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Nr. 237: Visjon Norge urge to provide a full month salary, you can use your credit card if so!

Nr. 237:
Visjon Norge urge to provide a full month salary, you can use your credit card if so!

Geir Apol is a false prophet, liar and mega crook who support his "mentor" the false prophet in Jan Hanvold.

I have hardly seen on Vision Norway in recent years but have known in the past that I will be looking at a bit and has commented on anything. Coming here with the preliminary final article on this very strange and sick TV channel which sails under false colors to pretend to be a Christian TV channel, but it's so far away from the truth it is possible to get.

I heard of Vision Norway a reprise program the day before Wednesday 8 \ 2-12 - The Geir Apold interviewed this glib Brandon Nails. Now it was like before money and still more money. The nails used now illustrations from the Old Testament and ancient Israel. When we as believers followed this, as we could while waiting for God's immense blessing and Vision Norway your money. This is of course nothing else than tricks that a magician uses, this is only in words and a magician uses things. And this is also demonic and inspired from the abyss when one uses the Old Testament and the Old Testament regulations into the new covenant. It is a lie for God blesses no one who supports the Vision Norway with money back because they are obedient, as it is Satan who is behind this channel, no other!

Had God been behind this channel, it had never had to hold on as they do with begging, mass, command, toady and do absolutely anything to get money, preferably lots of money when the whole vision is huge money, Norway. Can not believe people are born - if they are born? Must support such a pervert and a channel on which the degrees of darkness Vision Norway, both on radio, television and otherwise.

Geir Apold, Brandon Nails and all others are worse than Hanvold almost and it takes a lot to. Cuttings are usually the worst. The entire Vision Norway is a sick chopping block with a sick head on top. When talking about the spiritual and moral, one must be well crazy to believe such a thing? This is crazy that the media Vision Norway stands for, I take 110% distance from the canal, it is all a deception, even if they have their good sides as helping poor people in Moldova and support Israel. These are just a cover for all the Satanic otherwise they stand for, here are a bunch of wolves in sheep's clothing who are upset with Jesus and God's word.



Matt. 23. 15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites that go over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he is there, make him a hell children, two times worse than yourselves!

Those who follow Hanvold and become his disciples are actually just as bad if not worse a father himself. Geir Apold smiling for ear to ear but darkness reigns in him. He encourages everyone, even the disadvantaged, at least retirees and anyone who swallows Vision Norway pill and pill preaching rotten rotten collection methods to go to the chalk, if possible, to pay 1 months. Admission to the perverse TV channel is a falsum from A to Z. Where is Emanuel Minos, David Ostby, Norvald Yri, Arvid Bentzen, Lise Karlsen and all duck so willingly else pops up on this sickening and manipulative TV channel? How where they? It is sure thousands who believe in this, they believe in what Emanuel Minos say and what Geir Apold say they believe in everything. They are predators in nature as eating everything, nothing is being weeded out, there are children of God and the children of light that keeps on like this? No way, never, never!
It is then certainly proved that single and other supports that without thinking through what they're up to + everyone else who supports this.

TV Vision Norway collection methods are dangerous, ugly, mendacious and wicked!

When one speaks of the tithe which is an Old Testament principle that it is a NT principle is there to do the same as syvendags Adventists and other sects do, they go into a stranger learn! They talk about the sowing and harvesting, which is also a falsum from A to Z. I believe in giving, but to expect always to get material blessings back is totally alien to God's word. We get back, but on the other ways than what we give. We can give to the cause of God and receive the blessing of the marriage, famille, and in many other areas and ways. We invest in our heavenly "bank" and which we back with interest on earth but in eternity we will get back with compound interest. It will be a matter of getting back materially in heaven but here on earth we get after the Lord, it is best and most expedient for us.

Hanvold always turn away, he may, he is trained, said the Apostle Peter on the false prophets who Hanvold is without a doubt!

Hanvold can talk, tie and manipulate, he is now much more exaggerated and demonic one he was in the 80s, he has learned without a doubt. But these dauhodene that Emanuel Minos and all I get more and more amazed that goes in tandem with this madness, because that's what this is, it has nothing to do with Jesus and the gospel. God says nothing in his words and quite another vision through Norway and Hanvold? Of course not! How wise, not to say gullible will be one before it should and must go up for one? This is further from the evangelical Christianity is a Mormon and all the others put together. It is and remains a manipulation, forgery and deception from a to z of Hanvold staged and he has "learned" the disciples through Brandon Nails that are renspikka Toronto seduction man. Geir Apold is so weird and without passing that the only thing he manages to do is to smile from ear to ear and come up with something yellow that is demonic inspired such as losing your account to give, even a no money of their own Account shall be used credit cards, even listen to the broadcast that went out on Tuesday 07/02/2012, I heard the replay the next day and were nausea, defeated and angry. Angry that this is now widely accepted as something that is Christian, but is so far away from the gospel as it is absolutely possible to get, it is said that a way to shoe themselves and their loved ones in Jesus' name, there are those who live lawlessness in which the entire Pentecostal \ Charismatic movement is almost full up like Jesus should refuse on the day they will come forward past him standing there in the basic text of the Sermon on the Mount.

Matt. 7. 23. But then I will declare to them, 'You never knew me. Go away from me, you who are doing lawlessness.

The entire Vision Norway and with "Pastor" January Hanvold the tip is as a spiritual home dirt, it pretends to be a Christian television and media channel, but it is so far from the truth it is possible to get. Vision Norway is a channel created by Satan to try the believers, whom they will serve or follow. Dark or life, Satan or God or life or death way. What will you choose? The answer to you to take and I hope to do the following. Taking 100% distance from Vision Norway and all the garbage they serve I do not want my worst enemy, as this leads straight into the jaws of Satan and it will be the end as he wants, when the entire channel, a media empire and the rest of the world is ruled by him and him alone!

2. Tim. 2. 25 as he meekness show them the way that say the contrary, if God but even would give them repentance, that they might know the truth 26 and wake up from his wine in the devil's snare, who they are captured by, so they must make his will.

Here an article taken from the net:

JESUS ​​TIPPING money changers' TABLE

BY JAN Lilleby

What is it that makes all the false doctrine, we can see in Christianity today has been able to spread so widely? What is it that makes fake spiritual healers, who abuse the name of Jesus for their own gain and to lure desperate sick people into his net, you can keep doing this year in and year out? The answer is simple: Money. A lot of money.

Matt.21, 12-13:
"And Jesus entered the temple of God and cast out all them that sold and bought there, and he overturned the money changers' tables and duekremmernes benches, and he said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called a house of prayer. But you do it a den of thieves. "
In the ordinary secular business, it is widely accepted practice that anyone can legally sell and buy. In order to sell their own business, you must register in the register of such activities in Brønnøysund. Is the turnover of a certain annual sum, one must also register your company to the register for VAT purposes. In all its normality goes all out on it that sells a product / service, must also by law to purchase the warranty, and meeting customers' requests as it turns out that some goods / services have faults and shortcomings. The customer has any claim on the free repair, or to receive a new similar item. He may also, under certain circumstances require the trade reversed. The golden rule: He who has bought and paid for a product or a service to have the item or service as it was tendered, with no restrictions of any kind. What you paid for, it should have. But in the church of God, we find other conditions. A person who comes to a meeting where there are pre-announced that it will be "prayed for the sick" - can generally not claim any compensation if the prayers to God is not answered. God is God. He can be buy or not he will not accept "orders". In at least not now in the grace period household. In our time, we pray to God, as Christians, and we can hope that a prayer answers come in the condition we originally asked for. For example, a financial assistance, or recovery from disease. But God has in our time is not given out guarantees about anything "money back" scheme. Or any prior guarantee that the person requesting healing will always get this. Therefore we know that God therefore does not have authorized any man on earth today that can proclaim such terms. Yet this is done - and to a large scale. If Jesus had been here in person in our days, and made the rounds through the various Christian organizations, it would have been a lot of lashes, and very many money changer tables had been overturned in divine rage! Jesus had begun with the largest and richest lapsepredikantene first, and stripped them clean of the stolen funds. Deprived them of any authority to speak or act in his name, and closed all the money the circus the day! Jesus had cried the same words to them, the public, the speculators in the temple heard:

"You run a den of thieves!" Of course I know that the episode of Jesus in the temple also, and perhaps primarily involved the desecration of the temple. He did not say to these money changers that they necessarily cheated - but in the face that they abused the temple of God for their own gain, rather than use it to worship God Jehovah, as he compared all the business there with a den of thieves. A place where thieves and robbers gathered their things, as they had wrongly taken from people along the roads.


Not only Jesus had something to say about the abuse of sacred things. Paul received revelation about the conditions in the church so it would be the end of time, the time before Christ's return - and probably thought the apostle in this context, the same amount of time before the rapture of the church (1.Tes.4ff) - and wrote in the 2nd Tim.3, 1-9: "But this you shall know, that in the last days it shall come perilous times. For men shall be lovers of money, boastful ..."

Admittedly, this can be applied to the whole world. That's the way society has evolved in modern times. A community endeavors, where much more. It is important to keep up - a must by all means do not allow the neighbor has a higher luxury standard than us! Status Hunted is so ingrained that no one will notice that chased anymore. It's just there, and has become a common part of most people's everyday lives. But when the same sneaks in Christian activity, and assuming proportions, that is when a real need to shout 'warning here. Surely there is a lot of this rapacious spirit of love and money in our country, both in and outside the churches. But in the U.S., unfortunately, is so misguided that the glaring scandals are queuing up to get the top stories in the media. Naive gullible Norwegian pastors and preachers have for many years to come into the bad habit that they almost write out the "blank check" to preachers from abroad, provided they are American and have a worldwide "Miracle Ministy" and boasts of large crowds at meetings . It's time for a new warning, for it seems as if Paul's prophecies and the fulfillment of them, are more extensive than anyone could have imagined. Although it is prophesied that there will be such and such, so there is still implicit in this: One must warn against the trend, and take away from it. I do not think Paul meant that Christians should just sit quietly and apathetic and see that his prophecy was true. It was meant as a warning - we have to work against. A trend of Satan. I assume that most readers understand that this article is not aimed at what one might call a normal Christian activity. All ambulatory people understand well that money is important in all Christian activities. Offer curve must be allowed to go unhindered between our seats in without being suspect as "exploitation" of the gullible. The pastor and church workers must have their pay monthly. Utility bills and other expenses relating to ownership or lease of premises to be covered, and so on. This is perfectly legitimate business. Paul, who warned against the sharp deterioration that would come in our days, he was also taught that he who preaches the word of God, shall be entitled to live by this. So a pay packet. The worker is worth his salary, he said. So we have that is a normal economic activities within the framework of this God-given. But Paul warned against, was the outrageous false and fraudulent exploitation of gullible Christians to come. And this is what we see things-air examples of the United States. But trends are often started in the United States, and after a few years coming over here and take our culture whether we like it or not. There are already innsneket a preacher culture in the Norwegian and Scandinavian Christianity where most things have model from the U.S. and major world-renowned names. Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Morris Cerullo ... you name it ... the names stand in line. You pick the model according to their doctrine, their healing activities whether it is fake or real, their outer luxury life: The next step in the spiral is that it wants a private jet, such as Pat Robertson and Benny Hinn. Who knows? Preachers are building, like the greedy insurance companies, huge palatial churches and church premises, for the money that is threatened in from Christians through a combination of preaching the "tenth-duty" (which is heresy!) And constantly pouring in with big money campaigns in the great preacher's TV broadcasts. It is not a standard normal standard of things - no, it will be pure spectacle. One should show the splendor and the "success" so that the gullible Christian contributors, who are often quite ordinary and often disadvantaged people can see how big and beautiful and "blessed" their Christian idols are. The whole thing is a shame circus. The main blame for this crazy slides we see in our time must be at storpredikantene yourself. But it must also in fairness be said that without the generosity gullible Christians and their hundreds of millions of dollars in the collection pot, then could not these rich lapsepredikantene perform their religious circus. People want entertainment, action and action again. They get it - so it makes a difference, but it is them who pay the circus, and the bargain they get thrown over them so much occult spiritualist heresy they could ever imagine. Where would I go about this? Nothing other than what Paul wanted, I think: to stave off madness, and instead concentrate on preaching the gospel of grace the individual. There will be a revival of this long before one can expect a revival through the false lapseforkynnelsen as most pinsekarismatikere currently engaged! Grace Gospel is not an appropriate gudsrikekristning of nations. It is for the individual.


I quote from an article by M.H. Reynolds Jr., Following the Oral Roberts and his son Richard Roberts. Roberts is the actual "father" of all charismatic leaders in the Western world:
(From 1997) "It is amazing that Oral Roberts, who is considered the father of them all (the charisma. Managers) - still manages to squeeze money out of gullible Christians, even after his main project - which he claimed that God had asked him to start, went bankrupt. His latest fundraising where the son of Richard Roberts participating, operated in the way that the Christian contributors were promised a "double portion anointing" to all who sent donations during the campaign. Roberts' circular in the form of a letter asking for money , promises that this anointing "to break the yoke of sin, sickness, pain, fear, poverty, demons, doubt, discouragement, depression - anything and everything that goes displease God." What fraudulent scam! reason why true believers support such charismatic leaders, is because they do not have the ability to reveal the spirit of it, and this makes again that Satan and his "angels of light" manage to hide their real identity and his intentions. "
The gimmick to the Roberts family in Tulsa, you can walk up with hundreds, sometimes where Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Morris Cerullo, and several other "money preachers" leadership train. Unless the threat of preachers that God expects Christians to thieves if they do not give a tenth of them, bring enough money in cash - then comes the quarter of some and the annual "nødinnsamlingene" in letter form and appeal of their far-reaching TV channels. Then it no longer made threats about "losing the blessing" as they say when they threaten about tithing, but instead is beautiful, unbiblical, false promises of "double blessing" if they give to the prophet right now. They offer, believe it or not - like the Papacy in the Middle Ages, the forgiveness of sins "when the money in the casket rings"! It is blasphemy of the worst kind! There is no end to what God will do for those who give money to the super-preachers (so they can maintain their gold-and-glitter standard lapseliv!) - Then all the demons fly away, all problems will disappear - including poverty. Yes, you read correctly from the quote above. In real life it is so that it gives away all his money to these scammers Jesus, they are poor. Had they failed to be fooled by these fund-raising experts, who have done churches a den of thieves, they had been able to afford the salt in the food even for the day tomorrow.
Next time you get begging letters in which one can suspect that it is playing on your gullibility, send message back: Sell your possessions and give to the poor! Lay Parish palace and pay debt with this! Then I think the pipe is a different sound. They are often on the podiums and pushes Christians to an artificial conscience by referring to the Acts. 2 - where we read that the church sold everything they owned. It's just that the sleazy preacher fails to inform the audience that this case was out of money at their heels, the same who had given them! It was used as a common case that there would be a fair distribution of the same amount to everyone! Besides, does not apply to this scheme in the grace period. In our time, Paul asks that the wealthy and the rich will give of their wealth. Do not give away their wealth. And we are released from the tenth duty.
If you read my article on "Benny Hinn fall", you will see that he has run and run scams with Christians donor funds. He is now under investigation for having sent nearly $ 350 million in a money laundering in Dallas. Money collected from the stupid gullible American entertainment sick Christians. Now they get a passport for him. When you are so drop-handed with the money, so you get expect shrinkage! Hinn lives in a luxury home of giant dimensions, purchased / built for $ 7,000,000. Approximately 50 million! They is not ashamed to show up what they spend huge sums of!
It seems to me that these scams are run by immoral covetousness-demons in almost all areas: they are to live a lavish luxury life is an insult to ordinary Christians who go to work every day and struggling to make ends meet , they build huge facilities or purchase of such pre-existing church buildings, so they can start with "how much God has blessed me," --- "see how God has anointed my service," (simple and stupid Norwegian Ola Dunk preachers lapse, such as role models for God and keep us free!).

They boast of great meetings, great television channels, the bigger the better. However, we investigate the nature of their lives and learn, and what they really stand for - so the picture is completely different. Then we are left with a bunch of false prophets, false apostles, liars, cheaters, adulterers, charlatans, boasters, sorcerers, occultists, perverted homosexual preachers are revealed among them (Roberts Liardon and more), people who cynically exploiting desperate sick and dying Christians and wonder of those huge sums of money collected, cheating them to take in occult spiritual healing powers from the devil's underworld, and of what Benny Hinn is currently the world leader - now also as a drug gangster and drug addict. A guy like me, via a reader of my website sent a copy of my article on Hinn to "Magazine", manages to trick the editor Selbekk to such a degree that Selbekk characterize my article and the evidence where that nonsense and false. Magazin, "all Christian newspaper" in Norway and Sweden, Benny Hinn deliberately concealing fraud and forgery, and - as it now seems - not even bother to do normal everyday investigative journalism. What is it they shall, with such editors guys? Instead of checking up Hinna serious crimes against innocent Christians (Ulf Ekman is the one that works with Hinn), so putting Selbekk either in the latest issue of the online version a small front page article that boasts Hinn as he collects 1.5 million people campanje healing in India. On the web, readers can obtain information about this campaign as "Magazin" boasts: More serious Christian leaders in India, including several Lutheran bishops and others, refused to receive or to support this crusade just because of the drug issue and ribs fraud. Indian Christians are better informed than Norwegian, simply because "Magazin" deliberate cover such like. Benny Hinn. The passes just not that Hinn is a genuine Jesus scams on a grand scale.

A friend and colleague of mine emailed me the other day and told that he had sent a 10 min. videos in playable format to the editor Selbekk in Magazinet, with the hope that he would take the trouble to check this. It will be interesting to see if Selbekk can begin to respond to the ominous signals that everything has gone like a hurricane in American Christianity and regular news media there.

Here's another dose of healthy Pauline warning:
".. Proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, without regard for the sacred.
... Without natural affection, unforgiving, slanderous, immense, fierce, without love of goodness, ... treacherous, rash, bloated, such as love their pleasures more than God. They have a form of godliness but denying its power. Such turn you from. Which include those who sneaks into homes and women prisoners who are weighed down with sins and operated by many kinds of desires - that will always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. As Jannes and Jambres (Satan's sorcerers) were opposed Moses, so also is the truth of the contrary. They are men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith. But they should not have more success, for their folly shall be manifest to all

AS ALSO WENT WITH THE TWO SAID I (Jannes and Jambres) "

Thank God for the incredibly powerful wisdom we have gained through the revelation of Christ who came through Paul! What the apostle says about the end times? He reveals it to be occult men who portray themselves as Christians, and who, like Jannes and Jambres will drive the seduction of his occult satanic forces. They are men of corrupt minds (corrupt, cf the Hinn) and keep the faith. Christianity calls them mistaken for religious preachers, but Paul foresaw that these founders betrayal and shame spots do not measure up, they do not have the saving grace of faith. If you do not measure in this context Paul is speaking here, in the faith, then these con artists lost and go to hell. Is not Paul also says that the thieves, adulterers, drunkards, sorcerers and detractors will not inherit the heavenly kingdom of God we are going home to? If a healer-preacher, like David Yongi Cho, Benny Hinn, John Arnott, Kenneth Copeland and many others - is powered by occult spiritual powers, which it clearly also do, then they lost. They are not Christians - and those cooperating Word of Life in Uppsala, and similar work is done with several other religious congregations, even the Pentecostal churches in Norway and Scandinavia.
Paul has a solution, and that we Christians should be pushing: Their progress will stop. And their folly (stupidity, arrogance, deception) should be obvious to all.

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