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Nr. 35: Can we eat blood?

Nr. 35:

Can we eat blood?


It was not just Jews who were forbidden to eat blood! Ever since people were allowed to eat meat, ie immediately after the flood, were all human ancestor, Noah, and thus all his descendants, the prohibition against eating meat with blood in. (1 Deuteronomy 9:4)
Later, this was repeated for the Jews. (3 Exodus 17:10) It was the death penalty for breaking this!
What about the Christians? According to Acts 15:28,29: The Holy Spirit and we have decided not to put any burden on you than the absolutely necessary things, 29 that you are to abstain from pagan sacrificial meats, from blood, from meat of strangled animals and from adultery. If you take heed of such things, it will do well. Live well. We read here that it was determined that those who were Christians would not be required to keep the Mosaic Law and, among other things had to be circumcised. There were still a few things that still was "absolutely necessary", among other things, to stay away "from blood" and "the meat of strangled animals" (which contained the blood).
It is therefore clear that the Christians if they follow the Bible, should not eat blood!
There are blood products that we will refrain from as blood pudding, blood sausage, etc. Anything that is not the blood has run out of!

Blood transfusion and to give blood I do not see as gærent as it is to save lives and to make an operation possible.

From Wikipedia: Blood Transfusion (or blood) is the transfer of blood from one person to another person for medical purposes. Blood transfusions are used as therapy in conjunction with blood loss or in connection with the production of certain components in the blood does not happen the way it should.

By blood transfusion, it is important that the recipient has a blood type that matches the customer's blood type. People with blood type 0 can give to everyone, but only from people with 0 People with blood type AB can receive from anyone, but only give to others with AB. In addition, there are many other factors, such as Rhesussystemet at play.

Blood transfusion can be given as whole blood transfer or a concentrated portion of blood that can possibly have much use for (red blood cells, platelets or blood plasma).

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