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No. 1570: Why the sentence against me is the history of Norway, one of the greatest justice words, if not the biggest ?!

No. 1570:
Why the sentence against me is the history of Norway, one of the greatest justice words, if not the biggest ?!
Picture of one of the judges who dismissed my appeal in the Norwegian Supreme Court, Arnfinn Bårdsen, there were two others who dismissed my appeal. It was Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen and Wilhelm Matheson, who have shown that they are not fully geared to the job they are supposed to do after my assessment. To reject this appeal is completely "hit"!

Picture of the rejection of the appeal without justification showing only that the verdict against me is fabricated and we have in fact not had any chance of winning. Will therefore try the verdict before the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg.

I do not mean that what I have been and is exposed to is Norway's worst justice word, but the biggest in the sense that I have been convicted of a thing that has never been dealt with in court. And what I am charged with was dealt with in court, but not convicted of.
Then there is a judgment that is written in many ways in the "back room" and reminiscent of a judgment from Congo or North Korea, albeit not worse. Should try to office this, as some do not want to or understand this.
  1. Great Norwegian dictionary: Justism, originally the case that an innocent was convicted and executed. In recent language to kbruk used the term occasionally on any given and enforceable judgment that affects one that should not v æ been convicted (end of quote).
The whole case is based on false accusations from Jan Aage Torp's side, where he should and should be sentenced in this case, not me!
  1. Brynjar Meling writes in his appeal letter to Norwegian H ø Supreme which is the very reason that this is a miscarriage of justice: 
Fact of the case
The District Court has made the district court's description of fact to its own by citing the three most important sections of the District Court's reproduction of the fact on pages 3 and 4 of the Court of Appeal's judgment. As far as it goes, this description must therefore be taken into account, str.prl. § 306, second paragraph.
(Quote ending).
When I have been convicted of not having been debated in court.
Then is this missing? And I get accusations against me that seem to be written in a "boy's room" when I get accused and appealed to opinions, attitudes and views that have not been addressed.
The Justism of Time, a judgment ala Congo And North Korea is this!
  1. N to r hatPastor Jan Aage Torp, Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg have written much more b to those in quantity and verbal words and expressions than me. Then the judgment against me becomes a word of justice and fabricated.
  1. I have written what I have done from a theological and biblical conviction. Have never had contact with Jan Aage Torp, except I have read that he is an adulterer with v æ re upward married.
It is therefore a judgment that limits freedom of belief and expression.
  1. N to r in question amount s to 95% of what is written about Jan Aage Torp written by his fictional review of mine, therefore, b to the review and judgment against me and the Heavenly blog nothing else than a Fake space and an justice word.
  1. In this case s to it misuses of the law by the police and the Norwegian judicial system to f to me d ø mt:
Section 390a. Anyone who, by means of intimidating or disturbing behavior or other reckless conduct, violates another's peace or contributes to this shall be fined by imprisonment or imprisonment for up to 2 years.
I have never sought Jan Aage Torp once, but by him and his supporters. Have received a lot of mail, document falsification and much more. This completely ignores the police, which just shows me the police as a criminal!
  1. What else writes and speaks on to the Internet and otherwise. It makes ø r me to a keyword ndagsskole boy is to respect. Had I v æ been Muslim, Sikh or regular Gentilehad no bothered. It is because I am a Christian, and Torp has f to tt these r tne people with against me and the Heavenly blog. That I have been convicted of something I have not really done. It has not v æ been debated in court what I'm d ø mt for.
  1. Jan Aage Torp came with some numbers in Oslo Tingrett which have not been documented. It is strange with this, that a man like blatant lie and make ø r anything to f toforward their interests and views. Not being required documentation of this in itself tells me that the whole thing against me and the heavenly blog is really a big dad!
  1. My subjective experience of this is also to negative. When I belief never v æ rt d ø mt f o r i have been seen in court once. When these should who are professional v æ lead to the guidance, but here do Usin g the opposite. They take advantage of my "kindness" and that I am a law-abiding person to enter a judgment p to "Space"! This is rttenskap and misconduct in my ear eyes.
  1. That case did not come up in Norwegian H ø Supreme for treatment, without justification makes ø r that really the rule of law in Norway to zero!
Final Comment:
It is not without reason we want to try this case before the Strasbourg Human Rights Court. That is the sentence against me and the heavenly blog is a justice word.

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