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Nr. 155: Some words about myself!

Nr. 155:

Some words about myself!

Just thought I'd write a few words about myself, which I have done very little to date on our website and here on the blog. All I have laid out is a personal testimony and a post on the blog. Think it might be nice to have some words. Want to add some more personal stuff out as images, etc. It is, but I'm not here to promote and teach myself, but Christ! There are more than NOK by other preachers and others that everything they do revolves around them and their mental state, etc. I want to set myself in the background, that I should not obscure the vision of Jesus, he is what we preach not ourselves yourself!

My parents

My father is Danish Karl Johan Bjerregaard Christensen. My grandmother called Bjerregaard and were from the Fur is an island in the middle of the Limfjord. My Grandfather in Christian Christensen was from Lemvig. He came from a family with a Spanish connection when there were three brothers who settled in Lemvig after Napoleon's war in the 1800s. It was in Thyborøn as my father grew up and which I later lived there from 0 to 5 years when I was born in Lemvig in the hospital there. My father and grandfather worked at sea all his life. Otherwise, my Grandfather some animals such pigs and some other animals. My father had 1:06 to 7:00 brothers there all grew up apart from one. There are of course much to say, but will be brief. Its Bjerregaard Christensen called my grandmother who died in 1988 and my grandfather was called Christian Christensen, who died in 1985 when he was 97 years. They are both buried in Thyborøn Cemetery.

My wife's family and background

My wife, Berit Nyland Christensen was born on Stensby Hospital a Holmenkollen Sunday in 1959. She grew up on Råholt in Akershus county with three siblings. An older sister and a younger brother and a sister who came as an "after the splash." Her parents were the late Olav Gunnar Nyland from Kviteseid Telemark. And her mother Edith Hansine Lien maiden name was brought up at the Man valley in Troms county. The well-known January Baalsrud came from the same place and is buried next to my wife's grandparents, the one our daughter is named after her grandmother who was Lestianer.

My ancestors on my mother's side

My mother, Gerd Lillian Nab the girl's name was brought up in Skudeneshavn Karmøy. Her mother called Gurine Nab and her husband were from Rotterdam in Holland and came to Norway during the war as a stevedore. That he built piers. My mother also had a 2 year younger sister who has died. Unfortunately, there were some unfortunate circumstances in which my grandfather, Lennart Nab had to leave the country, and my grandmother who would be with him to Rotterdam. Was it never happened when she had to take care of her sick mother and stayed home in Norway. They never divorced after my grandfather went to Holland where he died in 1977. My grandmother died shortly after we got our last child in 1994 so she could keep him until she died aged 85. My mother had me when she was 20 years after she had emigrated to Denmark. My mother has actually lived in Oslo for 2 years before she moved to Denmark. Here in Oslo, she was a nanny for several celebrities, among others. a our current mayor Fabian Stang and his now deceased brother Tommeliten she knows very well who is, and several others.

My childhood

I was born in Lemvig the hospital where 3 August 1964 and we lived in my father's hometown Thyborøn. There I had my best playmate for my cousin Bent who was 2 years older than me. We lived up in the house and down the house. This I remember very well when I loved to ride to shell the house that was next to. This was the very north of Thyborøn next to the football banana that we see over and it was only a few hundred meters to the beach. I can remember that I loved to bike, swim and be outside. Later, during adolescence, I was either alone or with my parents always a month. on holiday in Denmark throughout the summer. Whether in Thyborøn or Skagen as my aunt and uncle lived. Skagen and Thyborøn was for me the two places that I spent the holidays. Certainly 14 dg each location.

Moving to Norway

In 1969 we moved to Norway, as I can remember. My Father Karl Johan had received help with moving when it hit a stretcher down and took all our things and we lived only a year in the house that the movie Skipper Worse was recorded. My parents built houses in Vik in Skudeneshavn as we moved into in 1970.
That's how I remember growing up is no contradictions between being half Danish and half Norwegian, I liked both.

My great passion

As I grew up in Skudeneshavn was football and training more and more important part of my life. I liked to play and enjoyed by all playmates, it was delicious, safe and good to grow up in a small town \ village on the west coast. There Father was utearbeidene that Fisker and my mother a housewife. Later, in 1975, my only sister Henriette was born. It is 11 years difference between us, she lives on land in Kopervik in when the four children whom she has two different and is not a Jesus believer in the true sense.
As I said, football and fitness was my life. Eventually, I tried myself the district and went all the degrees in The Shot. Where I started Knob made and ending on the A-team and made his debut on the A-team 15 years old. I was offered a trial at FC Twente. But just as I had become a Christian and did not feel it was right and I do not even thanks to the offer. Later, I received several offers and also played some of Vidar who was then in the current Adecco series. But football was eventually the basis for my nyvunnent faith, faith in Jesus Christ as my personal savior. Will also include that during my trips to Denmark, so had my uncle Kai come to personal faith in Jesus after the fact, two family tragedies. My cousin Henning died of heart disease in their childhood. And his older brother Erik died under tragic circumstances around 1972. It was he and three friends set out on fishing in the Limfjord, where they perished. We must assume that alcohol was an indirect cause of this. But through this so became my uncle, a believer and was later church servants in Thyborøn Church and when I was on vacation and stayed with them was the daily devotions and church every Sunday, something I never resent. My uncle Kai was indeed a man of God, just before he died he said in confidence to me that this was the last time he saw me on the earth when he had clarity that he would get permission to return home.

My salvation experience

I had throughout my childhood had a certain kind of Lutheran faith. Then through my parents who came all the Lutheran tradition that is better, yes, far better than not believing in anything at all. It was through a friend that I kicked football that I won to the gospel. He testified to me about his faith, when he also came from a non believer home or to put it better, where they were born-again Christians. He laid out for me the way of salvation and it went up more light for me and God began to call on me. I was with him at meetings at Ebenezer in Skudeneshavn and a Sunday evening 25 January bowed my heart and knee to God and became a new creature in Christ Jesus. Then there was a reversal in my life. Just as I was also in education and was the first year of trading and office in Kopervik. After 1 year of Retail and Office, I moved 1 \ 2 years to Stavanger and played football in the Vidar and went to school in Stavanger during the Post. I moved home and began working in the community until I started the Bible School Smyrna Bible Institute in autumn -82.

My baptism in water and spirit

After I got saved, born again in January 1981 was a very longing in me to live as a believer. When Smyrna Bible School visited us at Ebenezer in the summer of 1981, marked, and showed me that they had what I needed. They had the power of God with them, something I had not. I sought God and in April 1982, I was first baptized in the spirit and some weeks later baptized into Christ in the water. This was of crucial importance.

My call to preach

Jeremiah 1 5 Before I formed thee in the womb I knew you, before you came out of the mother's womb I sanctified thee, and I set thee a prophet unto the nations.

I was NOK chosen to be a ministry of the word proclaims, actually before I was born, I think. As the prophet Jeremiah, I have been sanctified and dedicated to a ministry of the word. I saw that after I was baptized in the spirit lay this to witness to God's word very well for me and I got a clear way to present God's word, something that came naturally. After a meeting at Ebenezer in Skudeneshavn where I had witnessed. So would one of the free friends' grand old man Bjarne Steel Power talk to me. He went straight to the chase and said the following. "I think you have a calling to teach my young friend." This was for me an affirmation and that made me sure I should break with my past life and not focus on football but on the Lord and the mission. I then started the Bible School in the autumn in preparation and reconditioning to preach God's word. But after I was baptized in the spirit, I read in fact through the whole Bible in one month. From 1 Genesis to Revelation and it opened up for me, Hallelujah. This systematic and comprehensive biblical teaching, I got in with the mother's milk and have filled my life. Bible overview we have left out on the net here and bible commentaries throughout the Bible is the way I see it, something of my life's calling and the Lord has intended me to pass on to God's people. The whole counsel of God to salvation is preached, and nothing is left out.

Where I stand today

For this not to be too long and should appear to be like a book so I can give something concrete words about myself today.

I am 47 years old and lives in Mortensrud here in Oslo, where I ride the bus for Unibuss. My wife Berit is an employee of the City of Oslo and works in schools. I have three children Benedikte Rebekah 23 years (b. 88), Sarah Caroline 21 years (b. 90) and Jan Benjamin 17 years (b. 94).
And a grandchild. NB! 3 children with the same lady that I will soon have silver wedding with, Hallelujah, Amen!
Since this is not to be a book and too long, then I come back with more material soon. However, it is not me as a person that is important here, but to be a Word proclaims. Communicating Christ to the people!

I am the leader and shepherd of Smyrna Oslo and this summer we expect to move closer to the city when we are building houses on Hellerud top. See here: http://the-heavenly-blog.janchristensen.net/2011/12/nr-153-new-great-house-here-in-oslo-on.html

1. Pet. 2. 9. But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for a possession, that you may declare His virtues who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

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