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No. 1291: Jeremy Hoff commenting lies on the false Smyrna blog!

No. 1291:
Jeremy Hoff commenting lies on the false Smyrna blog!

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Dear Arne Ulf Breen,

This is my response to your post on 22 July 2016


It's okay if you disagree with me, but I must correct several of the things you write that does not match. Let me give some quotes from your posts followed by my comments:
"Kjell Andersen from Searchlight and author Jeremy Hoff, along with others who have agreed to become members by invitation, has formed an organization that, quote from our source," seeks to give a more nuanced, more accurate picture of Anders Behring Breivik and his actions than the politically correct press and media has given us. ' "
This is the first time I've heard about this organization. Your source must be a rumor, then this simply is not true. You also wrote:
"Those of us who are Christians have long since discarded the" July 22 Prophecy "worm work where Jeremy Hoff tries to put all the blame on those 77 deaths of those killed. A job he has had a lot of help from Kjell Andersen. "
I have received great support from many who call themselves Christians, including a number of nationally known Christian leaders. This summer I speak on several Christian summer conventions, and so far I have been received in a very good way. (See the following video sections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ippmX6olFs0.) You claim that I put all the blame on these 77 victims. Let me give you three quotes from my book:
"It happened on July 22 was terrible evil, and no man has the right to do that Anders Behring Breivik did. God is love, and I think that he wanted the best for the 77 who died in the attacks. He wants the best for all of us, but it is usually we choose to reject the protection provided by it to obey His Word. Moreover, they were 77 victims clearly not the most responsible for the "breach in the wall" arose, but they were still almost breakup when evil afflicted. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time, unaware that they were on a path of evil. "(P. 30)
"It is only by God's grace that we have been given the task as stewards of the truth of His Word, and our care must be so great that we share it with those who find themselves on a dangerous path. It could just as easily have been you or I who was among the 77 victims on 22 July. "(P. 125)
"Murderers like Anders Behring Breivik will be severely punished by God for what they have done, and we must be careful that we never in our hearts endorsement of these evil deeds." (P. 169)
Furthermore, type the following:
"This worm Office has reportedly sold 3,000 copies and we can boldly state that Jeremy Hoff earned money of innocent child's death. Something that is deeply, deeply contemptuous. These two have now formed "22. July Committee. ' "
Throughout my book "22. July prophecy "is published FREE on 22juliprofetien.com. I recommend that you download it and take some time to read it before deciding to continue to attack me. It costs a lot of money to reprint a book, and before it gets any income, these costs are covered. I have spent nearly two years writing this book, and it has been my full-time job. There are several others who have authored books on July 22 tragedy, and I anticipate that these probably have earned more in his work than what I've done.
You also write:
"On such a sad day, we will recall that Anders Behring Breivik acted on behalf of Satan himself who tested us Christians in our allegiance to God."
Here you and I seem to agree that it was Satan who inspired Anders Behring Breivik to commit this heinous crime (a thought I go quite elaborate through on page 164-169).
I find that it has encountered some confusion because of misrepresentations. Probably partly after vebjørn selbekk invented a quote from my book that does not exist. This happened on 22/10/15 at the first media-head debate for the 4 Christian media in western Norway, when -Selbekk issued the following statement:
"The book is very direct - very clear saying that the reason why these young people, 69, most young people were killed - it was only fair. I am quoting from the book, "..just equitable because these young people were soldiers in an army that for 40 years has driven war against Israel" - that AUF. "(See the recording here: https://youtu.be / Rb0AVLHSJ0w? t = 6571)
This quote is not to be found anywhere in my book, neither in first or second edition. The -Selbekk did was to combine several different phrases from Chapter 8, and so he added some of his own words. It would have been better if he had said he paraphrased, but when he says that there is a quote should be reproduced word for word. I felt that he used this reformulated "quote" in order to prepare as if I wanted to justify the evil action to ABB. I have confronted him personally in relation to this, but he has not done anything to correct it. I do not want to make an issue out of this, but still feel that there may be a need to disclose incorrectness in Selbekk quote. This is because many people's opinions about my book appears to be based on misrepresentations, and not necessarily on what I have written.
I will here end by urging everyone who reads this post to visit my website and download "22. July prophecy. " A few months ago I launched the second edition of this book, which includes five new documented prophecies that came in the year preceding the July 22 attacks. That total, we now have seven documented prophecies that seem to apply this event! If we now are not willing to take these seriously can we as Christians be guilty of the blood of future victims. None of us want to see such things happen in the future. Therefore, we need to be aware of the dangerous situation that we find ourselves, and we should seek God in prayer and fasting in order to obtain His protection. As you can read in chapter 9, have a couple of those receiving revelation on July 22, also received revelation that something worse is on the way! In the second edition have I included a systematic response to the theological objections have been raised against the book, which should be quite adequate for the criticisms that have been.
If you or someone else is able to see that what I have written is contrary to the word of God, I am more than willing to take the entire message back and make a public apology. The only thing needed is that someone can show me where I have been wrong.

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