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Nr. 34: Shall we have sex in the sky and recognize each other?

Nr. 34:

Shall we have sex in the sky and recognize each other?


This is a very difficult question when the font is not related to this as far as I can see in its depth.

It says the following on what Jesus said.

Matt. 22. 30. For in the resurrection neither are they genuine or given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven.

It says that we do not separate and marry us here on earth, but there is no 100% more and specific than that. We read in 1 Genesis 6 1. People began to multiply on the earth, and they had daughters. 2 Son of God so that man's daughters were beautiful, and they took some of them wives, who they would most like to have. 3 The Lord said, "My spirit shall not forever dwell in the people, for they are only weak creatures. Their life will be 120 years. "
4 At the time, and since too, there were giants on the earth. For god's sons lived with the daughters of men and had children with them. It was the mighty men of old, the renowned ..

We read about the fallen angels that they could propagate even if they are first and foremost spiritual beings. Then we must believe that the angels - the angels of God - can it?

Sexuality can be controlled all the roads!

In order not to open up to ideas that are not found evidence in the Bible about, so we can stick to a mortal level. And a level that we understand here and now. Sex can show us that loving and faithful, and as a sadist and a pervert. Depending on which we live this out.

It is not going to get away from that sex is an important part that marriage and relationships. If we are to live as a couple in the sky? For me it is unthinkable not to live as a family in heaven in some way. The one has lived with here on earth will in some way also live with that, it is my firm conviction.

I do not know if we are to have sex in heaven in some way, but it's not for me unthinkable.

Here is a link to this topic, as I believe that God has given us everything, even sex for utilization, propagation and signs of affection and love.

It is my firm conviction that we will recognize each other. We would not be stupid there than here!

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