torsdag 14. september 2017

No. 1595: For 2 - 3 months. Since then a bourgeois victory looked like an utopia, but they won, but with heavy biscuits because of left and KRF's surmuling and sutring!

No. 1595:
For 2 - 3 months. Since then a bourgeois victory looked like an utopia, but they won, but with heavy biscuits because of left and KRF's surmuling and sutring!

Picture of Knut Arild Hareide who looks has had two goals as head of KRF.
One is to work hardest against FRP.
The second is to face and stand up for the gays, this is a polytique that is totally dead born and wrong.
Removing Gay Parades is my clear request as it is incompatible with the Bible's teachings to stand up for such things.
And to stand up and stand up for your own poltics, not the first and foremost one is against!

It is a small beneath that the bourgeois parties won, and it fairly clearly after how everything was before the holiday. Then the socialist parties with the Labor Party were looking forward to winning a clear and important victory for the election here on September 11th.

But this happily did not happen, it became a definite victory for the bourgeois.

To reach left and KRF surmules such is not good, especially Knut Arild Hareide does that I think is extra bad. Why? Because the world's children believe that we Christians are such people who go around and constantly unhappy about not getting our will!
In many ways, KRF and Knut Arild Hareide also ambassadors for Jesus and the Gospel when so many ties up KRF and Hareide to the Christian message.

Why the huge hatred of Sylvia Listhaug and the black paint by FRP seems to me very sought and unfair by KRF and Hareide. It's like hearing an echo of Kjell Magne Bondevik as I would go as far to say is seduced by Satan to be so negative to Carl I. Hagen and FRP as he was when he was in poltikken and afterwards. That this has affected today's KRF and Hareide is quite obvious.

The FRP does a lot of wonder, which shows that it also has a lot to learn. We saw it in the proposals they promoted and suggested for a while that all boys would not have the opportunity to circumcise. Yes, unfortunately there are some real stupidities with FRP, but after all. It has now been shown through the last four years that they, together with the Right, have ruled Norway in a safe, secure and safe manner!

Believe that KRF needs to learn something - again! It is to promote your own poltics!

KRF's primary task is to take care of the FRP as they appear today, and the left follows the notch in the heel. This only leads KRF further and further away from its own poltics. In the end, they will end up in a mess, I am badly entitled to.

Forget the FRP - let the few hold on in peace and talk about the issue that is important and positive for KRF, it is my clear advice to KRF and Hareide.

Final Comment:

Both Kjell Magne Bondevik and Knut Arild Hareide has had a st ø and safe course with KRF.
It is not your own policy, but pour out hate, you and bile over the FRP.
N not, there is KRF hat against FRP almost taken stranglehold themselves.
In many ways, one can say that KRF has fallen for your own roof, or mistakes our 😡 sad 😵

Then it's time to change, go for yourself and be different. First and foremost, own polytics, and see that FRP is well five to six times larger than KFR. Take realities into account the fact that some fifteen years ago was well KFR and FRP equal size. While the FRP has fronted and fronts its own poltics, KRF's main task under Hareide has been to go to Gay parades and fight against FRP. Then it's clear that KRF is not a life act if they do not change!

We need a KRF, and we need a bourgeois politics where the Christian and humanistic values ​​are at the center. Where both the individual and society values ​​go hand in hand.
With a socialist rule we can look far beyond the values ​​of the individual, which will be a mere number in the rekka!
So we get hope, believe and pray that KRF and Hareide can fill the role of standing up in a positive way for their own politics and values, not shutting down on FRP and others!

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