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No. 1311: Newspaper Norway today requires money of 10 to 15 years old picture!

No. 1311:
Newspaper Norway today requires money of 10 to 15 years old picture!

This copyrighted image is obsolete, then one can only do as Jan Aage Torp do all the time. Take screen photography, and presto, so all payment "forgotten"!

It's strange, the biggest villain screams always most !!!!!!!!!!!!

Got a monetary claim of the newspaper Norway today, when we have used an image that is 10 to 15 years old, and have been u use for many years.

There came a word to me about the papers Norway today, which is in Jeremiah.

Jeremiah 2. 13a For two evils has My people done.

Yes, two evils newspapers Norway today.

1.) They collaborate with the false prophet and the adulterer Jan Hanvold!

Image of the false apostle Jan Hanvold.

2.) They cooperate with the mock Apostle and adulterer Jan Aage Torp!

Image of mockery apostle Jan Aage Torp.

These are two mortal sins, which makes newspaper Norway today brings spiritual death wherever it comes and are received and opened.

Here is the email from Norway today:

Hi Jan Kåre Christensen

We have seen that you have used an image on your blog, taken by our photographer Marion Hasli, we own the rights.
We have not given permission to use, and asks that this picture is taken away from your blog.

Otherwise, we will bill you for the repeated use in accordance with current rates.

We ask for your feedback on this, and confirmation that the images be removed.

With best regards
Norway TODAY

Here is a picture:

This I replied:

Okay, how much do you want for the image?

There is nothing difficult for me to change this picture when I just take the picture as a facsimile image from Norway today and it will be even bigger and better!

The choice is yours, either I get to use it, or so I make it a lot better and bigger, free!

This picture is so old, and I've had it in use for 10 years?

Then begin to demand money of it is fraudulent, unchristian and unspiritual.

You complain that you do not get money from the state to operate the newspaper Norway today. But you are here worse than what the state is against you, talk about hypocrisy!

And you do not write names either, only Norway today.

Who are you?

And you will be brothers and sisters?

Here there is only one, indeed an innocent picture of a blog, which you require money for.

This is shameful and contemptible of the newspaper Norway today.

Next mail will I have any name of one of the editors who answer, at least a name!

Jan K

Final Comment:

Have called ones, but have not received any reply confirming what they want.
Pray for these people dear faithful friends, they behave really badly!
That we get a written clarification, where they keeps calm and put away all claims for money.

Should they have 100,000 - £? Or how much? I do not know!

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