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Nr. 242: Emanuel Minos & Co. are they with sane?

Nr. 242:

Emanuel Minos & Co. are they with sane?

Now I want to hear if you have any thoughts on what was broadcast live last night .. If you saw it when ..
I really pray the Lord to speak to me about my thoughts and reactions from him - or myself ..
For there is "country leaders in the faith" - and will talk about "faith"! They talked about much but little faith .. But I think that they talk a lot about "love" while "the eyes are windows to the soul" - and there I saw as usual no love .. I have from years back time gone the other way when I met David Østbye and to be honest, I do anything it still .. God bless Emanuel Minos, but I wonder how much they really are "tested" over the years .. Only God knows .. He was with my grandfather and spent the night there in his time and was supported by him .. Lise Karlsen's eyes told me that she would rather avoid!
It is also written that "the expression in their eyes witnesses imnot them." ... And Norvald Yri with his church baptisms that are pure and simple lie. To get people to believe that they are going to heaven because they are baptized!
It was Bondevik that changed this in his time. And Bondevik who wrapped themselves in Arafatskjerfet and also raised the gay flag on the parliament building in its time!
Furthermore, I think, "Is this what Christianity represents Norway - and who have done it and characterized it somehow, since they set up as" charismatic and influential "" CHRISTIAN-CELEBRITIES "..
It seems disgusting to me. And then I feel bad that I feel that way atpåtil! Lord, help me, I say just .. If Norway does not have other and / or more that the Lord has revealed himself to the truth and grace and the Spirit's baptism, it is no wonder that our country is de-Christianized, godless Backslidden!
Next thought I have is: "How can those, who believe themselves to have both knowledge and authority in the Word - submit to January Hanvold and his leadership on the TV where his?? It is even worse in my eyes!
It is written that the anointing oil flows from Aaron's head (= the clergy of any kind) and down on the edge of his cloak (= the rest of those who have submitted to his "head")!
And all of those who sat is affiliated with the World Council of Churches Tveit as a leader. He who has stated publicly several times that he is gay love, marriage, and appointed church leaders!
In addition, CVP against Israel in envher case and the attitude that goes against the Word and has recently been heavily criticized by Simon Wisenthal according to the article at the Norwegian Embassy in Jerusalem International netttside.
When we certainly live in "the last of the last time" there is therefore no doubt that the Bible describes as Skjøgekirken already in full swing. Therefore, it is now time to heed the word that says "Come out of her, MY PEOPLE"! World Council of Churches and their "ecumenism" and "all Christian unity" is arguably appropriate to the Bible's many descriptions of Skjøgekirken (read: whore church) and Jesus' Very first command to come watch out for offenses in this time we now live in. I ask myself and the Lord and seek in Scripture ever after knowing it's me that is the wrong way - or the other.
Regards Eva N.

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