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No. 1585: Thanks for support and prayer, as we have now paid the first $ 15,000 as an advance to our lawyer so that he can start work to lower the appeal to the Strasbourg Human Rights Court!

No. 1585:
Thanks for support and prayer, as we have now paid the first $ 15,000 as an advance to our lawyer so that he can start work to lower the appeal to the Strasbourg Human Rights Court!
1 pet. 4. 15 For none of you may suffer as a murderer or thief or wrong man or as one who interferes in the affairs of others; 16 But if he suffers as a Christian, he shall not be ashamed, but praise God for this name.
In this case nobody has anything to say anything about me, so in order to cope with convicting me they go behind my back and almost find something to make me convicted. Here, I suffer and become sentenced because I am a Christian, please help me and the matter!
Picture of the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg in France to which this case is being tested.

Since, in my view, this case has not been dealt with in Norwegian justice system in a worthwhile and good way, since the whole judgment against me and the heavenly blog is the way I see it a big big dad!
Picture here is the advance we have paid to our Attorney Brynjar Meling so that he can start writing the appeal to Strasbourg that I have to pay myself now.
If we win something I think we have real opportunities to do, then I get back all the money. If we lose, then the money is also lost, so it is said!

First of all, without you other Jesus believers, this would have been difficult.
It is with this support from so many wonderful and dedicated Jesus believers that this go r.
Thank you for all support by good and warm words. Prayer and eco-nomic support, which we need even more of. Do you want to join?
Here is the account number in DNB: 0535 06 05845
Be blessed in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ!
The possibilities are many, but then we must stand together and help each other in the future!
But at the same time, these are evil and wicked people who are allowed to use the powers of darkness, which without doubt fools Apostle Jan Aage Torp who has deceived them!
But by believing, we mobilize, stand up and oppose these negative and dark forces. So we did this well, no matter what outcome. It is when we believe in opposition, stand up for the word of God and each other. Then we are invincible and will always win victory, not defeat!
They can judge us in a worldly right, but it should and should collect us as we know it's the evil that is behind this renaissance, nobody else!
Being judged in a worldly court, like this, has no real meaning when the judgment against me and the heavenly blog in my opinion is not worth the paper it is written in the sense that it is totally wrong.
And now, let's try the verdict before the human rights court and hopefully we can win !?
Lewi Pethrus writes in the book of victory times - breaking times in the chapter victory victory - our guiding star the following:

"The big crowds began to fail him when he began to talk about his suffering and death. Even the twelve he had chosen as his apostles, let him flee. Before that happened, one of them had succeeded in selling him for thirty silver money to his enemies. The most trusted of them all denied their discipleship three times during the public trial against him. He forbid that he did not know him.

In human terms, the beginning of Christianity ended with the fact that its founder hung solitary and abandoned by God and people on a cross between two robbers.

According to Jesus, this was the breakthrough of Christianity in the very beginning, and many of the believing Jews saw in this his defeat forever.

They did not see the plan of salvation that lay behind these set of sobering external events. But in what seemed to be the greatest defeat, the greatest victory for the sake of God was ever won.

The victory of Calvary is victory over all others! "
I do not want to list the names of any of the people who come with and I can count on. A lady who was in the beginning that I have not talked to in a while is completely worn out of this case. She is one of many that Jan Aage Torp has hung out. And if one is not hung out of Torp as Selbekk just because he supported me, then by Jan Aage Torp.
So, Norway's two biggest and worst online roles take it all, it's the man with many names, most commonly known as Ansgar Braut and his "friend" from Scotland Torodd Bird Stage. Then one gets hung out either on the fake Smyrna blog or on the Searchlight website under the comment slots, if not in other ways.
In other words, keep away from this matter in the public space!
Final Comment:
Although this is a so-called "small bag" it's strange to see how dishonest the whole device that comes to me is. They do not follow the least rules of play to make sure that the accused has been told about the charges against him. They do all that they can to avoid, as they discuss something completely different in court than what he is to be judged or is being charged with!
Talk about being fraudulent and dreadful!
They aim for one thing, Meling is busy with a completely different thing being debated in court for the long and all. Up and down, and what I'm being judged for the unlater judges completely proved to confront me to get me judged. Dishonesty can of course not get worse, and when they also build the whole judgment on numbers that were not documented and, as I said clearly from, is completely beyond. Then we know who is behind this whole butterfly, of course, Satan, nobody else!
Joh. e. 8. 44 You have the devil of father, and you will make your father's lusts; He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth; For truth is not in him. When he speaks falsehood, he speaks of his own, for he is a liar and liar's father.

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