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No. 1023: Jan Hanvold release to Vebjørn Selbakk and Jeremy Hoff to discuss on July 22, but never if he dares to take an open debate with me about divorce - remarriage!

No. 1023:
Jan Hanvold release to Vebjørn Selbakk and Jeremy Hoff to discuss on July 22, but never if he dares to take an open debate with me about divorce - remarriage!

Jan Hanvold makes me remind of about Otto Jespersen who might burn the Bible and sneering with Christians, we do not again with violence. Jesus turned the other cheek. But it did not Muhammad, he killed seven times worse than they attacked him. Jespersen would not so much as touch or view the Koran on TV, he was scared as a rabbit when it came to none. There are plenty Jan Hanvold too, where he stuck is that he is re-married as a believer that the Bible says is adultery, fornication and sin!
Hanvold? Yes, but he does not dare to invite than person like me, who are smarter and wiser than him when he knows that when he is set checkmate!

Photo of scared hare Otto Jespersen burned first a book by Aksel Sandemose, before he tore out pages from the Old Testament and threw it on the fire at City Hall Square in Ålesund. But when he was asked to burn the Koran he ran away like a scared mouse.

Here is some of what I've written about marriage and Jan Hanvold such marriages:

 Nr. 636: Jan Hanvold stands for a cheap grace learn!

I get here by submitting the message that there is forgiveness to get. Implied because I warn against Jan Hanvold . This is true to miss the mark . I live in contrast to January Hanvold pure and holy . And have repented and have been forgiven for my sins . Confession and repentance are inextricably linked together , without it there is both cheap and misguided mercy!

Picture of the couple tournaments and Jan Hanvold , they cohabit date. Bible defensjon Jesus ia said that the one you now have is not your husband to the Samaritan woman as this was her sixth . For Hanvold this is the third in the series , and when she is nothing more than cohabitation . Hanvold win x number of people and confess their sin x number of times , without repentance there is no true and genuine grace to receive from God. This I have said before and say again ; "Repentance and confession are inextricably linked together. It is like a hub of a wheel , they are tied to each other . Confession and repentance can not be separated from each other . Confesses his sin and repent , then there is no mercy to either with God. "

Nr. 498:Inger and Jan Hanvold are pigs in a spiritual sense when they are living in adultery!


You write about Pastor Jan Hanvold and his new flame that he has children with Inger Hanevold. Agree with you that they are not biblically married, but what do you think the two would do and those who support them, what they should do once they have been misled and deceived? Agnar P

Here is "cohabiting-couple 'Jan and Inger Hanvold pictured. Scripture says that they are living in an invalid marriage according to God's word and thus is the only way if they are to live according to the bible to break up and start a new life on their own sides. Inger Hanvold is really free, but I would not recommend her to remarry when her iniquity is very big and ugly in the eyes of the Lord!

Last Sunday evening talking Mary and Inger including about divorce and remarriage and Inger says "that she is married to a divorced man but that God told her that she should marry him." When such statements fall from a Christian TV channel partner's mouth in public life I have as believers be allowed to ask whether a person should stick to Scripture or to their own "visual projections and opinions"? Joh.10: 35 says that the Scripture can not be broken. How then can Ratings Hanvold say that "God told her to get married with Jan Hanvold"? Then you have the more our God in this case contradicted itself, which is not possible as a kingdom is divided against itself can not stand. Malachi 2: 16 states that God hates divorce. How can God ask Inger Hanvold to do something he hates? Which proves that much is said in the Lord's name did not but the Lord's own flesh. Unfortunately, this confirms why you also invites New Age prophets, which includes Per Ivar Winsnes. On 2 and 3 witnesses every matter is fixed and Scripture affirms Scripture. Let me also remind Luke 16; 18 where Jesus closes any carnal desire in connection with divorce when he says that "whoever divorces his wife and marries another, commits adultery. And whoever marries a woman who is separated from her husband commits adultery. "Dots. It is Jesus' word. Not mine. Then all abide as they wish. But Scripture alone gives no room for it. Therefore seduces Ratings Hanvold impressionable souls that hear and that often follows his own lust, and not the Word. Jesus said that He judges no one, but that His Word will judge us all on the last day. Yes, there is forgiveness to get when you confess his sin, but we shall then have no "overseer" as believers in that case .. All of this VET both Jan and Inger who walk all day in God's Word.

Sincerely, Eva Nilssen

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