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No. 1587: The judgment against me is a "fuske-dom", when the judges add me opinions and other things that only I can know about is true or not!

No. 1587:
The judgment against me is a "fuske-dom", when the judges add me opinions and other things that only I can know about is true or not!

Picture of judge Øystein Hermansen who performed to judge me to be a criminal.
 Something I think he is, he was not so good and fit to work to ask me or why I should have a personal persecution against a person who is "persona non grata" to me. The verdict is so absurd that even a 4 year old should be able to see this, a judgment ala North Korea or Congo. It will put Norway 200 years back to the time before Godman Hans Nielsen Hauge emerged.

This states in the judgment, which is obviously adding to me opinions that I have never had, as only I can know. These are opinions and views that are completely beyond me!
This writes judge Øystein Hermansen:
"Judgment pursuant to section 390a of the Criminal Code can not be made if it constitutes an inalienable intervention in the freedom of expression, cf. the Constitution § 100 and the ECHR Article 10. According to the Court of Appeal's opinion, the freedom of expression is not a barrier to conviction pursuant to section 390a in this case. Christensen has been suffering from unnecessary and unreasonable harassment, and he seems to have been driven by a personal pursuit motive. As such, Christensen is not protected by freedom of speech, although individual statements in the blog posts alone would not be punishable. It is the overall holistic assessment that is essential.
The conclusion is that section 390a of the Penal Code applies in this case. After this the appeal must be rejected. "
I have never ever sought Jan Aage Torp. Has never sought his meetings, never read anything what he has written or heard what he has spoken. He is a man "persona non grata" for me.
I only know a few things about Jan Aage Torp.
  1. He says of himself that he is Pastor and Apostle.
  2. He is divorced and ascribed.
  3. He hates his children and his children hate him.
More I do not know, how can I have been driven by a personal motive?
The whole judgment against me is upset, ridiculous and full of lies!
In other words, this has only been explained in court very easily. He could ask as any normal upward and normal person had done. As a judge, this is his job. But what does he do?
Even when I say that the verdict from Oslo District Court you must ignore when it is not debated and Torp's numbers are false numbers, they are completely beyond.
And still driving on with lies, lies and lies again!
What? Then it's only a judgment to get me and judge me, it's a cheating judgment!
Final Comment:
Jan Aage Torp and man «persona non grata» for me. Something he has always been and will remain.
I have never ever sought him in any way, just debated his life and I have counted on a 30,000 hatred signatories that I oppose that a preacher should be up to date. And it's written I think about 300 articles about this, which I have mostly responded to on my own blog and if this is criminal and punishable.
So Norway is set 200 years back in time, as this is obviously attacking freedom of belief and expression.
This judgment against me is nothing but a "light-dummy"!
Do not value the paper it's written in my opinion when really all is and remains lies, fabricated "truths" and on top of it all I have not been confronted with what they accuse me of having opinions and views!
Also then complain about my lawyer as they have been in breath to talk about law enforcement etc.
Instead of going into what they mean is criminal, tell me that in my eyes, the police and court here in Norway in conjunction with Torp criminals are also expected!
They turn everything on their head, so unworthy, lying and simple!
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