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Nr. 152: Dead David Wilkerson before the time?

Nr. 152:

Dead David Wilkerson before the time?

Heb. 13. 7 Remember your leaders, who have spoken the word of God to you! give heed to the end of their journey, and imitate their faith!

"It is not some isolated places in the Word to prove a truth, but the overall evidence from the writing." (TB Barratt)

"... Give heed to the end of their journey, and follow them in their faith."
Here, Paul speaks of having role models. Naturally, we have Jesus as our great exemplar, but it is equally natural to heed God's men and women of God who have lived a long, strong and intimate life with God. But it is important that we look at the end of their race as Christians. We must heed the END of their journey, only to follow them in their faith ...

What happened to David Wilkerson?

Killed without having run with the belt. Driving without a seat belt is illegal under the law.
Wilkerson, who is best known as author of "The Cross and the Switchblade" and rescued many young people in New York's underworld of drugs and gang circles, was killed in a traffic accident on Highway 175 at the Neches River bridge. 79 years old Wilkerson died, while his wife and another person was injured in car accident in which Wilkerson car collided with a truck on a bridge.
Wilkerson did not have seat belts as the other two. Wagon train went off the bridge and landed in the river. The survivors in the car, Mrs. Gwen Wilkerson was taken to ETMC Tyler and her condition will be critical. The driver of the wagon train was taken to ETMC Jacksonville.

Tragic death

When I heard this, I got an immediate feeling in my heart, an impulse of the Spirit of God, this is not the Lord. I have written an article before about this:

Want to take up the thread again after I've listened to some speeches by Wilkerson from his home church in the past year.

Why did this happen?

I think that Wilkerson had shortened his life because disobedience, he disobeyed the Lord and the Lord's words in several areas. Tillot Lord enemy to kill a servant of the Lord? Having been in prayer, and to warn others who want to go way of the Lord, remember it is to remain broken for the Lord every day and be humble.

4 reasons why this happened:

1) Wilkerson was inconsistent: He warned such. against remarriage, but took no action with those who were there. This is a form of hypocrisy and bondefangeri. He gave himself out to be radical without bearing the costs.

2) Wilkerson prayed, worshiped and thanked the Holy Spirit: This is opening up to demonic activity, both in his and others' lives. Wilkerson had traveled with Kathryn Kuhlman several years and had probably received some spiritual damage through this.
1. Tim. 4. 1. But the Spirit is saying, in clear words that in the coming times will anyone fall from the faith, as they hold themselves to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils 2 at the hypocrisy of false teachers, who are stigmatized in their own conscience.

3) Wilkerson had a tendency to replacement theology. He failed to mention Israel strong and well enough. Wilkerson did not take Israel forward enough, it is this his tendency to replacement theology. He used repeatedly promises and texts that deal with Israel in the church without speaking out that this is "borrowed" text.

4) Wilkerson received tribute from the people without strongly advise enough against it:
ll the Lord's servants who prosper must assume human applause, but must warn against this and say that there is Jesus who will be in focus, no one else. Wilkerson did not warn strongly against the NOK to have supporters, followers of Jesus is what we should applaud.

Final Comment: There are times where we open up to the enemy, not to live close to Jesus and follow him faithfully. I heard Wilkerson in 2004 and it was very good, but now I noticed that he did not have the same anointing, the intensity and bibeltroskapen. To say what I think so abbreviated Wilkerson lives with this and he was not the end as it is a worthy man of God. Notice the end of their lives, then we shall follow them 100%. We can unfortunately not with brother David Wilkerson. This, I believe that the Lord has given me that I should bring it on!
Do not follow a man or woman, unless they also have a dignified exit, this teaches writing.

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