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No. 1597: Believing in the Holy Ghost as your own person to meet in heaven is actually believing in Santa Claus closer to the facts and the truth!

No. 1597:
Believing in the Holy Ghost as your own person to meet in heaven is actually believing in Santa Claus closer to the facts and the truth!

The Trinity doctrine was actually designed to distance itself from the faith of the God of Israel, but in other words, the training is seductive in its original origins.
The apostle Paul did not believe in any Trinity God, not Jesus, none of the Bible's men and women, they were Jews, and believed only in the God of Israel as the one and true God.
Picture of Jews praying for one and true God, the God of Israel!

I can not make anyone deny the faith of a Trinity God, even though that thought is far removed from the Bible.
 It is faith in God, as the Bible emphasizes. Who is this one God? The apostle Paul writes about this here:

1 Cor. 8. 4 b. there is no god without one. 5 For if there are also so-called gods, either in heaven or on earth-as there are many gods and many gentlemen-6 then it is for us only one God the Father, of whom all are, and we to him, and One Lord Jesus Christ knows who everything is and we know him. 7 But knowledge is not with all;

In other words. Where is the Holy Spirit? That's no person!

Luke 23 34 The Lord is truly risen, and appeared to Simon! 35 And they told me what had happened on the way, and how he became known to them when he broke the bread. 36 While they were talking about this, he stood in the midst of them, and said to them, Peace be with you! 37 But they were terrified and full of fear, believing they saw a spirit. 38 And he said to them, Why are you afraid, and why are doubtful thoughts in your heart? 39 See my hands and my feet, and see that it is myself! Know me and see! A spirit does not have flesh and bones, as you see that I have. 40 And when he had said this, he showed them his hands and his feet.

Jesus proved to everyone that he had flesh and bone, he was a personal person.

When the Holy Spirit appeared to Jesus, it was in the form of a dude. Why? Because God's father in that way showed with all his fullness that he was standing behind him. And that his fullness came to Jesus in full. To try to build on the Holy Spirit is a personal person on the sparse foundation is completely the scripture.
And then cook a soap on a single nail. Something that the whole Trinity lesson is built on.

How did Trinity doctrine come? Because it is clear that it is a doctrine inherited for a long time.

1.)    When Emperor Constantine in the 300s would recognize Christianity as it was also to collect his kingdom. In other words, it was pure tactics that lay behind. Then it was about doing a learning that everyone believed. Who was not Jewish, one believed in God alone. Then it was really decided that they would distance themselves from the belief in one God.

Then they agreed that the Father was God, son, too. But who should be third? Most wanted Mary as the third person, but we know that Christianity was not ripe for this with a woman at the top. Therefore, they transformed the Holy Ghost into a person.Then had three equal gods, contrary to the teachings of the Bible!

2.)    At the same time it was important and distances itself away from Judaism, since, after all, Christianity is a Jewish sect of religion in its origin!

3.)    Here, through the eerie and demonically inspired Trinity doctrine, both things managed simultaneously. To distance away from Judaism. And to unite the Christians under new and unbiblical teachings.

Therefore, there are two things that there is no salvation without passing the church. Yet, there is no salvation without believing in the dogma of the trinity. This I have written so much about in other articles, and documented this. That it would be unnecessary. But here comes an article I wrote a few years ago:


Trinity doctrine, the doctrine of the three divorced persons in the deity; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, as all three are as eternal, equally uneducated and equally powerful, today is considered by many to be the very cornerstone of Christian faith and confession. But the question is: Where do they have this teaching from? The historical facts are irreversible: the first Christian church and the first three centuries of Christianity had no such teachings.

Trinity does not come from the Bible God's revelation of contents and no product of the Holy Spirit's teaching, but one heresy that originated in Babylon and then adapted to the vast majority of the world's religions and, last of all, introduce Christianity and gradually dogma attached GJE nnom four church conciles.

The first of these was led by the wicked emperor Constantine of Nikea in the year 325 AD. Since then, the teachings were further developed through the Church meetings in Constantinople in year 381, Ephesus in year 431 and Calcium in year 451. Anyone who wants to study the story will be able to confirm this.

Who was this Emperor Constantine?

"A history of the Christian Church "2nd ed. 1985 by Williston Walker says: "He (Constantine) accepted the title Pontifex Maximus (the Babylonian high priest title), and his coins still shows sun god badges"

"Babylon Mystery Religion "1981 by Ralph Woodrow says:" ... his (Constantine) repentance one can really put questioned. Although he had a lot to do with the creation of special teachings and practices of the church, the facts clear that he was not really reverse - not in the biblical sense of the word "" Perhaps the clearest sign that he was not truly reverse can be seen from the fact that after his conversion, he committed several murders - including the murder of his own wife and son "" in 326, just after leading the Nikeanske synod, he killed his son. "the wife killed him by boil her in her own bathroom.

Acc. Paul Johnson in "A History of Christianity "1976; was Constantine "... a sunbathing ... although Constantin himself claimed to be the 13th Apostle, he had no immediate Damascus repentance. There reigns a reasonable doubt if he ever abstained from sun worship ... after his conversion he built a triumphal arch for the Sun God and in Constantinople he set up a statue of the same Sun-god with his own facial features. After his death, he was declared divine, like many Roman emperors. "

This man was responsible for the introduction of the Trinity doctrine and a few days later killed his closest. He brought spiritual and bodily death with him.

What about the Trinity doctrine?

"The Church of the First Three Centuries "in 1865 by Alvan Lamson says: "... the modern trinity doctrine is not to be found in any document from the first three centuries of churches ... as long as no document is preserved from the first times, they are absolutely free of this doctrine. There is nothing in this about a coexisting trinity ... there is a conception that the time had not come. It has a later origin. "

"New Bible Dictionary "in 1982:" The word trinity is not found in the Bible ... ". "It took no formal place in the churches' theology before the 4.århundre." "It is not a biblical teaching in the sense that no trace of it can be found in the Bible."

If Trinity is the cornerstone of Christian understanding, why is it not mentioned at all in Scripture?

"The HarperCollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism "in 1985 says:" ... the scholars are all agreed that there is no Trinitarian doctrine as such neither in the Old Testament or the New Testament. "

"The Encyclopedia Americana" in 1956 says: "Christianity had its origins in Judaism and Judaism was strictly Unitarian (belief in one God). The road that led from Jerusalem to Nikea was not straightforward. The fourth century Trinity doctrine did not exactly reflect the first Christian doctrine regarding the nature of God; it was, on the contrary, a deviation from this teaching. "

"The New Encyclopedia Britannica" in 1976: "Neither the word Trinity, nor the doctrine of this occurs in the New Testament, nor did Jesus or His followers thought to contradict the Shema we find in the Old Testament:" Hear O Israel! The Lord our God, the Lord is one "(5Mos.6.4) The teaching has progressed gradually over several centuries and through many debates."

Shema called words of 5.Mos.6.4-9, 11: 13-21 and 4.Mos.15.37-41. The word "Shema" is the Hebrew word "Listen".

For a Jew, this was the most important of all words in the Old Testament and it had to be said twice a day, morning and evening when you got up and when you lay down. Jesus says in Mt.22.36-38 that this word was the biggest and most important word. Anywhere God's people commit to cultivating more than one God led it to fall and curse. It was like this in the Old Testament when they cultivated more gods and such have been in the Trinity churches of Nikea. Also the Pentecostals who have begun to emphasize the preaching of the Trinity doctrine experience massive apostasy.

The famous trinity theologian Robert M. Bowman Jr. Recognizing these in "Why you should Believe In Trinity "in 1989:" The New Testament contains no formulated expressions and words for the Trinity as; three people, one substance and the like. "

"Exploring the Christian Faith" in 1992 says: "the doctrine of the Trinity is not found in the Bible ... the doctrine evolved mainly along Greek lines."

John L. Mckenszie writes in "Dictionary of the Bible "1995:" trinity of persons within the same nature is explained in such terms as "person" and "natural" both of which are words from Greek philosophy, in reality, these terms are not in the Bible. "

Trinity derives its material of Hellenic philosophy, neo-Platonism, Plotinus and Porphyry and blend together by isolated Bible verse. Theologians are well aware of this fact, but deserve it.

Thomas Jefferson said: "... The Trinity is a clear presentation of Platonic mysticism that three are one and one is three"

In "The Two of Babylon "in 1916, says Rev.Alexander Hislop:" Egypt and Greece developed their religion from Babylon "

"Microsoft Encarta Funk & Wagnalls" in 1994 says: "The theologians Clement of Alexandria, Origen and St.Augustin were early Christian exponents of Platonic vision. Platonic ideas have had a crucial role iu evelopment of Christian theology "And so I could continue to elicit the learned results of their studies of the Trinity. The lesson is a blend of the world's philosophy and wisdom, Babylonian paganism, Hellenistic mythology and their own interpretation of the Bible. And the churches that have this Trinity doctrine also blend their business with the world. And what ties the ecclesiastical world together today is just the Trinity doctrine. It binds the Protestant so-called evangelical churches, together with the pope church and the Greek Orthodox church. There is not much to be proud of when one can affirm that the Trinity belong not in the word of God but in Church Meetings with ugjenfødte clerics!

Gregory of Nazianzus, Basil the Great and his brother Gregory of Nyssa. These three theologian philosophers closed themselves as known in a monastery, in order to meditate and philosophize undisturbed in the world of thought. They gave themselves the task of defining the deity for the aftermath of the Christian Church. What were the three theologians' mandate? Was it studying the scriptures in order to produce a declaration of faith about the deity consistent with God's revelation and every statement in the Word of God? That would be a natural goal, would not it? No, they had the following declared agenda: reconciling the Jewish-Christian tradition with Greek thinking (reading philosophy), and thus, for all time, defining the divinity of Christianity. Is it up to you what you just read, and comprehend that this is treenighetslærens beginning and idèramme? No one has wrongly accused the three philosophers of having this as a goal. They themselves write that it was the plan. Pagan Greek philosophy, mixed with Jewish / Christian elements. That was just the recipe, and it was this mixture product (read: the mixed religion), which the pagan Constantine had as a starting point, and, despite great opposition, was able to push through the Nikea church meeting.

Trinity doctrine is the result of some early theologians, later helped by a pagan Roman emperor, to understand and explain the essence of God. For centuries, the Jews had taken a distance from any such attempt. All we have to do to know what we need to know about our God is His Word. Any attempt to claim that both the ideology frame and the terminology used in the Trinity dogma, not influenced by the paganism gudelære but from a progressive and progressive evolutionary depth study of the Bible, showing that they have: a very limited knowledge of the paganism god explanation . A reduced insight into how Scripture explains God, and; That they are very keen to see the pagan / Catholic Trinity doctrine accepted by all Christians. Thus, the explanation offered by the Trinity doctrine was not part of the beliefs or confession of the disciples and the first church, but appeared after a church meeting about 300 years later. Then this lesson was finally formulated and incorporated into the Roman Empire of Roman Emperor Constantine!

That one still wants to believe in a triad god is at least no classical Christian faith, but deepest seen an idolatry's faith!

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