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Nr. 21: Is the Holy Spirit a person or a part of God?

Nr. 21:

Is the Holy Spirit a person or a part of God?

The Holy Spirit is not a person but a part of God himself! We will never meet any 3 person either in heaven or on earth (which is God). One day we will see everything clearly! Then it will become clear everything, even the most trinity teachings do not believe to see a second God in heaven who is the Holy Spirit as far as I know?

1. Cor. 13. 12 Now we see through a glass, darkly, then we shall see face to face. Now I understand in part, then I shall understand fully, as God knows me completely.

I know that Benny Hinn and some other teaches that the Spirit is a person with body, etc. Most people I know think that the Spirit is a legemsløs person as a not quite manage to define and understand? I myself have been taught to believe in this, of course not find anything hold of God's word that the Holy Spirit is a so-called 3 personal God who is for ever and ever to be worshiped and served on an equal footing with the Father and the Son. We will now go into this topic to first and foremost try to describe how God's word explains this topic. Secondly, to reveal that both Jesus Only doctrine and the Trinity is obfuscation and unbiblical teachings!

Before we go any further so I do not want to be preachy or judgmental as some claim that I am when I claim that the Trinity is unbiblical and has its origins in ancient Egypt and Greece with polytheism and triads among others. a.

If we never meet the Spirit as a person, nor in the sky as it indicates that there is no person, or do we believe in something that is not true and that there is no substance? I choose to relate to what can be found in scripture and that one has written evidence.

We encounter a word that will happen when we get to heaven.

1. Cor. 15. 28 And when all is under him shall the Son also himself submit to God who put all things under him, and God may be all in all.

Spirit's function will be in heaven here on earth, there is no difference. It tells me that when the Spirit can not possibly our own person or so is the Spirit a ventriloquist and magician, which of course is not the case!

If God is triune because we are triune? This also falls by its own absurdity and that one does not know scripture well-NOK. The Bible emphasizes both the Old and New Testament that we humans are first and foremost a twofold creature with an inner and outer man.

Eph. 3. 16 I pray that he is so rich in glory, strengthen them in the inner man by the power of his Spirit.

The inner man and outer man is what we find in scripture as a united witness what we humans are. Spirit and soul is the inner man, while the rest is the outer man.

Belief in God, it's teachings.

Belief in God, it's teachings, why should not it be so difficult or impossible to have a clear understanding about these things.

Heb. 6. 1. Let us therefore go beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and stride towards perfection, so we will not again laying the foundation of repentance from dead works and faith in God.

We see that to believe in God and have a clear understanding of this is children's learning. Then it is quite absurd and incomprehensible when Catholics say that this is a mystery and Protestants that this is so difficult and complex that we just have to believe what it is. No, we do not believe in a triad of God, but one God!

Does the Spirit a determination that a person? No! It tells us again and again again that the Spirit is not a separate person but a part of God as Scripture says.

Joh. e. 16 13 But when He, the Spirit of truth, he will guide you into all truth. For he shall not speak from himself, but whatever he hears, and tell you what is to come. 14 He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of Mine, and shall show it unto you. 15 All that the Father has is mine. Therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you.

Note the wording. He shall receive of mine and give it to you, he will preach to you. It tells us again that we do not have a separate person, but one that is part of another or others, to use a visual language that one can comprehend. I would also say that the Spirit is a mediator.

Was Mary Raped?

If a belief in the Trinity was the Virgin Mary was raped, if the Spirit was a separate person, it tells me once again that the Trinity and Jesus only doctrine is the occult and the ugly. It is and remains unbiblical. It was God himself who with Mary's permission made a body in Mary's stomach scripture says.

Heb. 10. 5 Therefore, says Christ at his coming to the world: Sacrifices and gifts you would not have, but a body made you able to me.

A person MUST have a name, a unique name.

A person MUST have a name, a name, it has not the Spirit. Is he still a person? No and again no for an answer! Spirit is and remains a part of God, not a person.

We find the Spirit never spoken with a real name, never! Why? He is no separate person (there is a man-made learning and understanding). Spirit has properties just like our spirit is. It's bl. a of Daniel that he had a high spirit, most Christians have a spirit that is asleep in the day.

I do not know how much more I have to prove that one should recognize that the Trinity and Jesus only doctrine does not have biblical substance and true biblical content? But this heresy is very real among many religious!

It is the fact that it is the Father and the Son who comes to us by the Spirit. And it says that the Lord is the Spirit that tells us when we experience the Spirit, as we experience and know God the Father and Jesus. They cause the same to feel the Spirit and know Jesus.

2. Cor. 3. 17 The Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

Jesus is the Spirit, and God the Father says he is Spirit. When we understand this in plain language of the Spirit is part of God just like mine and your spirit is a part of you and me. If not then will this our speech and understanding of language and language use is completely nonsense and nonsense! But it is not, but the Trinity is to learn who came and were "common Christianity" with the Catholic church on the 300-number. Before that it was actually very little discussion and debate around this because all agreed it was the only one that was the only true God the Father and that was worshiped and glorified. And Jesus Kyrios or Lord. The basic text is the word here for the Spirit: pneuma which one can translate this, that Jesus is available to us by the Spirit. Before he was here physically, but now he is available for all of us BY HIS SPIRIT.

Ap. Gj 2 33 He was elevated to God's right hand and received from the Father the Holy Spirit that was promised us, and poured it. This is what you see and hear.

Before the day of Pentecost God gave the Spirit after Pentecost day gives Jesus the Spirit of now he is exalted! It is the Father and the Son that we meet that person, and they are both God. Jesus subordinate to the Father, but still God and he gives the Spirit after the resurrection. Something happened to the full on the day of Pentecost and until he returns to establish His kingdom of peace.

God will you worship

Matt. 4. 10 Then Jesus said to him: "Depart from me, Satan: for it is written: The Lord your God shall you worship and him only shalt thou serve."

We can not find a single word in Scripture to worship the Holy Spirit, why? Here are both the Trinity and Jesus only to card when they have no answers but I have! It is because he is not a separate person or God but a part of God. Had the Holy Spirit was a separate person and a God, as Scripture had said and taught us to worship and pray to him, but why not? Because the Spirit is PART OF GOD, NOT EVEN GOD!

The sum of God's word is truth

Psalm 119:160 The sum of Your word is truth, and forever is all your righteous law firm.

Of course, words that speak of both Jesus only doctrine and the Trinity, but the sum of God's word says the following: That there is only one true God who is before all and to eternity, the Father. He has a son who has gone out from him from time immemorial. Spirit is from both of them, but it was only after the resurrection that Jesus was fully participate in everything, until then he had been in his preeksistens.

Spirit speaks, but it also makes the blood of Abel, etc. There are of course many difficult verse, if one will look at individual verses and build a doctrine around it. But look a the big picture and ask your heart opplate eyes and humble, as one will find the truth of the promise.

The Reformation has not brought anything back to the church

There are those who believe that after all the revivals that have been from Luther as are all biblical truths comet into its own again, but it does not teach writing. We know John. Revelation. 2-3 is a prophetic representation of the church's development from the early Christians until the present day. The Reformation was from God, but it was not perfect and not brought everything back to the church of lost truths. Therefore, I would say that Pastor Barratt and Joshua said on their death beds, there are more countries to adopt. One of those truths is the right understanding of God or the Godhead!

Joh. Revelation. 3. 2. Stay awake, and strengthen the other, who was about to die! for I have not found your works perfect before my God.

This is prophetic of the Reformation and what happened afterwards. The heresy in many respects, as the Catholics introduced and other heresies, it is not the Protestant movement even brought back to the church. Some of the truths that are not brought back using God, I mean among other things. a us here in Smyrna Oslo and all others who stand up for God's word and preach the whole counsel of God to salvation!

The Holy Spirit is part of God, but no separate God or person!

1. Joh. b. 4 13 The fact that we are in him and he in us, we know because he has given us of his Spirit.

Words and use them right is to form and create a people. Trinity doctrine has been an opening of the demonic as it is a false doctrine and understanding of Scripture (1 Tim. 4 1). The truth is that the Spirit is part of God and is God himself, therefore the strong features of the Spirit. We read in 1 Joh. b. God has given us of his Spirit. We all share in a part of God and Christ by the Spirit. Therefore, the Spirit called the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, Spirit of the Lord, etc. Jesus said it himself when he went to the Father, he would send another in its place, what then? Himself and the Father, not a separate 3 PERSON WHO IS AN IMAGINARY GOD AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT!

Joh. e. 14 21 Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he that loves me shall be loved of my Father. I too will love him and manifest myself to him. "

Read this 10 times so that it enters: "I will love him and manifest myself to him."
Note that the experience of the Spirit is to experience Jesus, it also says scripture that the Lord is the Spirit. It is wonderful and easy this is, can not understand why one should believe in three equal Gods which avgudsdyrkeri!
Read also 10 times: "The Lord is the Spirit".

Authority believe

Most Christians, even people in general are too aut faith. This in turn means that one does not put himself into another problem position from the one that one is presented by its leader, Priest or Pastor. This is deeply tragic when God himself says in his word that he will teach the individual about what is right or not.

Satan would be God Father

Hosea says that lack of knowledge is my people perish. It is of course sad that spiritual ignorance and being wrong in the spiritual area can and will lead into the disaster and delusion, but the Trinity is and remain occult and satanic. Satan would be God, Father, while Jesus was happy in his preeksistens and also side to be subordinate to the Father. When someone claims that there are three equal Gods of power, honor and dignity, it is seductive and demonic teachings! This does not teach writing. Scripture teaches that only God the Father is the only true God, not someone else. Claiming that the Spirit is a person and Jesus is 100% equal to the Father in the origin and everything else is completely alien thought from God's word! Using the pagan religions representations as a starting point, the Catholic church meetings offered the Christian world an explanation that the devil uses to eventually achieve its ultimate goal, to appear as God: I will make myself like the Most High .., Isa. 14:14.

Shall we meet the Spirit in the sky as a person with all that it entails?

No, neither in time or in heaven we will meet some spirit with a body! We will meet the teacher writing two people physically and empty eat and be able to touch them. It is Jesus Christ and God the Father. See Daniel 7, Acts 7, and John. Revelation. 5. We will also sit down with them and eat and drink. Moses and the 70 elders were experiencing this and Jesus himself gave us the promise of getting to experience the same.

What does the word the Holy Spirit?

We can not find the Holy Spirit in Scripture in the original language, but it is holy Spirit in lowercase when the Bible was written. Spirit of God (1 Gen 1.2 / Ruch Elohim) is the Spirit's "own name". Breathe, just like you and I have breath, God has it!

What is the Spirit's function?

Actually, it is simply and clearly, he is a mediator of God the Father and Jesus's behalf. But not as a person, as God is infinite, so is his spirit there, done work!

Fog Installation

Jesus Alone doctrine and the Trinity is obfuscation. When Catholics claim that the Trinity is a mystery and Protestants that we can not understand but we just have to believe it, witness it on a lack of understanding about the divine things. I can explain all this, it is only to make contact, I have the answers in the whole, as God gives us grace and wisdom.

Trinity is pompous and arrogant

Trinity is pompous and arrogant. Jesus only supporters are eager, without true spiritual discernment and understanding. This is a simple image, but it is by and large all the way I experienced it!

Trinity doctrine is a misinterpretation

Trinity doctrine is a misinterpretation and Jesus alone is a misinterpretation that could end real bad off, so make sure you and search again God and writing about these things. The Apostle Peter and the whole word of God warns us against interpreting the word of God wrong, which will lead to both our and others' destruction.

2. Pet. 3. 16 In this he speaks in all the letters in which he comes in on these questions. There are some things there that are difficult to understand, and the unlearned and unstable wrest, as do also the other scriptures, and it is to their own destruction.

No one can interpret the word of God without the Spirit and the Word of light and revelation. Without it, we all want, why is it so important to be humbled by God about this and ask him to reveal. The fact that many believe in a doctrine and that Christianity has been forced by Emperor Constantine to believe in a doctrine which is neither Christian or Jewish, should get everyone to stop and examine this doctrine and "dogma" something more than that usually been done!

2. Pet. 1. 20 But you must above all know that one can not interpret any prophecy of Scripture on their own.

What is the Spirit mentioned in Scripture that?

He is never mentioned by name, only features like our spirit has properties based on who we are, the Spirit of God there. Can not understand why one can not reject the whole doctrine of the Trinity and Jesus alone doctrine, there are two ditches on either side of the spiritual world.

The Holy Spirit is God's power!

Holy Spirit is the power of God, as simple and as long as it should been, as it says in the basic text in lower case. When the Bible was written so they wrote it that way, not as we do with extra words, verses, chapters and large letters for it to blend into our thought and belief patterns.

Luke 1 35 The angel answered, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the highest power will overshadow you. Therefore the child to be born will be called holy Son of God.

We read in Hebrews, God made a body of Jesus while in Luke it is the highest power that did it. In other words, the Spirit does, so does the Father. Why? Because the Spirit is a part of him, not a separate person.

Classic Christianity

Is this a classic Christian faith when I am in this article have stripped both the Trinity and Jesus only doctrine? This must surely be the death blow to this doctrine once and for all? Do NOK is not there, unfortunately! But neither the Trinity or Jesus only doctrine is sound biblical doctrines.
We see all the bits and pieces, but still I will say this, I have a light on!
Is it someone who believes something or agree, just write on the blog!

Trinity doctrine in the historical light

It was an unfamiliar learning by and large it all up to the Catholic church came on the 300-number. Before that it was the sight that I argues that prevailed among the early Christians, and before that among the Jews. Trinity doctrine came when defection spread among the believers, it is more correct to say!

2. Tess. 2. 3 Let no man deceive you by any means! For a falling away first and the lawless one will be revealed, the man doomed to destruction.


1. Joh. b. 4 3 And every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not of God. It is the antichrist, which you have heard was coming. And it is already in the world.

It is strange how the trinity teachings interpret God's word, of course, to make it fit into their theology. As far as I know so do not think those who acknowledge the Trinity that the antichrist spirit and Antichrist are two separated individuals, although there are about the antichrist spirit all identically the same as it is about the holy Spirit and Jesus. It is strange how one should interpret God's word for it to blend with a lie learn?

Trinity doctrine is not mentioned in the Word of God

Trinity doctrine is not mentioned in the Word of God even once, did Jesus, Paul, Peter, John and Moses wrong? Or know the trinity teachings which Jesus did not even know? But the arrogant and rude are when I mention this to them in the whole. Little or nothing of Jesus' spirit meets one here, especially among the leaders. As a rule, the majority decided that this will not change, even if the doctrine is not mentioned in the Word of God in either the Old or New Testament only once with a single word or phrase.

Therefore you shall know them by their fruits

Matt. 7. 20 Therefore shall ye know them by their fruits.

Should I tell my honest opinion, the Trinity and those who profess the doctrine very little humble to their own point of view here, an arrogant and pompous manner just because that "meat weight" they have on their side, but the word of God, they have not! Jesus only people are anxious without reason and discernment!

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