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Nr. 174: My personal testimony!

Nr. 174:

My personal testimony!

I will come with what I experienced salvation and Jesus Christ.

I was born in Denmark, Lemvig in 1964. But we lived in Thyborøn where my father grew up.
We moved to Skudeneshavn Karmøy in 69 where my mother comes from.

I look back on childhood as very good. My major interest became sports and especially football.

As I remember back then I had the excellent good clean human perspective. Life smiled at me and I smiled at life.

But it was a football buddy of mine who was saved and born again. I noticed that there was been a change with him.

On one occasion after he had been saved, we got a call in private. Then he laid out the way of salvation for me. When there was no turning back.

I was with him at meetings of the Free Evangelical Assembly Ebenezer. After 3 weeks of regular meeting visits bent my heart and knee to Jesus and was saved and born again. When I was 16 years, 25 January 1981.

Wonderful, wonderful and great. I was a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Since I've experienced both the one and other. But what happened when I was 16 years has held since. And I think it will keep the rest of your life and throughout eternity.
Salvation is the best, largest and most important thing that has happened to me.

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