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No. 724: Hamas has become a strong military power through aid money from Norway and the western world!

No. 724:
Hamas has become a strong military power through aid money from Norway and the western world!

This we see happening in Israel with relatively large losses on the Israeli side is not unexpected for the one supplied with the conflict. I have over the last 30 years followed closely in this conflict. I currently can not go on has its reason in that it only gets worse and worse every year, there are almost too bright to see what Israel has to go through.

Photo of Brende which is by far the worst utariksministeren with Jonas Gahr Støre, who has been in Norway for very long. Secure the poorest and most dangerous as well have been here in Norway?!

Børge Brende er milevis foran de andre statsrådkollegene når det gjelder inntekt i fjor. (Foto: Glen Musk)
Norway will not give to Israel, only to terrorists orge nation Hamas and Fatah.

Do not know how to get said this, but Israel is experiencing relatively large losses. But not unexpected for those who live close to the conflict as me. I have over the last 30 years followed so closely on this conflict. I currently can not go on, it becomes almost too strong to see what Israel has to go through.

Fact is that Hamas uses aid money to strengthen the military. While Fatah maintains an inept political and administrative orginasjonen really is useless, ugly and incompetent people at all levels and parts of orginasjonen.

International donors for Palestine Norway in the driver's seat, this is the collection to terrorists as it is in this way Hamas forces militarily. This is bad!

International donors for the Palestinian Territory (The Ad Hoc Liaison Committee, AHLC) was established in October 1993 in the aftermath of the Oslo Accords. Norway has had the presidency office since its establishment. AHLC will help secure the economic basis of the structure of the Palestinian device and is responsible for coordinating international assistance to the Palestinian Territory and pair donor group work and political processes.

This is perhaps the biggest reason for the war we see today, that Hams get billions after billions of money from Norway and the western world.

Norway - a terrorist state?

Yes and no. Norway of course has good intentions with this they are doing here. But we now see that Hams has been a very strong military power that gives Israel so good opposition. We know that Gaza is relatively small means and opportunities to build up a war power. But this still possible through all the billions that Hamas will of Norway and other Western countries. Hams are a terrorist orginasjon backed by Norway and the western world. These are double standards that are so serious and ugly, that words may be able to cover this.

My challenge is above all to pray. But also stop sending money and aid for Hams and Fatah, as all, or the majority of these fall into evil and dangerous men's hands.

Final Comment:
This is done with open eyes, and Israel gets no money except the United States and other charitable orginasjonen and other volunteers.

Gross domestic product would indicate that Palestinian Arabs Hams in Gaza stripped would not have afforded a next rocket or bayonet. But through the vast, magnificent and generous generosity from the West and some Arab states. So are they really a dangerous military power.

What should as Norway and the West do? Many things, not the least claim back the money and there are many billions being given. And demand an accounting of both Hamas in Gaza stripped and Fatah in the West Bank. Something that should have been done when they all these billions began to roll into. Not least in 1993 when everything was provided through these so-called donor countries.

There is blood on the hands of Norway and the Western world through the weakness and folly which has been accepted, defended and accepted against Arabs here. And it's strange, they are mostly Muslims and get help with many billion of so-called Christian and Western countries. This is both hypocrisy and resting blood guilt on us through this when Israelitiske and Jewish lives are lost!

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  1. If you think what jews are doing in Palestine is bad, you should see what they are doing to the rest of the world. Israel doesnt have right to exist at all. Israel was created by ethnic cleansing and land theft.
    In 1947/48 over 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their land. During1950's Israel passed laws that takes possession of land of those expelled Palestinians called "Absentee Property law" which states if owner is absentee and does no claim land it belongs to Israel.And those "owners" were absentee because Israel expelled them in first place.
    Some 70% of todays Israel was created out of that land.
    So anyone that says Israel has right to exist supports ethnic cleansing,land theft and terrorism.

    Israel was doomed since its inception...how could it possibly survive in a sea of arabs...yeah..on the back of american bayonets up until now. How long till the americans grow tired of Israel?