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No. 1306 Kjell Andersen and Søkelys lets Jan Aage Torp fornicators write in Searchlight, while non-believers who are re-married they hammer away at such a hypocrisy!

No. 1306
Kjell Andersen and Søkelys lets Jan Aage Torp fornicators write in Searchlight, while non-believers who are re-married they hammer away at such a hypocrisy!

Andersen comes with a long dissertation, triads with scriptures and other. It does not help with a long article when full article is more guesswork and human opinions than the word of God and the biblical revelations about topic of marriage - divorce and remarriage!

Image of Jørn Strand having two "bastard" before he was saved.

After Kjell Andersen and Searchlight "home-grown" theory and doctrine, then should Strand have taken care of these two kids and their first pond that he has children. But this I think is not right, although for Strand's part turn "good" with that he can marry and new family.
But we know, the homemakers son Kjell Andersen and Searchlight acting like, do not want anyone any good is pretty obvious!
At Strand shall stand, and have five children and two women to support, I do not think had been expedient for some.
He started a new life with Jesus, although he currently does not live up to God's standard of ia collaborate with Jan Hanvold.
Jan Hanvold live in an invalid marriage after the word of God, when he was re-married several times as a believer, here there is a significant difference!

Scripture is clear, what we do that are not believers are under the blood of Jesus. Had it not been so, so had all hope been out for us all.

But everything we do as believers, prepared we accountable for. Had it not been so, so we could only continue in sin and lived by our own lusts and vices!

Kjell Andersen and Searchlight lets January Aage Torp fornicators write in Searchlight, while non-believers who are re-married they hammer away at such a hypocrisy!

Torp get free slot space, while those who have lived a life apart from God. They are nicely asked fulfilled his sin, also what they did as nonbelievers. Yes, it sounds so good. But think of all those on Evangelisenteret and other such drug users. They have a sorry record that is so large and far, that it is for each kilometer.

Many have done so much, it is so complicated and there may be as many marriages and relationships behind that for those who have "most". So we know that King Solomon had a thousand wives, and for some of these so they lie not far below!

This printer Searchlight and Kjell Andersen, for whoever becomes a believer:
There are some who have made a "learn" that distinguishes between what happened before and after salvation / the old man versus the new creature (2 Corinthians 5:17) but as we shall see later, has such a thought no support in the Bible, and must therefore be regarded as an unbiblical thought.
Are saved So sometimes large, namely that this cohabiting couple who live in an invalid marriage because Paul in Romans 7 states that it is only through the original spouse dies, -that law no longer reigns over the godly marriage. Jesus said: "Think not that I am come to destroy the Law or the Prophets I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. "And thus it is not so that God's law on marriage is not valid anymore. God's law is eternal firm and therefore Paul writes also: "For the married woman is bound by law to her husband so long as he lives. But if her husband dies, she is loosed from the law of her husband. "Here we can also reverse sex roles and say:" For the married man is bound by law to his wife as long as he lives. If the wife dies, he is free from the law that bound him to the woman. "However," Tom "and" Gunda "saved, and both came to faith in Jesus, and can then, from the blog's home-grown thesis remain in their cohabitation, and that now, in the new creation can be considered a valid marriage because "the old has gone, the new has come." (2 Corinthians 5:17)
The question we here want to ask is this: Does such a theory support in God's eternal Word? Is it really the case that because of salvation, and that they are now new creatures, can take their old sinful pitfall cohabitation and get this recognized as a valid marriage with the Holy God -so this blogger claims? The answer here is of course no and no again. Even if a man has been saved and had their sins forgiven, do not give 2 Corinthians 5:17, or other isolated scripture quotes us the right to overrule God's law and commandments. Paul said: For the married woman (or man) is bound by law to her husband (or wife) while he / she lives. But if her husband (or wife) dies ", she / he loosed from the law of her husband / wife. "With little other words," Tom "or" Gunda) not marry as long as the real wife of "Tom" is alive. In this case it means that Jorun originally committed adultery, must first depart with death, before "Tom" is free to remarry. Meanwhile he must remain unmarried, so the author of the book "The great pitfall" Øyvind Olav Sydow Kleiveland do. There is nothing in cohabitation between "Tom" and "Gunda" suggesting that their remarried cabinets can now be considered a valid marriage, even though 2 Corinthians 5:17 used herein.

A consistent refuse remarriage means that "Tom" and "Gunda" living in adultery, unless it can be justified by the thesis of the innocent party. Blog's theory that 2 Corinthians 5:17 could be contributed miss a real biblical foundation and theological foundation. It repentance message requires is that Tom and Gunda refrain from their cohabitation and living apart until Toms wife has died. This is perhaps harsh words, but blogs Christensen learn about this consists solely of shoot blanks and has no any theological substance remaining on the bottom. The truth is that blogs Christensen has only given a Bible verse that actually forgive their sin. That this blogger serving is not forgiveness but rather remission permission. Should "Tom and Gunda" justify that their marriages have biblical support, there must be the idea of ​​the innocent party.

As believers think Kjell Andersen and Searchlight following:
The innocent party Various denominations have in teaching and practice opened up for the innocent or abandoned party may remarry.
Equal footing As written earlier, there are Christians who want to be true to the Bible as a theology that allows the innocent party may remarry. Although there are biblical objections to such a theology, I would say that cohabitation between Tom and Gunda better be justified as marriage from "the theory of the innocent party." But in this case with these just like with "Pastor Winnie" who believed his wife broke out of marriage and marry another. According to the theological untenable theory to relevant blogs, the abandoned Pastor Ole a "whore buck" or "immoral" -If he remarries, while the relation between "Tom" and "Gunda" -which in reality, was a similar situation, being accepted as straight marriages. This despite the fact that the Bible states that "Tom" is still bound to his marriage with "Jorun", as this will only be lifted with one of the parties dies. The idea that Tom and Gunda cohabitation, is a valid marriage, because of "the new has come" is a hopeless theory -and shows that topical blogs operate with different template and thus traps an unfair judgment of the pastors who are innocent affected by divorce and then remarried again. Following the Bible's view, the parties are equal and if you then call A (pastor) of a whore buck -must one and call "B" (the cohabiting couple) for the same. So enough of this.
(End of quote).

I will first take up what applies the saved, here it is very easy!

1) Innocent and not innocent party has nothing to do with the saved to do. The aforementioned skrifted concerns, is betrothal. There is only one thing that gives acceptance for a believer to enter into a new marriage, it's dead!

2.) For those being saved absolutely everything that he has done that non believers are gone, like a cloud that is there. But that is gone forever!

3.) The record is clear, it is what we do as believers, we should ask for responsibility, and it applies to everything we do. Therefore remarriage sin, adultery and fornication for believers. While the world's people live in constant sin, if the sinner very much, or very little. They are and remain sinners and darkness children. But we as believers, is and remains to be the children of light!

Final Comment:

1 Tim. 4. 1. Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith. They should stick to seducing spirits, and demons learn 2 of lying hypocrites with scorched conscience. 3 These forbid people to marry and require abstinence from foods which God has created for those who believe and know the truth should accept it with thanks. 4 Everything that God has created is good, and nothing should be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving. 5 For the holy word of God and prayer.

The whole understanding, practice and teaching of Andersen and Searchlight is inconsistent, unbiblical and demonic controlled!

I have met and worked with many people through life and in God's service. But such a strange doctrine that Andersen and Searchlight adds for the day is among the worst I've seen.

1.) Andersen and Searchlight think that if one is married and divorced as non believers umpteen times, then such a matter to return to his first wife.

Consider here a case that Jornstrand which has several Lösung and then a lady waiting for him. What? Of course you have the old life lay behind, it was dark.

2.) Andersen and Searchlight believes that Jan Aage Torp fornicators, but he does so much good. It does not get any consequences. This could I explained in such detail, but this printer Andersen:
'Christian family ethics Searchlight identify with, for example, will not have remarriage pastors or permits remarriage itself, there are ministers who despite disagreement here, doing a lot of good and praiseworthy, -which shall roses. In the church of God, we have no tradition of asking the public pillory those who fail in their marriage or life otherwise, -and this tradition we will not break. This review does too. "

Scripture says the opposite, we should turn away in from the preachers and people who are re-married as believers. When the parish collection and out u from there to serve God together. I eg. working with gjengiftede Christians, it's okay. But I will not serve God with those gjengiftede.

Andersen is so busy being silent in the doors against such persons, this is also totally unscriptural and what Andersen and Searchlight or practice. Deliver some example. as gays or set up in homsetog as Knut Arild Hareide as haying one the big drum!

Word. 27. 5 Better is open criticism than hidden sympathy. (2011 spare.)

1930 translation: 5 Better is open rebuke than hidden love.

In other words, Kjell Sverre Andersen and Searchlight is totally unbiblical also in his criticism of me and the Heavenly blog. We do what is right, to defend those who live in sin. And warn against those who live in sin!

What does the word of God, and we at the Heavenly blog?

See here for some article related to this topic, but I mention briefly three things!

1.) The day one comes to God in Jesus' name and becomes a believer. From that day everything starts to "count". Should have a or ten failed marriages behind him, then "count" they do not. It is from the day one comes to light and be saved, that life with large L begins!

2.) As a Christian has a marriage for life. There is only death that provides the opportunity for a Jesus-disciple to remarry!

3.) We can not always take Jesus' teaching into opposite us Gentile Christians, for us in terms of life and learning, so is Paul our "big" mentor. Here there is much to say, by that I mean that for us Gentiles is the Mosaic Law is not relevant, I "starting" everything with Jesus' death and resurrection. In other words, it is from the day we are saved that God's "clock" begins for us Gentiles, not before!

It says about such as Andersen and Searchlight, that they are under impure influence when they refuse new believers to start again as believers. Also with founding a separate Christian family. But for Torp and others, it is only charge up, we must tolerate some disagreements. This is hypocrisy of the worst kind!

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