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No. 1299: When Jan Aage Torp is run out of arguments to discredit me, so he takes out his "trump card" that I'm a stalker though I never approached him!

No. 1299:
When Jan Aage Torp is run out of arguments to discredit me, so he takes out his "trump card" that I'm a stalker though I never approached him!

Why call in Jan Aage Torp me a stalker? That I have no idea, I never approached him sometimes. Neither the meeting, private or by letter or e-mail!

Hehe, this, Jan Aage Torp written about before, taking the article after this I here, type the first few words.

Torp has not an example that I'm a stalker, so what does he do? Taking an example from another lady, ties it in with me. Vips, I'm a stalker. Even a first grader should know that as long as one does not have an example that I have stalks him, or his adulteress Aina. So I can not possibly be a stalker or something?

Torp both lying, manipulating and fabricating here lies, deception and sham.

Here is the article where I wrote about this forje time he claimed that I was a stalker, even though he has approached me on several occasions. But I never him, either on one or the other.

No. 1000:
Jan Aage past pranks is that now I'm Norway's only secure stalker! Lies of Torp is now so easy to reveal that even a four year old can do it, apart from the police!

Entire Torps life is and will remain a charade, poor man and those who believe in him!
Photo of Stephen, it is exactly this "approach" the so-called hat police Manglerud do. They engaged in outright persecution of Christianity and attacking, not defending religion and freedom of speech!

I'm writing in the headline: "Jan Aage past pranks is that now I'm Norway's only secure stalker! Lies of Torp is now so easy to reveal that even a four year old can do it, apart from the police! "
What do we see now by the police and staged by the false apostle and narcissist January Aage Torp? Christianity Persecution due conviction of faith issues is what I experience, and the police are on the whole, not bad it?
What is it Torp writes?
He writes: "Is there" Stalkers "on-line today? (= "Tormentors")
I have realized during preparations for the treatment of a criminal case that Norway is at least one man who may be called with the English word "Stalker". "
This is me as he aims to come up further down in the article. But there Torp did not mention is that I never sought him, but he me. Who's stalker then? Torp course, here lies he left as he does almost all the time.
Moreover writes Torp, "Svein Øverland is psychologist and has written a book on stalkers. He believes it is not advisable to meet persecutors conflicting advice. - Generally speaking, you should be very reluctant to meet a stalker at all, because it will very often maintain the negative behavior, he says. - How should one then solve these types of cases? "
After meeting conflicting advice as provide any I Torp to go through everything I had written if he wanted anything changed. This declined Torp which again proves that he is a man of power and a psychopath who when he does not get his way, running on just as it suits him. After meeting threw up and I was mentioned to be a Demon. Yes, the world will be deceived, Torp is and remains incurable. This I have learned now in the last year!
Hate groups on Manglerud police do not take a dime of lying on my upstairs in the face!
Having had several conversations with several of Manglerud Police, among others Inspector Monica Lille Bakken, police officer Lena Fjalestad and police attorney Oda Karterud.
They may lie, twist the truth and say one thing one day and not follow it up. Everything they do, they should not be held responsible for something, they think. But the day comes, be sure you! Ia said the inspector Monica Lille Bakken and police attorney Oda Karterud to me that they would not do anything more on the matter between me and Torp after meeting in Mediation. Now there is a criminal case, they lie just as it suits them. But they are somewhat excused, I would say, obviously they are not born again and realize themselves thus not in spiritual things. Therefore, it is also chaos and rebels who succeed where they should be "police". They have no precondition to know and understand that a man who Torp is under demonic influence when he living in sin and adultery by the word of God.
January Aage Torp hate obviously his family and him ?!
As Torp walks and rides upon it must be obvious that he hates everything and everyone who opposes him?
Even their own children razors he over public, for me it is inconceivable that it is possible to do such a thing. And for all upward humans likewise! As a public person so it is entirely legitimate, healthy, right and good that he is also publicly warned against. We have not the opportunity longer do we live in the dictatorship that the so-called hate groups on Manglerud For Norway into. We will be the "new" North Korea or Saudi Arabia I ask myself when I see how the infamous and rotten police Manglerud 'Processing', ravaging and hold on!
He must also obviously been very dissatisfied with his first wife when he as the "innocent" party allowed by Torps theology to remarry. Although word of God says just the opposite.
1 Cor. 7. 10 The married I command, yet not I, but the Lord, that a wife should not divorce his husband; 11 but divorced him, then abiding she being unmarried or be reconciled herself with her husband - and a husband should not divorce his wife.
It says black on white that as a believer one should either live single or reconcile with their spouse. At Torp think he is the so-called innocent party may remarry only shows he emerges as an even worse person than I have written about him. He is simply the word of God says:
1 Tim. 1. 19 having faith and a good conscience; which some having thrust away shipwreck concerning their faith;
He has thrown conscience of themselves and have foundered as a believer. When he arrived there:
2 Tim. 2. 26 and wake left by his devil's snare, having been caught by him to do his will.
Here says Apostle Paul about such extremist individuals as Jan Aage Torp following: "his devil's snare, having been caught by him to do his will."
This is just like an intoxication, they are deceived and do the Ondes will. Such a person is now the so-called hat police Manglerud load tees with. No wonder that they even have a hatred against the truth, God and me. They can not do their job whatsoever, in many ways set the rule of law out of action. Even when Torp has agreed a fictional review of mine and everything else that has happened in the case, then there is only one thing they are concerned with. Get me punished, convicted and put the Heavenly blog out of play!
Here some comments about hate cops on Manglerud from VG.
Natalia Bogdanovich: Witch hunt is opened. Cases involving theft, fraud, robbery, rape dismissed in droves due to lack of resources.
Simen Martinsen, I stand up for and defend the right of those uttering unpopular opinions. For example, racists, and he angry bearded Muslim man who stood to screaming outside the national theater for a while ago. I do not agree with what they say, but I defend RIGHT dems to say what they mean.
It's been a while since I've checked, but is not in the Constitution that we have freedom of speech in Norway? The police actively reach out to persecute people who have expressed themselves freely. This is not freedom of speech.
(End of quote).
Final Comment:
I've written about him as a public person who purports to be an apostle, but clearly is a false apostle. Having never visited him or persecuted him and had a meeting with him. Simply I have only written about him based on what he has written himself. Is this a criminal offense? Of course not, it has been my duty to warn against an adulterer who Torp is when he is re-married as a "believer" even though he is the "innocent" party! Entire Torps theology based on that he is the so-called "innocent" party that can and should get married again. But no one believes him, I'm pretty convinced, least of his own family as he obviously hates, their own children, and the hate seems to be mutual! Talk about being a fool last and anything and everything that strongly should and must be cautioned against if he is to guide people in the name of Jesus. For the Torp doing so distant from true Christianity it is possible to come, I am convinced.
Fortunately, more and more people are seeing the same thing as me that this matter progresses, just as I have said from the beginning!
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