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Nr. 235: Inger Hanvold speaks with two tongues!

Nr. 235:

Inger Hanvold speaks with two tongues!

Inger og Jan Hanvold

Last Sunday evening talking Mary and Inger including about divorce and remarriage and Inger says "that she is married to a divorced man but that God told her that she should marry him." When such statements fall from a Christian TV channel partner's mouth in public life I have as believers be allowed to ask whether a person should stick to Scripture or to their own "visual projections and opinions"? Joh.10: 35 says that the Scripture can not be broken. How then can Ratings Hanvold say that "God told her to get married with Jan Hanvold"? Then you have the more our God in this case contradicted itself, which is not possible as a kingdom is divided against itself can not stand. Malachi 2: 16 states that God hates divorce. How can God ask Inger Hanvold to do something he hates? Which proves that much is said in the Lord's name did not but the Lord's own flesh. Unfortunately, this confirms why you also invites New Age prophets, which includes Per Ivar Winsnes. On 2 and 3 witnesses every matter is fixed and Scripture affirms Scripture. Let me also remind Luke 16; 18 where Jesus closes any carnal desire in connection with divorce when he says that "whoever divorces his wife and marries another, commits adultery. And whoever marries a woman who is separated from her husband commits adultery. "Dots. It is Jesus' word. Not mine. Then all abide as they wish. But Scripture alone gives no room for it. Therefore seduces Ratings Hanvold impressionable souls that hear and that often follows his own lust, and not the Word. Jesus said that He judges no one, but that His Word will judge us all on the last day. Yes, there is forgiveness to get when you confess his sin, but we shall then have no "overseer" as believers in that case .. All of this VET both Jan and Inger who walk all day in God's Word.

Sincerely, Eva Nilssen

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