fire does not burn up sin, heresy, compromise the spirit of Babylon and the religious-political confusion. But it directs its fire and power against those who will follow the Word, the apostolic doctrine, holiness, radical repentance and biblical ministry and church life. There is a fire that antennas and uses secular done singing style, rock, theater, sports, dance and other kinds of secular entertainment. The fire in their worship scares those who are born in the Spirit's atmosphere and who knows the real sweet and sublime form of worship. The new "revival" froze out the good old faithful, Spirit-filled and Bible-believing preachers. And we see today that the Pentecostal movement's bodies are dominated by this apostasy that they call "revival".

In these charismatic meetings, I am convinced that none of the Pentecostal pioneer founders would thrive. They were baptized in the "Holy Spirit" and not "another spirit".

This revival has destroyed churches, preachers, elders, Bible schools singing and music, face shapes, worship, gifts, view of holiness and separation, mission, church growth, conferences, events, Christian magazines and periodicals, etc. It is tragic when the gifts states lie and false teachings. It is a serious signal when the "Spirit baptism" made hundreds of thousands of Catholics to even more pavetro, Mary and saints adoring Catholics, when the Episcopal clergy were even more sacramental, when the Lutherans became even more convinced of his barnedåpslære and other stray learn. Fear to deal with all of this has crippled almost all true-born Pentecostal leaders and witnesses.

But you have been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in more than 20 years, so take time to ponder on the enormous development that has taken place. Dare you to God and his Word say that you are satisfied with what has happened?

And you who have been saved in recent years. You have hardly heard the good, old-fashioned apostolic preaching. You think that you experience in charismatic meetings is true Pentecostal revival and get carried away. Do not be deceived any longer. Across the world, progress is now a true biblical revival of the old and genuine kind where a biblical preaching draws up the old guidelines and limits to the world and the fallen religious churches marked and where the Bible's prophetic warnings about the future åndsvillfarelser and false revivals taken seriously.

But you still have spiritual gangsyn know that there is something in the Bible called "the faith once for all was delivered to the saints", and it is worth fighting for? (Jud.1-2) I will make one last question, it is:

Scales where much of the night are we?

Isaiah `9:11 p.m., the question:" Watchman, how far is it night? "In our time it is very much applicable to travel an identical question. We constantly see how the Biblical prophecies that are linked to Christ's return is its fulfillment.

Jews return to Israel (Jeremiah 16:14-16; Esek.11: 17), and just that with the fact that they have attained national independence, is the biggest sign of Jesus' soon return (Matt.24: 32 - 34). At the same time the great apostasy form, especially in Western countries. This paves the way for the Antichrist (2 Thessalonians. 2:1-12). A lukewarm Christianity, together with representatives of all world religions, will in time loyally submit to this great man.

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