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Nr. 170: Norway will not be spared!

Nr. 170:

Norway will not be spared!

1. Pet. 4. 17 For it is now time that the sentence should begin with the house of God, but it begins with us, what will be the end for those who do not want to believe the gospel of God? 18 And it is just difficult saved, where shall it be of the wicked and the sinner? 19 Therefore, and those after the will of God must suffer, commit their souls to a faithful Creator, as they do good.

Norway is at today, the world's best nation to live in

Norway is at. Today, the world's best nation to live in for what the UN thinks, something they have been for several years. And I think we are so happy, but there is no guarantee of not experiencing God's justice and discipline.

The believers have failed

Above all, there are the believers who have failed in most areas. But we also have "succeeded" in several areas, but it is years ago. Bl. a Norway has been the country that has sent out many missionaries by population in the last 100 years in conjunction with Sweden. This has been brought to a huge blessing over us, but now much changed!

Jan Hanvold and Visjon Norway

I have illustrated apostasy among the believers in Norway when one can almost with open arms to accept the way I see it, the biggest mega-crook little Norway has fostered. Worse than any that I know of, as witness the one thing, the church is ripe for ruling!

The non-believers ask themselves in a very bad light

There are many things and areas that those who do not profess publicly to Jesus also ignore their conscience and God's word. Have scissors slightly from Sø that I put out, which illustrates and explains this:

Do extreme weather is God's verdict on Norway

The unusually strong storm now affecting large parts of northern and western country has created chaos and power cuts everywhere says police urge people to stay indoors. The storm that struck on Christmas Day in the North-West Coast has created major problems and there are reports of major damage. It has not yet been reports of injuries but a lot can happen during the evening and night. "Things and objects blowing around the streets and trees have fallen across power lines and no one has yet track of how much damage Hurricane Dagmar has brought with him, said police had their hands full throughout Sunday evening. The powerful storm joins the ranks of the extreme weather conditions that have hit Norway in recent years, and we believe the messianic believers Dominiquae Bierman is what we see now is simply God trying to get our country in the speech: "The Norwegian people through their attitude to Israel left the God's blessings said the messianic believers Bishop Dominiquae Bierman who visited Norway earlier this year. According to the Jesus believing Jew who leads "KAD_ESH MAP Minestries" God will use extremes to try to get the Norwegian people's voice because we have turned away from His ways and commandments. "Norway is in the" Judgement valley "because of our hateful attitude toward Israel, Bierman said earlier this year.

The verdict of Norway is imminent if we continue to condemn Israel
"Norway in the Valley of Judgement"

24 hours after Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre visited Utøya where he and the young from AUF discussed the upcoming Norwegian recognition of the NOK of a Palestinian State, Norway was hit by terror. The Messianic believers Bishop Dominiquae Bierman conjures now Norwegians to repentance and humiliation since Norway is now located in what she calls the "Valley of Judgement." It was during a meeting in a small fellowships in Trondheim that the Messiah faithful Jew brought his serious message for the Norwegian people. "Our nation is, according to the woman's prophetic message lulled into a deep sleep, we must wake up from.
The Norwegian people as a nation on a collision course with the Holy God and we live in a time where we will either get a deep and genuine repentance or weakening, and to feel how it is to live as one nation, under God's wrath. The Messianic believers Dominiquae Bierman who recently visited Norway is just one of several that are now warning that Norway has stepped out of God's blessing. According Dominiquae Bierman's all extreme weather we are experiencing is a sign that God is now trying to get Norway to speak through weather phenomena we have never seen before.
- Norway has been naive and God's patience is finally
If the wicked will grace, so he learns not righteousness. In the straight country he does wrong, and he does not see the Lord's sovereignty. (Isaiah 26.10)
"The Norwegian people have been incredible naive in relation to the Middle East and Palestine conflict," says the Israeli prophet who recently visited Norway. Although the Norwegians through television and newspapers have been able to read about the hundreds of bloody Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israel, in fact, the Norwegian government thought that they did the right thing by stepping an incomplete and now dead "Oslo Agreement" down the head of the Jewish state.
"Norway did not take part in the Oslo Agreement of money, power or oil, but because they thought they did the right thing. They kissed tube and was not aware that they kissed a poisonous snake," said Dominiquae Bierman in his message, and continued: "Therefore has Yahweh had patience and mercy with them. But Yahweh says to you that now is the time over. It is imminent now, the verdict in Norway. The hose is now ready to attack in Norway in the form of Islam and global warming , which is a "global warning." Yahweh uses the weather to meet such things. " turn the messianic bishop fixed.
- Norway has to give its recognition to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas taking sides with Israel's enemies and God's Word says clearly that Yahweh (God) will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. "(Genesis 12:3)
"Especially in America we have seen serious natural disasters and other dramatic events that have occurred within 24 hours after the serious negative agreements with Israel has been signed. Examples include Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans, 22 / 9 and as in 2001 when the twin towers fell, and the large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in the spring of 2010, "because the U.S. went out with something that was negative for Israel." Sa Dominiquae Bierman in his prophetic message to Norway.

Norway during sentence

"The first serious attack on Norway was a little over a month ago the government quarter and Utøya the 22 / 7 Only 24 hours before this, said the Norwegian foreign minister and the young people on Utøya a declaration on anti-Israeli policies and support for Palestine," says the messianic bishop urges Norway to a true and genuine repentance. Read her message here

We are guilty and let us give God right!

Woe to those who go on a guilt lies with the rope and the sin of vognrep,

More than 500 000 unborn children have been killed since the Norwegian Parliament adopted fetal homicide law in 1978. Spirit of the Lord will ask us to account for these children's lives because abortion is murder and violation of the Fifth Commandment.

The Christian church anno 2011 has completely forgotten the struggle for the child in the womb. While the 1980 and 1990's were characterized by Ludvig Nessa and Borre Knudsen's desperate battle against the abortion law in the last 8-10 years have been marked by silence, impotence and indifference. The silent scream has become the forgotten scream but the Lord hears the cry yet from the many who were killed before they were born. The truth is that God will hold its people accountable for what can best be defined as a betrayal of the unborn life. In the U.S., Christian campaigners never given up his fight against injustice, but this country has long since rusted sword in its sheath with an irresolute Christianity who are terrified of being controversial.

Under the ban

The politicians who in 1978 introduced the wicked law is under God's wrath and curse, because they have adopted an illegal as contrary to God's commandments. When Parliament introduced the abortion law in 1978 was in fact a majority of the Norwegian people against abortion, but after 33 years, people tragically NOK reversed. Even among many Christian congregations, it is now almost ok to kill the child if it is an unwanted pregnancy. God's Word says: "Woe to those who are unjust laws and issues the pernicious writings." Labor and Gro Harlem Brundtland was the driving force for the introduction of fetal murder and carries a great responsibility for the 500 000 victims of the grotesque abortion law. In 1907, said Lebesby man that the Lord complained because the Socialists had succeeded in drawing people into sin and wickedness.

Marriage desecrated in the country
Norway was one of the first countries to introduce a marriage that equate gay relationships with the biblically ordained marriage as between a man and woman. After a relatively short period of church and Christian resistance, the current marriage law has been universally accepted, and a lot of churches have even introduced ritual to give gays and lesbians God's blessing into a relationship with the Bible defines as sin. However, the Holy Spirit keep every Christian, every pastor and every church institution responsible because they choose to bless the Lord describes as something unclean and abominable.

"Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!"

Hatred of Israel abound

After the wave of sympathy for the Jews after the Holocaust ceased, Norway has gradually become one of the most anti-Israeli country in Europe. Again and again condemns Norwegian politicians and the media to the Jewish state and Gaza war in 2008 we saw the Norwegians' true face and attitude to Israel. In several cities there were anti-Israeli demonstrations in Oslo, there were riots in the streets. The Norwegian Jew hatred rolled out in full and the case was not helped by the prominent Norwegian politicians by far participated in the madness. Politician voices Kristin Halvorsen and former Prime Minister Kaare Willoch has undoubtedly helped to stir up a antisemittistisk atmosphere in Norway. This is also something that has been noticed in the heavenly world.

In Syria are daily dozens of civilians killed by Bashar Assad brutal regime without the Norwegians demonstrate or react with anger. Why does not the bloodbath in Syria the same anger and rage?

And the Lord said: Complaint The cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is indeed great, and their sin is indeed exceedingly large.
Now I will come down and see if they all ways have acted like the sound of the cry that has come up to me, and if not, I know.
So the men turned away and went toward Sodom. But Abraham was still standing before the Lord. (Genesis 18.20-22)

Biblical account of the verdict of Sodom and Gomorrah are a warning to any nation who commit sins of Sodom. The almighty and holy God who sees and knows all things have seen how they are doing well with our country:
"Hear the word of the Lord, ye children of Israel: for the LORD has a case against those who live in the country, because there is no truth and no love and no knowledge of God's country.
They swear and lie, murder and steal and commit adultery. The danger presented by violence, and murder follows murder.
Therefore shall the land wither, and all who dwell therein shall languish, both wild animals and birds, yes, even the ocean's fish will be destroyed. "
A verdict of Norway is inevitable unless the country and do penance and return to the Lord with all his heart. Any Christian pulpit that does not dare to proclaim the truth about sin, Judgement and justice are under God's curse because they do not dare to tell the truth to people. A few too many preachers and priests dare no longer to preach the whole counsel of God for salvation and the Holy Spirit's presence in the meetings have been replaced by the charismatic turbidity manipulated out of the praise that is repeated indefinitely, techniques, and even New Age characterized kundalini force. Other pulpits are fronted by liberal theologians who use the pulpit to promote disbelief! Hundreds of believers gather around preachers who promise "gold and green forests" and even selvbestaltede "healers" and "Simonian planners" who make money on the gift of God is accepted in many churches. Svein Magne Pedersen and Tom Roger Edvardsen are examples of such.

"Cross in the flag and greed in the heart"

I heard the voice of God say: "You have the cross in the flag, but the filth and greed in the heart," and God is known as the heart that counts and not the external symbolism. What was really Sodom sin? The picture that the Bible draws of Sodom is a picture that might as well be signed by Norway. Just as with Sodom, Norway is a country characterized by sexual perversion, adultery, fornication, adultery and homosexuality. Like the people of Sodom is also the Norwegian people accepted homosexuality as an accepted way of life and in the same manner as in Sodom time promoting one now proudly sin and calls for Christian acceptance of which the Bible clearly condemns: "The expression on their faces testifies against them. If their sin, they speak openly as the people of Sodom, they hide it not. Woe to their souls, for the causes themselves accident! " (Jes.3, 9)

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