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Nr. 164: Adoration of the Holy Spirit leads into the occult!

Nr. 164:

Adoration of the Holy Spirit leads into the occult!

1. Kor. 12. 2 I know those days when you were pagans, you let the kite to the dumb idols, everything after that I was gone. 3 Therefore I announce to you that no one who speaks in the Spirit of God, saying: Cursed is Jesus! and no one can say Jesus is Lord! without the Holy Spirit.

I want to explain a bit about this with the recognition of the Holy Spirit as a person next to the Father and the Son leads into the occult. These are strong words, but I'll explain so you can understand it. And you take away both from the Trinity and this to honor and adore the spirit of equal with the Father and the Son, which is biblical and healthy to do as opposed to pray and thank the spirit. Actually, one can not ask too much of Jesus and the Father, but to do the same to the spirit leads in the occult.


This is commonplace in the charismatic churches that drive out evil spirits all the time. If someone is sick, it's a disease demon. Is a cold, it's a cold demon, etc. What does this with the individual, one is twisted and confused. A belief in something that is not real and true. This, many agree in. So it is to believe in the spirit as a person and that he should be worshiped, honored and worshiped as the Father and the Son. And there are those who also pray to the spirit and the "conversations" with him. This is nonsense.

This is believing in something that is not real and true, it is Satan's strategy No. 1 Even Satan Worshippers believe in evil, but not evil. The father of lies, who is it?

John 8:44 I have your father the devil, and I want to do your father's desires, he was a murderer from the beginning, not the truth, for truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Satan thrives and moves always in an environment of lies, not truth. The thinking and learning errors, it helps to open up to him, therefore he hates what I write here because he is revealed!

The demons thrive in a turbid environment

1. Tim. 4. 1. But the Spirit is saying, in clear words that in the coming times will anyone fall from the faith, as they hold themselves to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils 2 at the hypocrisy of false teachers, who are stigmatized in their own conscience.

It is a form of acting, as this is not the spiritual realities that lie behind. Just look at the fruits of the Pentecostal \ Charismatic movement in which today has come a long away from God's word in many things a self Lutherans and Catholics. That in itself to exaggerate this to put such emphasis on the spirit, is and remains occult.

Be led into the unknown rather than the familiar

When going out to sea, it is important to have proper weather, to not go out into the storm and perish. To put such emphasis on the spirit that many do. Where one believes that the spirit is a person, pray and thank him. It's like getting a message that the weather is nice but the weather forecast says the storm. Therefore, this leads to pray to the spirit into something that is not real. One thinks one has contact with God, but very often have no contact with God. But you have contact with the evil spirit world, this is fact, just look at the fruits and that a meeting with the "spirit" leads not to the word of God, but from God's word.

I devote myself to YOU ​​HOLY SPIRIT!

This is a standard phrase in the Pentecostal / charismatic circles. When one devotes himself to a person who is not real, what leads it into? The occult. Just look at the fruits? They are similar in behavior and behavior that we find in New Age groups and other strange sects.

The Holy Spirit speaks

When one believes that God speaks, the Son speaks and the Holy Spirit speaks and that there is God the Father speaking, it is renspikka occultism of the worst kind. To believe that there is a third God and a third person God called and is a spirit, it is delusion. When it says in scripture that the Spirit speaks, it is God the Father speaking, no other!

Distinguish between Jesus and the word

Distinguish between Jesus and the word is the same delusion as to believe in the Trinity. It leads right into the same errors.

Lutherans are spared

Something that is positive with Lutherans is whether they believe in God and a third a third person in the Godhead. So do they put little emphasis on the spirit, that they do not come into the same delusions and the same occult and demonic tendencies as it is Pentecostal / charismatic groups and churches!

False prophecies

Why are there so many false prophecies in the day and then get real? One will look into the future, but what does one? Very often it is in the Pentecostal / Charismatic circles prophecy that is not nothing but a form of spiritualism as it is the spirit that speaks again and again, and not God. A divorced person from God is a "dangerous" person, it is Satan who masquerades as an angel of light.

We will never encounter the Holy Spirit in the sky

We will never encounter the Holy Spirit in the sky as a person, but we are going to be filled by God to fill all in all.

Can a person be in several at once?

No, a person can only be one, but his spirit and mind can be more than one.

What is right?

1) To believe that spirit is a part of God.

2) Pray to God the Father in Jesus' name.

3) Address to Jesus as the one who makes intercession for us, he is praying for you and me as believers!

All that you ask the Father, he shall give you in my name. So far you have not asked for anything in my name.
Ask and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full. Prior to his suffering and death of Jesus was a speech to his disciples, where he gave them the right to pray in a way they had not asked before. They could pray in Jesus' name.

What does it mean to have the right to pray in Jesus' name? We understand to a certain extent when we consider what it means to be justified and saved. When you accepted Jesus did something in the sky. God imputed to you Jesus' perfection and purity. From the moment God began to look at you as a child and as a man without sin. Not because you are without sin in yourself, but because he considers Jesus' righteousness and purity to be yours. It is this new relationship to God has consequences for your prayers. As a child of God you pray with the rights that Jesus himself to God. You do not have to think about whether you deserve that God answers your prayer. Instead, you assume that God hears and answers your prayers for Christ's sake. To pray in Jesus' name. Prayer in Jesus' name followed by a very promise. God will give us everything we ask.

We believe in the spirit

I believe in spirit, but as God's active force and it is his spirit that God leads us. We have a spirit, and God has a spirit. We have a limited spirit, just as we are limited. God has an unlimited spirit, just as God is unlimited and can be present everywhere. Also in the thousands, even millions of people simultaneously. Had the spirit of God was a person, when this had been an impossibility!

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